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Watching: Dexter & Mad Men
Reading: JSA: Black Adam & Isis
Playing: GTA IV online
A more boring blog than usual...sorry.

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OmG drawn together is a terrible show :-/
Watching: Dexter & Mad Men
Playing: Red Dead Redemption, Shank, GTA IV online, Lara Croft: GoL, and Left 4 Dead 2
Reading: Secret Warriors: Wake the Beast (vol. 3)

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Reading: Secret Warriors volume 3
Watching: Drawn Together season 1 & Mad Men season 2
Playing: Bomberman Live!

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Still new at this. So all I'm gonna do is inform the fellow reader (if one xD) what I am currently reading/watching/playing.
Reading: The Losers Book 2
Watching: Firefly & South Park season 11
Playing: GTA IV online...still a blast to play :)

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So I'm Kevin...pretty new to this site. It's great! I always wanted a website dedicated to the wonders of the comic book world, and hear I finally found it; my only regret, not finding it sooner.
So this is just an introductory blog. I hope I'll write my blogs down the line, but who knows. 
If you are "following" me, I greatly appreciate it. I'm most likely following you too. Also, these quests man...are SO addicting!
Cheers for now!