Warrior Angel

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Real Name: Alethea

Name Meaning: Truth

Dual Identity: Warrior Angel

Current Alias: Alethea Prince

Nickname: Thea

Class: Hero

Identity: Secret

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Agent for the Department of Super-Human Affairs (DSA) and a teacher at the Academy.

Base Of Operations: Metro City

Affiliation: Department of Super-Human Affairs (DSA)

Citizenship: United States Citizen

Place of Birth: An uncharted island thousands of years ago.

Education: Equal to College level

Marital Status: Single (Widow)

Relatives: Queen Myrina (Mother, deceased), Steve Prince (Husband, deceased). No known siblings.

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: Unknown, but looks 25 and has the body to match as well due to her long life expectancy.

Height: 5‘11“

Weight: 145 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Physical Form: Athletic, curvy, muscles like an Amazon and the exotic beauty of a super model.

Race: Meta-Human

Universe: CVnU

Created by: ParagonxXx

First Impressions: Whether your male or female you might notice that Warrior Angel is one of the most beautiful people that you've ever met and that she moves with a poise and elegance as if she had a royal upbringing. Do not make the mistake of thinking her a "mere" female or an object for your affection, as she is far above such thoughts. She is an ambassador, as well as a warrior, and conducts herself as such. On the battlefield she is the image of a classical amazon, swift, powerful and graceful. In person she's friendly, truthful, honest and lacking any sort of subterfuge or subtext. Her accent will seem to be slightly Greek, but it's a variant that hasn't been heard in thousands of years.


Intelligence: 5). Genius.

Durability: 4). Regenerative.

Strength: 6). Super-Human; Can lift 95 tons according to the Marvel Strength class system.

Speed: 5). Hypersonic; Can achieve escape velocity or greater in a planetary atmosphere.

Agility: 6). Super-Human; Beyond the natural limits (Spider-Man level).

Stamina: 5). Super-Human; Able to sustain peak exertion for a day.

Energy Projection: 5). Long range, long duration, single energy type.

Fighting Ability: 6). Master of several forms of combat.


Empathy: This power grants Alethea increased insight. For example, she can often detect others' emotions and is now so fully immune to illusions that she usually is not even aware of what illusions a villain is attempting to project.

  • Animal Empathy: Warrior Angel can communicate with all forms of animals (including dinosaurs) and her presence alone can bring a raging beast to a calm standstill. She is also able to directly command wild animals when needed.

Enhanced Senses: Alethea possesses enhanced senses that are comparable to those of certain animals. She can see at far greater distances, with perfect clarity, than any ordinary human. She retains this same level of clarity even in near total darkness and complete darkness. Keira's hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, allowing her to detect sounds ordinary humans couldn't hear at a much greater distance, enough to hear a teardrop in another room that has thick walls with enough focus. She is able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if they are well hidden. Alethea can track a target by scent, even if the scent has been greatly eroded by time and weather factors, with an extraordinary degree of success. She can also use her keen sense of smell to detect lies due to chemical changes within a person's scent and hearing any irregularities in their heart beats.

Flight: Warrior Angel can fly and can reach speeds up to escape velocity in an atmosphere. It is theorized she can achieve even greater speed, but she has never put that theory to the test.

Healing Factor: Alethea has a near miraculous healing process, typically referred to as her healing factor, that regenerates damaged or destroyed tissues of her body far beyond the capabilities of an ordinary human. Minor to major injuries take mere seconds to heal while more extreme injuries take a few short minutes or hours to fully recover from, depending on the severity of the injury. Unfortunately, Warrior Angel's ability to regenerate lost organs and limbs is limited. For example, if she were to lose half her liver due to damage, she can regenerate the other half. However, if she were to lose more than half her liver, she would not be able to regenerate what she lost.

