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@finalkingthanos said:

@wastelandman: you are getting a follow Man like I said yesterday you always get your facts right and have good knowledge of each films battle scenes and gifs.

That guys just being pedantic now you haven’t been wrong once.

Thanks. And yeah, it's clear from their last post that they're not actually interested in any substantive discussion and just want to endlessly lowball characters which is a shame. I'm really not interested in participating in it and wasting my time further.

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@mrnoital said:

@wastelandman: being tossed through the air is not better than going through a building at superspeed, Iron man pretty much took that toss in his first movie with the suit he made from scraps when flying away

The distance Hulk was thrown is not comparable to how far Iron Man fell. Iron Man flew out of a small camp where as Hulk was tossed miles outside of an already massive city from its center. If you genuinely believe being sent flying that distance, especially when you were tossed by someone the size of a mountain who is strong enough to bust metal castles just by standing up, isn't more damaging than being pushed through some floors of a building then I don't know what else to tell you.

lol at Thanos punches being better than going through a building,


we have no idea who beat Thor is has already just laying there when Maw gave thanos his whole introduction

That's not what I'm referring to. You apparently haven't seen Endgame where Thanos beat down and bloodied Thor casually with just a few strikes on multiple occasions? He also effortlessly tore apart Iron Man's nanotech armor and did so multiple times as well, the same armor whose integrity withstood this massive meteor and this redirected, building-sized explosion which sent him flying through a massive structures. In fact, Thanos did far more damage to Tony through his armor, actually bloodying him up, in just a few strikes than the meteor or the explosion.

He beat down and even knocked out Iron Man multiple times again in Endgame with that same type of nano-based armor with just a couple of strikes. By consistent scaling off these characters, Thanos obviously hits ridiculously harder.

(and btw Thor was knocked out by Sokovia explosion)

Never said he wasn't nor does that even matter here at all.

Thanos gave Cap a haymaker and it downed him for like a minute

Thanos wasn't trying to kill anyone in that scene and that would be obvious to anyone who saw it. He didn't deliver a killing blow to anyone there even though he easily could have.

litterally every time Hulk has been shot at by machine guns he blocks like crazy, he absolutely hates it,

thats why he screamed and jumped at it, cause it was really really annoying

Again, none of this even matters. Hulk was nonchalantly walking and looked confused when he first started getting shot at:

No Caption Provided

Clearly not in pain at all. Being annoyed at something doesn't mean it hurts you in any way so why does it even matter that he was? DCEU Superman has been annoyed and blocked bullets too when shot at but I'm sure you're not going to argue Batman's durability is comparable to his at all.

sort of how Batman feels when his tech is getting shot by miniguns, and with what we've seen his Car go through,it's pretty easy to say that he made that suit as durable as his car

It's actually not and this is such an absurd claim. Not only is there no evidence the suit was even made out of the same material yet alone for it being just as durable, but even pretending that it was, the Batmobile was shot at with significantly inferior caliber bullets than the ones Hulk no-sold from the jet. Actually, that instance with the jet isn't even the highest caliber Hulk has tanked. So even giving the suit feats it doesn't have it's still nothing compared to what Hulk tanked. Batman's suit's durability is nothing to Hulk's in this department.

and it's nice that he was still angry and such, but a single punch after that was all it took to finish him off, so like I said, he was pretty much done

He had zero injures with no signs of slowing down. The Hulkbuster sucker punched Hulk after he had calmed down (yes, he was starting to get upset at the moment he was struck but it was already shown since his first film his strength increases gradually with rage but I'm sure you'll ignore this). Even pretending he wasn't, getting knocked out by a sucker punch is not indicative to one's overall durability in a fight even in real life so arguing that he "was pretty much done" is silly.

so now we can count 2 feats Hulk has thats actually definitely above Batman, gotta say thats not great

Every single feat I listed is well above Batman's as I've already showed. Thanos hits massively harder than what Batman took, Batman's suit doesn't scale off the Batmobile (lol) and even if it did the bullets Hulk has tanked are well above what the Batmobile tanked anyway, and being tossed by someone who's the size of a mountain and can tear apart massive metal castles is all superior to being pushed through some floors of a building. Again, these aren't the only feats Hulk has that are superior, but I don't see what the point would be in bringing up more when you're attempting to terribly lowball the ones already presented.

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@wastelandman: @jrupert1: Thoughts about this issue?

Despite the step back I felt the story took with Dormammu's character I still liked the issue. The arc has the high cosmic stakes in the same vein as his classic stories. I do agree it has a greater sense of impact than War of the Worlds. It was great seeing the mystics teaming up again. I really love when stories focus on Marvel's magical community interacting with each other and wish they'd do it more. It's one of the few elements that was a part of Aaron's run on Strange that I actually enjoyed. Hopefully they'll actually do something these next couple of issues.

