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AHHH!!!! Real FrankenCastle!!??!? 3

Well, here we are at the rebirth of The Punisher as something other than, well the Punisher.  If you picked up The List - The Punisher or have been tracking the teasers Marvel's been dropping for sometime, then you know Frank Castle has been crossed off Norman's list o' death.  Surprisingly the issue covers some good ground developing Frank's new lease on the (after) life. Which was pleasing honestly, after expecting the book to be one big extended teaser (which it's not, more than any on-going ...

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Nekron #1 0

  A very interesting issue, and influential on what's goin' on in today's DCU. The Lantern's are routed by Krona, and it's down to Hal to save the day. This sorta lays the standard operating procedure that Nekron uses, being that he sends his agents into the DCU reality (universe) facilitate his arrival. Surprisingly (sarcasm sarcasm) the guardians are to blame for yet another massive major reality ending event or entity, and ol' Hal is there to bail them out to a certain extent. How much weight...

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The rest of Batman's Legacy 0

Dick Grayson may have "inherited" the mantle of Batman, but as readers of "Red Robin" know Tim Drake Wayne is heir to "the World's Greatest Detective." Thus far Drake has been bopping all around the world looking for any shard of evidence that his (2nd) daddy (Bruce Wayne) is still alive. As this plot point has developed, time has been spent with Tim's own insecurities which seemingly came to a head with him pulling a geographic from Gotham. Recently the insecurities have manifested themselves a...

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