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Thea turns slightly, giving Jeremiah a wink and a smile before she nods and follows him up the rooftop...the slow way. She could have done it in seconds with her speed. Just fly up and put a hole in the ceiling until she reaches the roof. But now, this is Jeremiah's training exercise and they doing things his way and not her way.

Just before this hydro woman arrives, Thea takes time to enjoy the fact she's on Mykonos island. It's not exactly home, but it's close. Even if it's a simulation and she's not really there, it's close enough. It's nice to be in 'Greece' again.

Thea changes into Warrior Angel once more just seconds before she sees the tsunami coming for them with a woman at the heart of it. Angel clenches her jaw tight, knowing what she wants to do but this is Jeremiah's call on how he wants to handle this. She looks over at him, "Your call, Jeremiah, how do you want to handle this?"

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@catalina_liafador: (Now that you mention it, it is. I got pretty excited to respond and didn't think. Sorry. I can edit and have Kid Superion confront Mari in the gym if you like?)

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Thea knows how she'd handle this situation, but he's the leader for a reason for this training exercise. She's testing him to how well he will do. So far it's touch and go, but honestly he's not doing too badly. Thea cannot help but sense both his embarrassment and his fear, but he does an excellent job at burying them. After he states they need to find the room she whispers a re-assurance to him, "You can do this, Jeremiah. I have faith in you, just believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything."

As Thea follows, she is impressed that Jeremiah seems to know a bit of Greek. She stops when he stops, then nods at his instruction to stay close. Before too long, he looks to be ready to act and she can't wait to see what he's got up his sleeve. The sound nullification bubble is a surprise, but a welcome one. This is useful since Thea never did master the art of stealth. With her enhanced senses, she smiles knowingly, but hides what she knows. This is Jeremiah's test and she won't make things easy by revealing what she suddenly learned.

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Thea reaches the room with Jeremiah but immediately covers her sensitive ears when he screams. Even though she's not the target, her enhanced sense of hearing is still hurt. She shakes off the effects of it, getting a ringing in her ears as she leaps into action to handle the armed Envoy and his enforcers. They turn their guns on her, firing round after round of those bullets that can put a hole in sensitive flesh. Unfortunately for them, Thea's arms are not even a blur of motion, moving quicker than the eye can possibly follow, as she parries the bullets with her bracers. Each individual bullet making a distinctive KLING sound as they bounce off of her metal bracers she has underneath her business suit.

Thea smiles once the guns suddenly click to indicate they are now on empty and the men give the Amazon a puzzled expression, then a fearful one. This part never gets old. Thea thinks, just LOVING the expressions on their faces before she proceeds to barrel right into them, and knock them over, like a bowling ball.

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"Your welcome." Warrior Angel says, glad he's doing okay now. He may try to cover his embarrassment but Thea senses it. However, she has the good sense not to mention anything about it. When he speed walks to the door, she follows him when she sees the gesture. The Amazon warrior remains silent as she follows him down the stairs to the fourth floor.

Being blocked from entering the hall before being moved to the staircase, Warrior Angel listens to Jeremiah's reasoning. Thea is glad he sees her outfit as a problem. She takes a step back and spins like a top at super-speed. When she stops, she is now dressed in a business suit with glasses a white lab coat. Raven black hair is tied back into a pony tail. Thea smiles with one hand on her hip, "Will this do?" Thea asks with a smile.

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@warrior_angel: [D'aww his Amazon teacher came thru with a shining lasso lol, Jeremiah lowkey crushing on her now]

Hehe, she's spoken for. ~_^

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Warrior Angel takes out her lasso, using it masterful precision. In her hands, this can be used defensively as well as offensively. But now that the helicopter is done, having flown over and rescued the pilots, she now flies back to see that Jeremiah is in trouble. Using her Lasso of Revelation, Warrior Angel wraps it around Jeremiah's attacker's neck, then whispers in his ear, "Release him." Immediately, the man releases Jeremiah, feeling an overwhelming compulsion to let go.

Warrior Angel slaps the soldier on the head, knocking him out and then looks at Jeremiah, offering him a hand up in case he fell, "Are you alright, Jeremiah?"

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Poooosted. Not up to par to your guys' awesome posts but hopefully it's a good read for you guys. ^_^

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@shield-maiden: @catalina_liafador:

Thea watches the media coverage of Cat's coronation. She supposes that she could have managed to attend it personally given that she has a connection to Catalina's mother. The woman did allow her to attend Ziccarra's funeral, meeting her very briefly before moving on. A gesture that Thea will be forever grateful for. But attending a coronation of someone she doesn't even know? She didn't think it was necessary.

