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Rebirth and Reincarnation

Most people believe that reincarnation is when a persons soul is being reborn in a new body without any prior knowledge of there past lives. Though Warrior Guyver X has been through a different process of reincarnation without having to go through having his soul leave his body during reincarnation. The process in which Warrior X is reincarnated is similar to person getting amnesia though it isn’t exactly the same. Being that he has a prototype Warrior Guyver Unit attached to his body the control medallion is the main cause for Warrior Guyver X going through a different form of reincarnation. For the control medallion on the Warrior Guyver units being prototypes it had been created with a few glitches which affected the host organism. This control medallion glitch within the prototype Warrior Guyver units which was known to cause mental instability to the host organism. The control medallion glitch was known as the Rust Virus since it causes the host organism to slowly become mentally unstable. Though the Rust Virus isn’t an actual virus that was imbedded in the control medallion it was just a control medallion malfunction that was implanted by the Creators/God. When the control medallion glitch the Rust Virus had taken affect on Warrior Guyver X it had caused a partial paralysis within his brain. Because the temporary paralysis to the brain because of the control medallion glitch which had caused parts of his brain to reboot itself. For when Warrior Guyver X had parts of his brain rebooted because of the Rust Virus it had caused strange affect to his mind. It seems that when parts of his brain was rebooted because of the Rust Virus it had caused Warrior Guyver X to loose his memories. When the Rust Virus had affected his mind it had been afflicted with amnesia making him incapable of remembering his past even his own identity. Though the skills he had learned are still intact inside Warrior Guyver X’s mind which those memories have become dormant inside his mind. Until Warrior Guyver X somehow regains those memories those types of memories will remain dormant till they are reactivated. For he still retains his skills in combat and various of other skills yet he isn’t capable of remembering his past. Yet when Warrior Guyver X sleeps which will cause fragmented memories to appear in a form of realistic dreams. It appears that even when Warrior Guyver X is awake when he is daydreaming which is another way his fragmented parts of his memory will appear to him. His memories inside of his mind have not been erased from his brain it has been temporarily sealed off making him incapable of accessing them. Over the course of time Warrior Guyver X was capable of effectively figuring out parts of his memories through his dreams and day dreams. If he had tried to access those memories it will only cause Warrior Guyver X sharp mental pain which is a side effect of trying to recall his forgotten memories. For when Warrior Guyver X’s mind was affect by the Rust Virus it didn’t happen to affect the other parts of his mind making him capable of accomplishing normal tasks without any problem to him. When Warrior Guyver X is killed each time will cause his prototype control medallion to effect his mind in a rather strange manner. For every time that Warrior Guyver X had died had caused his prototype control medallion to erase his memories making it appear as if he was reincarnated. For every time that he was reincarnated his memories were erased by the prototype control medallion because of the Rust Virus. Each time that Warrior Guyver X was reincarnated he had created a new persona each time that he had went through the rebirthing process. Most of the personas of Warrior Guyver X had affected human history though each time he had he was died. Warrior Guyver X has been through the reincarnation process for thousands of times after being killed in each life. Though when each of his persona had died the prototype control medallion will simply erase his memories making him having to create a new persona for himself. Since Warrior Guyver X cannot be killed like a regular human being he was capable of still remaining alive after each of his personas had died. Yet there was no prolong affect on his brain after Warrior Guyver X had been killed causing his prototype control medallion to reboot his mind. After Warrior Guyver X had his mind rebooted his brain is still able to function at hundred percent capacity without any sort of brain damage while going through the rebirth process. His prototype control medallion being that it is connected to his brain it will store a copy of his memories within itself after each reincarnation. Each time Warrior Guyver X went through reincarnation all of his memories had been stored within the prototype control medallion. Because of the prototype control medallion stores his memories it is possible to be the cause of his memories appearing in his dreams and his day dreams. Apparently Warrior Guyver X was the only Neosapien warrior who was affect by the prototype control medallion in this manner.Most of the Neosapiens that was effected by the prototype control medallion glitch the Rust Virus it had driven them to madness. Yet when they were effected by the prototype control medallion glitch the Rust Virus it had increased there capabilities to immeasurable levels. Though when Warrior Guyver X was affected by the Rust Virus it didn’t increase his capabilities like most of the Neosapiens.