In addition to accelerated healing of physical traumas, Warrior Angel's healing factor makes her extraordinarily resistant to diseases, drugs and toxins. However, she can still suffer the immediate effects of such substances in massive quantities; For example, Alethea has been incapacitated on several occasions with massive amounts of powerful drugs and poisons. On at least one occasion, she was once kept anesthetized by one of her enemies when they constantly pumped 120 milliliters of anesthetic a minute into her system.

Warrior Angel's healing factor also dramatically affects her aging process, allowing her to live far beyond the normal lifespan of a human. Because of this, it is impossible to know exactly how old she is by examining and testing her DNA. Right now, she has the appearance, conditioning, health and vitality of a woman in her physical prime. While seemingly ageless, it is unknown exactly how great her healing factor extends her life expectancy.

Super-Human Physiology: Alethea's Physiology is superior to most humans and gives her the following abilities:

  • Super-Human Durability: Warrior Angel possesses a high resistance to damage and magical attacks. Her resistance to injury is not quite as great as many of the top tier Super-Heroes. However, due to her vast threshold for pain and her amazon ability to heal at a super-human rate, this easily makes up for the difference. She has withstood considerable bludgeoning damage in the form of hand to hand combat with meta-human opponents such as Superion. She has considerable resistance to human weaponry, though this is not absolute; Bullets, bladed weaponry, grenades, bombs, energy attacks, etc, all can cause minor to extreme injuries, even life threatening.
  • Super-Human Stamina: Alethea’s body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing chemicals in her muscles, granting her exceptional endurance and lung capacity. Alethea can last a great deal of time in any fight and with virtually anyone. She does, and will, eventually tire, however, but it'll take at least 24hrs before she begins to feel tired.
  • Super-Human Strength: Warrior Angel is extremely strong and said to be "Stronger than Hercules". Warrior Angel has shown she is strong enough to hold herself against the strongest beings on the planet.
  • Super-Speed: Alethea is able to think, react and move at super-human speeds. Her top speed is unknown.
  • Super-Human Reflexes: Warrior Angel's reflexes are far beyond the limitations of the finest human athlete. She has been able to deflect a barrage of machine gun fire from multiple opponents at once with her bracers unharmed and at point blank range. Even a friend once noted that her reflexes are superior to that of Superion.
  • Super-Human Agility: Alethea's agility is far beyond that of even an Olympic level athlete, as is her balance and coordination.


As Warrior Angel, she can utilize her Chi energy in a variety of ways thanks to her warrior training as an Amazon. She is so adept at using her Chi that she does not tire after using it. Alethea is capable of the following Chi Powers and Abilities:

Chi Generation: Alethea can project her Chi from her hands, sort of like a concussive energy blast. However, her Chi is invisible to the naked eye and is harder to dodge than a normal energy blast that someone can see coming. Warrior Angel's ability to generate Chi is so powerful, she can knock down a building the size of the World Trade Center with one hit.

Chi Healing: Warrior Angel can use her inner Chi to heal another person of their injuries, even life threatening ones. She cannot, however, bring someone back from the dead.

Environmental Adaptation: Through focus and/or meditation, Alethea can sustain herself with her Chi for extended periods of time in extreme temperature environments.

Mind Over Matter: If Warrior Angel believes in herself, she can force her body to do amazing things by using her inner Chi. From walking across hot coals without burning her bare feet, drinking water while believing it can cure any illness, inducing a death-like state to fool others into thinking she's dead and even blocking out pain so she feels none. And all of this is only a small sample of what Warrior Angel can do with Mind Over Matter.

Nervous System Control: Alethea has complete control over her nervous system enabling her to deaden herself to pain, resist the effects of drugs or poisons and slow down the rate at which she bleeds. She's also able to pass lie detector tests without a problem.


Vulnerability to Piercing Weapons, Explosive Devices, Missiles & Energy Attacks: Warrior Angel is extremely resistant to blunt force attacks and has a vast tolerance for pain. However, she is more vulnerable to piercing weapons, such as arrows and bullets. She’s also vulnerable to explosive devices of all types, missiles and energy attacks.


Blacksmith: Alethea is a master blacksmith, capable of forging almost any kind of archaic body armor, shields and various weaponry.

