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The Most Overrated Characters

I'm gonna add new characters through time.

last check: 2.11.2022

List items

  • Especially WBH is the most overrated character. Just some planet-busting feats and people think he can beat Superman while he busts planets for years xD

  • People think he can beat Wonder Woman, lol.

  • Both Raimi and MCU version.

    People treat him like he can take characters like Gaara, Hulk, Carnage etc. While he's just an ordinary Spider-Man villain xD

  • MCU

    He has some pretty good showings, but people need to accept they're just outliers and not consistent. People treat him and his rogue gallery like a god :D he's not 1,000,000+ tonner and MFTL+...

  • MCU

    No need.

  • Just a brick with few outliers wanked pretty bad. I doubt he could take Rhino.

  • He isn't Darkseid.

  • Generally, the universe is so wanked. Have some pretty good feats, but %90 are outliers. And a very inconsistent verse.

  • People treat him like he can beat Wonder Woman or Superman. And he get his ass kicked by Spider-Man many times xD

  • Generally, the universe is so wanked. All fights happens on islands yet people still think characters like Kaido and Luffy are multi-continental :D