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Bloody fantastic. 0

Picking up right where the last trade left off, The Governor is seen attacking Rick and Co.'s prison home with a small army of his own. This trade is very bloody and very gruesome, more-so than any other issue before it. Kirkman is moving things forward with the plot by having The Governor attacking and ultimately making the prison an uninhabitable home for Rick and Co.   This volume is probably the most realistic of all the trades so far. Kirkman revisits the idea that man is more of a monster ...

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Brilliant! 0

Just a short little review for the first issue that started it all; The Walking Dead #1 is brilliant. SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.The story starts with Rick Grimes, a policeman, awaking to a zombie apocalypse after being shot while on duty. Zombies are the only things that greet him after coming out of his coma. The hospital is barren. The town he knows is empty, except of the walking dead. Rick returns to his home to find his family absent. His neighbors house is being...

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