@wastelandman: @jrupert1: Another thing, but do you guys actually think this storyline is canon? I mean, I'm starting to have a few doubts after reading the last issue again given the amount of contradictory info. We saw many characters who are dead appearing in the final page(Some for ages, such as Genis Vell), Thor still being worthy in Dormammu's vision, Mephisto still ruling Hell instead of Johnny Blaze, Black Bolt appearing even though lost his voice/powers, Stephen saying that for the first time in forever Galactus doesn't hunger(Which isn't true given his Lifebringer state) and so on. Heck, when this arc began, Strange said that has never encountered Galactus before. I'm wondering what the heck Waid is doing now, really.

I figured these are all just oversights, but it is still odd given how consistent with continuity he was in the prior arcs. Either that or some crazy time and alternate universe shenanigans are about to take place which isn't too crazy an idea given the abstract forces at play but still I doubt it. I'm just curious how all those characters will factor into the story or if they'll just be fodder in some cosmic battle.

@wastelandman: About the ego thing, I don’t think Stephen influenced Dormammu much in making the decision, he at most just reminded him of what he always wanted to do. Plus, he was very desperate and spent, so a very ham-fisted attempt fits

I can see that perspective, but even then I think it could have been portrayed better.

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@mrnoital said:

That's the reason I said "almost" cause that's the one single feat that hulk has that's above it,

Except it's not. Like Hulk taking this direct hit to the skull which tore through hundreds of feet of Sakaaran metal like wet tissue and being just fine or Hulk being tossed across all of Asgaard by Surtur. Or what about taking a flurry of strikes from Thanos, who could beat down Thor, the guy who can survive the Sokovia explosion, in seconds before going down. Hulk also barely even noticed dozens of high caliber bullets that can shred tanks, and this is all just off the top of my head.

Your memory of the films must either be really flawed or warped.

hulk was finished after that

No he wasn't.

He got up just as angry as before and ready for round 2 but the mind control wore off.

batman went on to win his fight

That's entirely irrelevant lol

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@mrnoital said:

No Caption Provided

there is a chance going through that building at that speed is a harder hit than almost any Hulk actually has taken

No Caption Provided

Please tell me you're joking.

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I never got into the Ultimate stuff, but the concept for this Strange could be interesting to explore. I don't know how I feel about the idea of the Ultimate verse coming back in general though. It's a shame Strange's current run is ending prematurely. I would have liked Strange to have an ongoing series that didn't end early like so many series with other heroes in recent years, but it might be justified here if Waid is leaving entirely, possibly warranting a new direction for the character again. It's a shame though because there was still so much potential for this run.

Speaking of which, I really didn't like how easily Strange manipulated Dormammu's ego in the preview. It was far more subtle and clever the last arc but here his attempt is so blatantly obvious that it makes Dormammu look like an idiot when he falls for it. It's a shame we may not be be getting the Dormammu vs Galactus fight due to seemingly Mephisto's trickery, but Dormammu did suggest he should have been normally powerful enough to defeat Galactus even in his amped state though.

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Yep, it turned out to be just another pointless filler that's inevitably forced with these kinds of events, though I figured it was heading that way anyway since these side stories only rarely ever develops a story with any kind of substance and the previous issue was already lackluster. I do feel Strange and Carol's moment came the closest to anything with potential, but it was honestly held back a lot by the terrible dialogue throughout.

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@wastelandman: @jrupert1: The preview for the next Captain Marvel issue, which will be available tomorrow:

Learning to Love the Body Swap in Captain Marvel#7 (Preview)


I wasn't a fan of the previous issue since the arc is just the cliche body swap story we've seen before in so many other stores already and the preview is just more of the same but at least it handles Enchantress and Strange decent enough.

It's quite interesting that she seems to like a lot of mystical and magical things, hence why Marvel probably picked her for the covers. Can you guys imagine how cool would be an entire comic with this sort of artwork?

Her art is great! Dormammu and Nightmare could look fantastic in this otherworldly style. I wouldn't mind an issue with her art paired with Waid's writing. Doubt it will happen, but if she's just starting work for Marvel and her art is received well enough hopefully we'll see a lot more from her.

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didnt current strange state that he is even more powerful than before?

Yes, by statements and implication he should be well above his past power levels.

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Gets trapped. The Mirror Dimension isn't physical so it doesn't make sense that Superman could break it by punching it, and using an instance where hax like an infinity stone shatters it as evidence that Supes can too is silly.