My favorite musicians.

None of which include pop, rap, or rock.

Oh fine. You want rap?

I give you........Epic Lloyd, Nice Peter, and Zach Sherwin.

Don't forget George Watsky.

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  • Yes sir. Composers are on comicvine. Would you believe it? This b@stard has ten fricking comic books on him.

    I actually don't really like the fifth symphony, Fur Elise and all that crap.

    I mean, it's not that great. Seventh symphony and Pathetique are far better.

  • Yep. Here we have George Gershwin. NO, DON"T YOU DARE TELL ME THAT GERSHWIN IS NOT THE KING OF JAZZ. HE IS!!!!

    And just a thought. Where dafuq is his picture?

  • Damnit, no comic books on this guy. And seriously. They gotta change his avatar. You know what? I'm gonna go ahead and do it. And when I do, I'm gonna be too lazy to edit this list so if people read this they might get confused. Just a warning.

  • Beautiful, beautiful, opera. Sexy operas too-Huh? What? I didn't say anything.

  • Yep. Another stupid avatar. I'm a-gonna change it, and people are a-gonna get confused. Nice music, though. Tastes like codfish. He said so himself too.

  • Wow. 4 issues on this dude. I'm impressed.

    I'm also impressed on "St. Matthews Passion."

    What a man. What a man.