The very most powerful characters in the Comic Ghetto.

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  • It would be sacrilege not to have him as number one.

    Includes all forms of Batman, even that mofo George Clooney.

  • Yes. I am Adam West.

  • I hold that my Superman fanboy army is far stronger than any Goku fanboy army.

    I will crush them someday.

  • Goku wankers scare me but my daddy sings a lullaby every night to ease the pain.

  • To not put Shrek at number 5 would be heresy.

    He ogre-powers all competition below.

  • You used to find lots of Hulk fanboys on Youtube but not so much anymore, since devastated them all with my pimp hand of nerdiness. They are still powerful enough to make it to number six however.

  • I didn't know he was omnipotent.

  • 1. Faster than Thor

    2. Faster than Slowdinson

    3. Faster than Mjolnir

    4. Faster than Ass-gard

    5. Doesn't need to gard his ass like Thor does

  • Slower than Vineforce Wally.

  • He's a dog. That's all it takes.