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Alternate Guyver Universe

Long ago the god-like beings that were known only as the Creators created human beings through manipulating certain genetic strands in the gene pool. Though there greatest creations were called the Neosapiens which were made to be mankinds inhuman counterpart. Through sixty-five million years of trial and error using a variant of different plant life on the planet Mars they conceived the perfect beings Neosapiens. For there was no two similar Neosapien for all of them were created differently using various combinations of genetics from the highly dangerous plant life. These beings were genetically modified by the Creators using various of different plant life from the planet Mars so they could be more suitable for combat for various reasons. Not only will they be much stronger and smarter then the humans but they are also capable of physically adapting to there surrounds. Neosapiens are also shown that they have superhuman regenerative capabilities which could be useful during any combat situation. For the Neosapiens were molded by the Creators to be far superior to the humans for they were they created for the purpose to be there soldiers. Though they created them specifically for one of them to eventually become there vessel so they can have a physical form again. When the Creators created the entire universe in the Big Bang it destroyed there physical forms now they need a vessel for them to inhabit. All the Neosapiens that were created on Mars had been gestated in pods till they grow to a physical point in which they will hatch there gestation pods. Neosapiens lived in small tribes building a highly advanced utopian society without any outside help from the Creators. That was until the disagreements began with certain tribes wanted secession from the Creators which lead to a civil war amongst the Neosapien tribes. War soon broke out with each Neosapien tribe at each others throats that inevitably lead to the near extinction of there race. During there civil war they managed to cause massive damage to there home planet Mars which made it temporarily unlivable for the Neosapiens. Before the war had happened there planet was lush with dangerous plant life and equally dangerous varieties of animal species. But now there home world has been transformed into a giant red desert making it unable to support life because of there petty war. Now there was only a hundred Neosapiens left alive on there planet without any way of salvaging there now dying planet. Soon the remaining Neosapiens were taken away from there desolate home world Mars and was taken to a secret base hidden within the false moon that rotated around the planet Earth. This false moon was the training grounds where the Neosapians were taught to hone there skills while being trained by the Creators. These Creators were training the remaining Neosapiens to not only follow there commands without any hesitation. But the Neosapiens were also taught to be able to handle all possible situations that could occur during there missions. Also the creators wanted to root out any possible way that could interfere with the Neosapiens from completing any mission given to them by the Creators. The Creators had managed through there training had gotten the remaining Neosapiens to suppress all there emotions to make them more efficient in combat. For the Creators believe that is the reason that they think that the humans are incapable of utilization the full potential of a Guyver Unit. Through there training and using various mental suggestions that the Creators had employed they had removed the remaining specks of humanity that was left in there subservient Neosapien soldiers. The remaining Neosapiens were given by the Creators these powerful prototype Guyver Units to test the adverse effect it will have on there species. Not only did these prototype Guyver Units smoothly bond with Neosapien hosts which had enhanced there combat capability when they had merged with the prototype G-Units. Because of the merging of the prototype Guyver Units with a Neosapien host it had caused there natural capabilities to be enhanced within there Neosapien children. For the Creators expectations of the prototype Guyver Unit when merged with a Neosapien had exceeded there expectations seeing that they have unlimited potential. Because of the powerful capabilities within these prototype Guyver Unit’s the control medals which usually drives the host to become out of control. The Creators who had watched some of the Neosapien hosts go out of control had dubbed there bioweapon Guyver which meant in there language “Out of Control.” Being that the control medal which was the cause for the Neosapien host going berserk they labeled the defect the Rust Virus. Though the Creators after analyzing the control medal has concluded that the Rust Virus could possibly be a adverse effect of bonding with the prototype Guyver Units. For the Creators saw that when they become infected with the Rust Virus they become mentally unstable though the power of the bio booster armor had increased exponentially when they had went berserk. Through further testing of the capabilities of the prototype Guyver Units by sending half of the remaining Neosapiens with there Guyver Units to the planet Earth. The Creators also sent those fifty Neosapiens to the Earth to further test the adverse affects of the Rust Virus on the host organism. Those Neosapiens who had remained on the moon base had went under further training to be able to increase there proficiency in combat. When the fifty Neosapiens came to the Earth they had begun teaching the beings on that planet how to survive. They were soon being whorshiped by these people as gods who had come from the heavens to teach them. Human beings with the guidance of the Neosapiens had begun forming civilized civilizations with the knowledge they learned from the Neosapien race. Slowly each Neosapien who had