Detective: Working in the DSA has turned Alethea into an accomplished detective.

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Alethea is a master of armed and unarmed combat, proficient in the exotic martial art styles of the Amazons from long ago and some modern styles of fighting techniques.

Highly Intelligent: Alethea possesses great wisdom and intelligence. The full extent has yet to be revealed.

Indomitable Will: Alethea’s willpower is so great she can resist mental domination from very powerful beings and resist temptations that would overcome weaker beings.

Master Tactician and Strategist: Alethea is an accomplished strategist and tactician, skilled in the arts of leadership, persuasion and diplomacy.

Multilingualism: Alethea has exhibited heightened proficiency with languages, being able to speak Ancient and Modern Greek, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Hindi. Plus, through precise muscle control, she can mimic other people's voices for short conversations (on the telephone). However, it is more difficult for her to mimic a male voice than another woman's voice.

Photographic/Eidetic Memory: Alethea has a near perfect memory, able to instantly recall almost anything she has come in contact with and with perfect clarity.

Weapon Master: Alethea is proficient with nearly every weapon ever made, especially the bow, lasso, sword and shield.

Other Skills: Thanks to her time in the DSA, and as an Amazon warrior, Alethea is also an expert in Acrobatics, Tumbling, Law-Enforcement, Espionage, Law, Criminology, Intimidation/Interrogation, Resist Domination, Horsemanship, Medicine: First-Aid, Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Physics, History, Occult Lore, Archaeology/Anthropology, Survival, Tracking, Stealth, Blending, Basic & Advanced Math, Seduction, Computer Operation, Intelligence Gathering, Survival Tactics, Hunting, Swimming, Mountaineering, Map Making & Reading.


Bracers: Worn on both her left and right forearms, these bracers are made from an unknown metal and are totally indestructible. Warrior Angel usually uses them to deflect bullets, bladed weapons and even energy blasts.

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Lasso of Revelation: The Lasso of Revelation is Warrior Angel’s signature weapon and is extremely adept at using it in battle. Most who are captured in it are forced to answer any questions she asks and are unable to lie. Because it is magically enchanted, it cannot be broken, snapped or cut. It can also be used to implant commands that must then be obeyed.

Super Suit: Woven into the clothing fibers of Warrior Angel's suit, millions of micro fibers work as a shield against various types of power dampening technology and super powers. The micro fibers are based on nanotechnology and emit a powerful null field around Alethea's body, preventing her powers, and Chi, from being dampened or drained in any way, shape or form. These micro fibers are completely undetectable by the untrained eye and even then, only by the use of a microscope or related super ability can they be detected. The micro fibers are also non-magnetic and so cannot be manipulated by magnetic powers. They are even resistant to Telekinetic abilities in order to prevent destruction or manipulation through those means.

  • Suit Change: With a single mental command, Warrior Angel can change her suit to look like anything clothing item she desires, depending on her mood.

Sword: The Sword that Paragon uses is strapped to her back for easy access. It is also magically enchanted to be completely indestructible. The Sword also has a mystic link with Alethea so that she can mentally command it to return to her grasp should she throw it and her sword will go through any barrier if it has to in order to return to her grasp.

Shield: Like her sword, Warrior Angel's shield is also magically enchanted to be completely indestructible. The shield is also mystically linked and will always return to her grasp after it's been thrown. When not in use, the shield shrinks down and is hidden in a secret compartment in her left bracer. The shield expands and comes out when needed, all with a mental command from Alethea.

Because of the mystic link Warrior Angel shares with her sword and shield, it is impossible for her to lose them. And should they somehow be stolen, she will always know exactly where they are and will be able to track them from anywhere in the world.

Tiara: Angel’s silver tiara also doubles as a throwing weapon, as it is razor-edged and can cut through most substances. It acts as a boomerang as well, always returning to her grasp when thrown.


