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Redemption Part 4 0

Well Once Again Greg Weisman Hits it out of the ball park! This is Still a Great Comic! I didn't say this about the other comics, because there was so much to say about them, But the action Starts out from the start! guns Blazing! why they are attacking an Island? These are questions that are still not answered. but when you open this, those are the least of your concerns! This Comic is half about Fang, a Mutant made by Dr Sevarius, when he was payed to make a Mutant Gargoyle Clan. BUt Fang was ...

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Redemption Part 2 0

OK I know I said that the last issue was the best comic Ever, but this is issue is one of the Best issues Ever! Even if there is no Tazmanian Tiger in it, This one is about Yama! Greg Weisman hit's another homer with this issue! once again has a Fan i have wondered what happened to Yama, after he had betrayed his clan. Page 7 again is amazing, Yama, thinking about his mistakes, and is Told his Sentence, is Banishment, He ask "For how long?" is told untill honor is restored, then he ask "And who ...

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Redemption Part 1 0

This is an amazing Story! I mean i am a big fan Gargoyles! this was one of my Favorite Cartoons growing up, and i mean in my later teens. Anyway, this Story takes, characters that where just one shot episodes. The Avalon story in the cartoon, could have gone on for so long, with alot of spin off cartoon, but it didn't get to, and thats one reason need to grabe this comic, and start reading! it's call bad guys but it's about Redemption, a lot of bad guys became good guys in the Cartoon. but enoug...

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Out of the Wilderness 3 of 5 0

First off price this Comic is still $2.99, and that is amazing!Second this is one of my favorite comics It has everything I have wanted from a Star wars Story, the 20 year gap between Revenge of the sith and a new hope. and it doesn't miss a beat.Third For the first time we get to look into the back story of Dass Jennir.SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.and that he is average, and that his teachers considered him average in every Respect, which H2 Responds "I'm glad to have su...

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