been brought to Earth had slowly had begun being overwhelmed by the Rust Virus leading them to become mentally unstable. Since the Creators could no longer control the Neosapiens who were on Earth they had intended to stop them before the planet becomes a vast wasteland like Mars. They had sent the rest of the Neosapiens down to Earth to ensure the complete annihilation of the Rogue Guyvers. The remaining Neosapiens were teleported down to the Earth to hunt down there former comrades so they can eliminate them before they wipe out everything off the planet. Those Creators also didn’t want any of there prototype Guyver Units to be use by humans so the remaining Neosapiens were instructed to specifically destroy the Rogue Guyvers control medal. Yet two Neosapiens going by the designation Warrior Guyver X and Warrior Guyver Zero were given different instructions by the Creators. For they were given the mission to travel to a city on a island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean called Atlantis. Because of the Neosapiens had help build the city along the humans they had unearthed a secret that the Creators wanted to hidden. For the people of Atlantis had found a weapon that was buried deep within the Earth by the Creators billions of years ago. The Atlantians had worshiped the first prototype Guyver Unit believing it was a sign from the gods the Neosapiens. Because the first prototype Guyver Unit has the power to rival the Creators themselves they wanted the first prototype Guyver Unit to remain hidden forever. Soon they had followed the orders given to them by the Creators to sink Atlantis to the bottom of the ocean to ensure that prototype Guyver Unit is never activated again. Using these two Neosapien warriors they both had successfully made Atlantis sink to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The Creators soon created another set of Guyver Units though weren't as powerful as the prototype Guyver Units but wasn't imbued with the Rust Virus. Testing the Guyver Units on humans it had become a success though it had become impossible for the Creators to try to control the human host with the Guyver Unit. They soon created the Unit-Remover to be able to take away the Guyver Unit from the human host. Warrior Guyver Zero had used the Unit-Remover on the human Guyver which ultimately killed the human inside the Guyver Unit. Eventually the lover of Warrior Guyver X was soon infect by the control medal glitch who was destroyed by Warrior Guyzer Zero. Though when Warrior Guyver Zero killed her it had caused him to become slowly infected with the Rust Virus which made him had driven him to madness. Soon Warrior Guyver X had been betrayed by Warrior Guyver Zero who had attempted to try to destroy him. For Warrior Guyver Zero even tried using the Unit Remover on Warrior Guyver X to try to remove his control medal. Though the control medal was unable to be removed with the Unit remover for it was incapable of separating the control medal from the host. The Creators had made these prototype control medals to be adaptive to even the Unit Remover making it unable to remove it. While they fought each other the Unite Remover was destroyed which agitated there control medals activating the glitch. Because of the destruction of the Unit Remover it had caused the Rust Virus to erase both of there memories. Eventually Warrior Guyver Zero had eventually recovered his memories which enabled him to dominate the human race. The humans who were loyal to him had there genomes manipulated by inserting Neosapien DNA into them causing them to mutate into beings called Zoanoids. With his army of Zoanoids he had gathered loyal twelve Rogue Guyvers together using there collective skills and knowledge to form the Chronos Organization. Eventually the Chronos Organization had evolved throughout the ages creating various of different Zoanoid species which had increased there dominance over humanity. They eventually disguised themselves as the Chronos Corporation to hide in plain sight as the twelve Neolords controlled all forms of government. Though Warrior Guyver X had struggled throughout the millenniums trying to regain the memories he had lost. For each time that he had died the control medal glitch had kept erasing his memories making him relive his life countless times. As time had passed both Warrior Guyver X and Warrior Guyver Zero had a hand at unintentionally influencing history. Because of the remaining Neosapiens they had helped humanity throughout the ages by guiding them from the shadows. Warrior Guyver X through his personal trials of trying to regain his lost memories had killed the rest of the Rogue Guyvers who weren‘t aligned with Chronos. Eventually through his travels he had encountered Zoanoids he knew that there was still Rogue Guyvers still roaming the planet. Warrior Guyver X found out through the zoanoids he had fought that Chronos was the cause of the outbreak of humans beings that were mutated with Neosapien DNA. Unbeknownst to all of them certain zoanoids had mated with normal human beings which gave birth to a subspecies of Zoanoid creatures. These subspecies zoanoids had surfaced as ancient legends of mythical creatures who had seemingly roamed the Earth. Throughout history when human beings had mated with zoanoids it would create subspecies known through ancient legends throughout the civilized world. For Warrior Guyver X had found out that all the governments were puppets who were being controlled by Chronos. For the Chronos Corporation now rules the world with an iron fist with Warrior Guyver Zero leading them. Through the guidance of Warrior Guyver Zero they are even beginning to speed up the transformation process making them able to unwittingly transform civilians into mindless zoanoid drones. Though whenever Chronos rears there head Warrior Guyver X would always be there to defy them to break the hold that have on the rest of humanity.

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