Myrina names her child Alethea
Myrina names her child Alethea

Thousands of years ago on Earth, Alethea was born into a tribe of Amazons who had separated themselves from the world of man. Her mother abandoned her real name and adopted the name of Myrina, which was not without a sense of irony since it literally means ‘an Amazon’. Myrina decided to name her daughter Alethea, which means ‘Truth’, because she believed the Amazon way was the only pathway to truth. Plus, Myrina hoped that her daughter would one day embody the concept of truth and she endeavored to raise her daughter to value it highly.

As Amazons, they lived separated from the world of man but they did occasionally seek companionship from males. However, this was only done to ensure the continuation of the Amazon line. Whenever the Amazons got pregnant, they waited until the baby was born and if it was a boy then they would leave the child with the father. But if the baby was a girl, the Amazon would take the child away to be raised as an Amazon. On occasion, Amazons did fall in love with the men they slept with. On those occasions, the Amazon Queen, Myrina, would enforce a law; Live with the man they fell in love with for the rest of their lives or leave him and return home to live as an Amazon should. Exceptions to this rule was never made, not even once. Men were strictly forbidden from living alongside the Amazon tribe and were often looked upon with disdain and sometimes as enemies.

Alethea grew up all too quickly according to her mother, Queen Myrina. From an early age, Alethea was taught the art of war, peace and diplomacy. She was taught all the ways of an Amazon, from how to fight in hand to hand combat to strategy and warfare. According to Alethea, the most boring education came when she had to learn things like history, various literature, math and anything else that required sitting at a desk. It was not until later in life that she appreciated all the lessons she was taught, including the ‘boring’ ones.

As an Amazon princess, Alethea received only the best education. In whatever subject she learned, her teachers were commanded by Queen Myrina to never settle for second best when it came to the education of her daughter. If she even got one answer wrong on a test, for example, she was made to study the subject again before retaking the test until she got all the answers correct. When it came to things like hand to hand combat, swordsmanship and training with various weaponry, Alethea’s training was especially hard since she was made to train harder than anyone else. She was given no special treatment simply because she was the Queen’s daughter. This would eventually hone her into the very best Amazon that would surpass everyone in the tribe, including the Queen herself.

Alethea in her childhood
Alethea in her childhood

As a child growing up, Alethea was not the best looking and was often bullied by the other children because of it. As a result, she got into a lot of fights with her tormentors. But one day all of that would change while exploring the forest around her home because she would come upon a strange artifact that radiated some kind of unknown energy. Upon touching it, she was bathed in the energy and her Meta-Human gene activated, giving her extraordinary powers & abilities. But the most remarkable change of all was when Alethea saw her reflection in a puddle of water and noticed that she was no longer below average in appearance. Her features had been refined and she was now extraordinarily beautiful. It would not be until sometime later that Alethea found out why she underwent a physical change. It was because of a hidden desire of her heart to be beautiful and her powers reflected the fact that she wished to be the perfect Amazon.

The other Amazons were deeply jealous of Alethea’s good fortune and it was not long before they asked how she underwent such a startling, and amazing, transformation. Queen Myrina ordered her daughter to take her to this artifact when she was told the story about her daughter’s remarkable change. When Queen Myrina saw the artifact, she too touched it and got bathed in it’s energy and, like Alethea, was changed as well. Unlike her daughter, however, Queen Myrina’s change was different. For the Queen, she became ever wiser and better able to rule her people with love and benevolence. Since Queen Myrina believed Amazons to be superior to men, she also gained physical powers and abilities that reflected that, though not nearly as great as Alethea had.

Queen Myrina quickly came to the realization that the artifact her daughter had encountered was beyond priceless. It seemed to be able to fulfill the hidden desires of the heart to whoever touched it. But, it didn’t seem like magic but that was the only way to describe it since science, according to it’s modern term, was unknown back in those days.

