Flipside part two.


Rozalia Sokoloff- Magical archaeologist. The premier scholar of magical artifacts in Russia, she has recently been studying the only known copy of Excalibur ever made, searching for a way to replicate it's scabbard's ability to totally prevent bleeding from a wound.

Thomas Ringer- Arkansas native, no inside voice, studier of the linguistics of magic. Currently in charge of a project to separate different syllables to form new magic words from different combinations of syllables.

Lena Abreu- 116 years old, one of the first researchers of alien technology. Has slowly replaced parts of her body with robotics and is now a full cyborg.


Nucleus- A radioactive mutant with adaptive abilities, capable of regenerating as long as the nucleus of cells in his head survive. To protect them, they're surrounded by an egg-shaped adamantium shell, allowing him to regenerate immune to whatever "killed" him. He spends all his time training, locked in a room the size of a football stadium filled with traps and aggressors, only leaving for missions.

Flipside also has a variety of enhanced warriors, too many to count here, although their premier squad is the Pack, all enhanced to the point of no longer being recognizable. The Pack's members are ten massively enhanced humans, between class 2000 and 4200 and mach 10 to mach 100 depending on their augments, and have a wide variety of abilities.


When questioned, Scorpion Coin operatives will only call their leader "The Scorpion", a name that calls to mind a tall, faceless man. In reality, it's just Sunny Williams, a 44 year old southern woman and founder of the company. A possible metahuman, she comes off as friendly but very smart. Only one of these is actually the case. Sunny is really a functioning Sociopath, capable of faking empathy whenever necessary.