As Thea continues watching the media coverage of the event, Thea pours herself a shot of whiskey and holds it up to the TV when Cat is crowned the new Queen, "Congrats, Catalina. I hope you do your mother proud." She says, genuinely hoping that Cat does her mother proud. Then Thea takes a swallow of her drink before flipping off the TV. She falls asleep, dreaming of better times.


As Thea begins to remember more of her past, there is someone she is beginning to remember. Her name is a little fuzzy, however, but it starts with an H. Something about knowing western civilization would fall if Thea joined Ziccarra in her rebellion. Turns out she was right. But weren't the power of the gods already failing? Thea sigh's, wishing she can relive those days again and make different choices.

A knock comes to her door, it's Xena. She comes in with some kind of ancient chest that she is dragging behind her. Thea looks rather puzzled, "Xena, what did you bring me this time?"

Xena smiles knowingly, "Open it and find out. I think you'll like it."

Skeptical, Thea slowly opens the chest with some trepidation. Inside, she sees her old equipment along with her old outfit. Thea's mouth drops open as she falls to her knees, looking up sharply at Xena, "I...I thought these were destroyed. How did you get them?"

Xena smiles again, tilting her head, "I knew one day you'd start to remember who you were, so I preserved your equipment."

Thea is mildly confused, "But I only just began remembering my past and I just hired you as my assistant. I don't understand."

Xena nods as if she understands because she does, "When you and Ziccarra were exiled, I followed you both even though I took no one's side at the time. I took your equipment before it could be destroyed and fled the island. For centuries, I waited for you to remember before I got hired. And now here we are."

Such devotion! Thea's heart beats with pride for her Amazon sister who willingly chose exile over her home even though she committed no crime of her own. Thea looks down at her equipment, hand shaking and a tear slipping down her cheek. The last time she wore this was when she fought by Ziccarra's side. She closes the lid to the chest, taking a deep breath to compose herself and the strong emotions she's feeling. "I appreciate this, sister. But I can't wear it, not yet. I don't even have my powers anymore."

"Then you must get them back. The world needs you, now more than ever." Xena states as if she knows something that Thea does not.

The God of War
The God of War

Thea takes another deep breath, getting to her feet. Then it occurs to her that all of this is happening a little too conveniently. It's perfect timing...too perfect. Thea narrows her eyes at Xena, suddenly remembering something else. A sad memory, "Why would the God of War want me to regain my lost power?"

Xena's face turns from a smile to surprise and then her eyes flash red as she changes form into none other than Ares, clad in his usual armor with glowing eyes that conveys a menacing stare of war and hatred. "To create conflict, to fight and to lose."

Thea clenches her hands, staring him down. She cannot believe that at one time she actually worshiped him. But no longer. She cannot, will not, worship a god who she begged for help in her greatest hour of need only to hear her prayers go unanswered and lose everything she ever held dear to her heart. "And at the end of it all, I will have you kneel before me." And Ares laughs as he disappears in black smoke, leaving Thea shaking with fury.

It's not long before Thea finds out about the Pakistani-Indian war and she suspects on who could be behind it. But right now, Thea is powerless to do anything about it. While Ares pretty much told her he is creating conflicts, his overall plan is still a mystery to her. But now that she has been payed a visit by the god of war himself, Thea is now all the more determined to get her powers back. She takes out her cellphone, dialing a number, "Yes, get me the Sorceress Supreme."

Thea glances out in the open door to the room and sees the real Xena doing her duties. Seems Ares merely took her form, leaving the real Xena alone. Thank Hera for small mercies.

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Warrior Angel gets ready
Warrior Angel gets ready

Thea shakes her head, "I'm afraid I'm not much of a pilot." Besides, they have something better than a helicopter. Her.

As Jeremiah gives them the lowdown on the enemies equipment, Thea is thinking this is going to be easy. But that water girl is going be the real challenge. Thea knows what to do about her, but this training exercise is more about what Jeremiah will do and how he handles this.

Warrior Angel gets ready and nods, grabbing him with one muscular arm before leaping into the air. Ah, she can fly! As she approaches the emergency landing pad, the two watchers begin firing on them, but Thea blocks the bullets with her left metal bracer before she grabs her sword and throws it, slicing through their weapons like butter before her sword swings around like a boomerang only to return to her hand.

Thea lands on the emergency landing pad and let's Jeremiah take the men out if he wants now that the watchers are disarmed and vulnerable. While he does that, Thea sees the helicopter in the distance. She grabs her shield and swings it with her super strength, slashing the copter's tail and slicing it off, watching it spin out of control before crashing. Like her sword, the shield returns to her.