One by one, Queen Myrina ordered each and every Amazon to touch the artifact and each Amazon changed in unique ways. The most common ways were increased physical strength, speed, stamina, etc, to a varying degree since all Amazons believed, and desired, to be better than men. However, each Amazon was given a unique gift according to the hidden desires of their heart. Some became extraordinarily gifted in forging metal and shaping it in a variety of ways. Others became master archers or in whatever skill they really excelled in. A few were granted powers over the elements, such a fire, wind, earth or air. Each Amazon’s gifts were different and best of all, they could pass these gifts onto their children but only to the ones born as a girl. Strangely enough, those born as a boy never got the gifts passed onto them.

Unfortunately, one day it would all come crashing down. Queen Myrina came to look upon the artifact as a curse upon her people rather than a blessing because she soon faced mutiny when she refused to use the incredible gifts that had been bestowed upon them to conquer the world of men. Although Alethea was more powerful and more skilled than her Amazon sisters, she was only one and they were many. Only a small handful of Amazons sided with the Queen and the Princess during the mutiny and were quickly overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

The Amazons did not wish to pronounce a death sentence on a Queen they still had some measure of respect towards. She had ruled them with wisdom and benevolence for years. An Amazon gifted with understanding all things realized that the artifact could put them in suspended animation, which the Amazons called the long sleep. Sentenced to such a fate, they placed Queen Myrina, Alethea and those few who sided with the Queen inside coffins and each one was put in suspended animation. The intent was to wake them up after the Amazons had conquered the world of men. But that day, unfortunately, never came.

The Amazons did invade the world of men and a long bloody war broke out that lasted many years. The Amazons may have been gifted with extraordinary powers, which enabled them to win many victories over impossible odds. But unfortunately, they were still outnumbered 10 to 1 and the longer the war continued, the more losses the Amazons suffered until they eventually lost the war. The few that remained of the Amazons tried to retreat back home, only to be followed by the enemy and slaughtered. Fortunately, Alethea, Queen Myrina and the few that were trapped in suspended animation escaped detection. Unfortunately, they would not be woken up as planned because all of their Amazon sisters were either dead or soon would be.

For thousands of years Alethea, Queen Myrina and the others slept in suspended animation and unable to wake up. Then, one day, someone did find them and woke them up to a brand new world that had changed so much that they did not even recognize it. Their home had become an island with a smaller one off it’s northeast coast and surrounded by a vast ocean of water. The Amazons had to learn the new language and become accustomed to their new world. They also had to deal with the fact that everything they once knew, everyone they ever cared about, was gone.

Fortunately, Queen Myrina was able to re-establish her Amazon nation and shaped the island into a new, beautiful, home. The smaller island off it’s northern coast became the abode of men while the women lived on the main island. For a time, their new home was a paradise. But just as with all such places, their are snakes waiting to take it all away.

Alethea became aware of a threat called the Coalition who was found scouting the island and Queen Myrina, after some persuasion, reluctantly let her daughter leave the island in order to further investigate this new enemy. When Alethea came to the world away from her home, she saw a planet more alien than any other. Ley lines crisscrossed the planet, rifts sometimes opened to other dimensions, monsters of all shapes and sizes roamed the land, wrecks of metal vehicles lay rusted on broken roads, the remains of cities lay in ruin that looked like they were occupied once but no longer and many other such things Alethea saw.

For several years, Alethea had adventures on what she called ‘Rifts Earth’ and in those years she constantly came into conflict with the hated Coalition. They were an army of humans who hated those with powers like herself. They believed in a pure humanity and anyone who was different was shunned, persecuted and sometimes killed.

Alethea did not return home very often for fear of being followed. Unfortunately, it only takes one time to make a mistake and when the Coalition was able to follow her home one day, they invaded with a huge military force. After years of studying Alethea and how powerful she was, they knew exactly what to do in order to win. And for the second time in history, Alethea’s home was destroyed. Despite her valiant efforts, she could not save her home, her mother died in her arms and the rest of her people died. The fortified position she was holding was soon to fall and Alethea was tempted to give up and die. But Queen Myrina made her daughter promise she’d find a way to survive.

Alethea had very little time to find a way to live, but she found it when she uncovered the long lost, and forgotten, artifact that had changed her life so many years before. It was amazing the thing still functioned after thousands of years, but it did and Alethea used it to open a portal to another dimension. Just as the fortified position came tumbling down all around her, Alethea barely managed to make it through the portal before the ceiling came down on her head.

As the portal closed behind her, Alethea emerged in a familiar, yet strange, land. She ended up time traveling almost to the point where she and her family had gone into stasis on her home island thousands of years ago. When Alethea attempted to return home, some sort of time anomaly prevented her from doing so. No matter how hard she tried, she could not return home. So, Alethea made a new home on a nearby island whose capitol was an ancient city ruled by a Queen.

Alethea soon became not only a citizen of this city, but also it's Champion. Her heroic deeds would soon become the stuff of legend as she fought man and beast, both within the city and outside of it. Unfortunately, Alethea's career as the city's champion would be cut short as a small army o Titan minions invaded the island. Their powers were waning for some unknown reason, but an artifact that was held within the ancient city could restore them. Knowing ancient city would be destroyed in the process and not willing that the Titan minions regain their full strength, Alethea rallied her own army. The army contained mostly Amazons from other nations and surrounding regions. Days passed and most of the Amazons had died in the fighting. Alethea sent for reinforcements that were promised but they could not get there soon enough. Alone to fight the diminished Titan minion army, Alethea made one last stand.

Alethea's final fight with the weakened Titan minion army was the fiercest battle yet. The mighty champion of the ancient city slew many of the weakened Titan minions, but also suffered injuries of her own. She fought on until the former Princess slew all but three of the Titan minions, who were badly wounded and retreating. Days later, those Titan minions would be hunted down and killed. As for Alethea, she succumbed to her injuries and died. The residents of ancient city mourned for the loss of their champion and placed her inside a coffin, pushing it into a mysterious realm known as the Nexus of Eternity. Here, Alethea's power could be harnessed by a worthy successor. Always a woman. All the successor had to do was say the magical word, "SHAZAM" and they would transform into Alethea, gain her power and be the next champion of the ancient city. This tradition would pass on, more or less, down the centuries until a ten year old girl called Karah Knightfall gained the power of Alethea and used it as Warrior Angel.

The Nexus of Eternity would eventually bring Alethea back to life. How and why, no one knows. But when Alethea woke up, Karah Knightfall lost all of her powers. Alethea and Karah briefly met face to face for the first time before the Amazon was swept away into the Nexus of Eternity. There, she would find a way to escape and ended up back into the real world, but eight years into Karah's past.

Alethea emerged into a brand new world. A world with skyscrapers and sprawling cities choked by smog. A world with wonderful tasting ice cream, rude taxi drivers and strangely dressed people. But just as before, Alethea adjusted easily enough to this strange new world as she had done before. She even adopted a last name and called herself Alethea Trevor. And for the first time in her history, she was called Warrior Angel herself instead of someone else taking her powers and adopting the name. For the next three years she was a Super-Hero in Metro City and became one of it's greatest champions.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Alethea saw the ugliness and greed of humanity. While some possessed the capacity for great good, the overwhelming majority was evil. She was truthful and honest to the media about where she came from and what her experiences were, only to get her words twisted and made to look bad before everyone.

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Eventually, Alethea lost her faith in humanity after she had gotten married and witnessed her husband's death by a madman, being too late to save him. With evil winning more than the heroes could keep up with, Alethea retired as Warrior Angel and sunk into despair. She took a job with the Department of Super-Human affairs. An organization that dealt with super-human threats such as aliens, super-humans, magic users, mutants, meta-humans, etc. The DSA was like a combination of the CIA and FBI but dealt with only those with extraordinary abilities and locked them up in prisons capable of holding them. And this has been Alethea’s job for five years now. And for five years she has been retired as Warrior Angel, drowning her sorrows by burying herself in work. Can Alethea’s faith in humanity be restored? Will the world one day witness Warrior Angel’s return? Only time will tell.

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