The Nexus of Eternity (CVnU Location)

A rare rift in space leading into the Nexus of Eternity
A rare rift in space leading into the Nexus of Eternity

The Nexus of Eternity is a mysterious otherworldly dimension of pure energy and some would say, magic energy. And if it is made up of mystical energy, then it is one of the greatest concentrations of magical energy found anywhere in the multiverse because the entire dimension is filled with it to the point of overflowing.

The Nexus of Eternity is very mysterious, however, and defies any and all deep exploration within it's depths. The only safe study that can be done is at a distance and even then, it's like learning about the ocean and what is in it while only being able to study droplets from it without being able to study the ocean directly.

While it is not impossible to gain entry into the Nexus of Eternity, it is exceedingly difficult by normal means. The rifts and tears that appear in space, or even on planets, are extremely rare. A person that is capable of traveling to other dimensions would find much greater success. However, gaining entry presents itself with dangers of it's own because most who gain entry into the Nexus have very rarely returned to tell the tale. Most of the time, a traveler simply disappears within and never returns. Even objects, such as probes, never return and upon entering the Nexus of Eternity, the probes stop broadcasting any signals and cease functioning. No technology, no matter how well it's shielded, can function while inside the Nexus. Even a simple compass will spin out of control, rendering all directions as useless while inside and the traveler has no sense of what is up, down, left or right.

If a traveler somehow ends up in the Nexus of Eternity, either through normal means or through interdimensional travel, he or she will find themselves in blissful heaven...or at least it will seem like it. All of their hopes, dreams and desires will be given to them. For example: If a traveler always wanted to be the President of the United States and helped lead the world into a new era of peace, then that is what he will experience while inside the Nexus of Eternity.

Unfortunately, all of this is only an illusion. An extremely realistic illusion, yes, but a fake all the same. However, most travelers who come here fail to realize this as the effect is very powerful. Worse yet, some travelers who have succeeded in leaving (either on their own or by being rescued somehow) have become obsessed with getting back into the Nexus of Eternity.

Contrary to it's name, being inside the Nexus of Eternity does not grant immortal life to those who end up inside of it. Travelers still age, perhaps more slowly, and will eventually die if they linger for too long. However, what they experience inside can last several, perhaps many, lifetimes. So the process of dying is an extended one even without food and water.

Mages of all types will find it very difficult to study the Nexus of Eternity. Exploring within presents itself with it's own dangers and gaining knowledge from the outside is also frustrating. The sheer power of raw energy makes it exceedingly difficult to travel inside without succumbing to it's alluring pull to give a traveler everything he ever wanted in his life.

Draining power from the Nexus is possible, but also very difficult. The sheer power the Nexus contains makes it very hard to use it's energy for someone to use as he sees fit. However, it IS possible to draw energy from the Nexus in a safe way if they know how. And if this is done, that person will find themselves with an inexhaustible supply of energy.

The Nexus Gate

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There is currently a location somewhere on Earth where a permanent portal in the form of a gate leads into the Nexus of Eternity. It is deep underground in some kind of cave system. So far, only two people on the planet know of this location and they are keeping it a closely guarded secret. If this were to fall into the wrong hands, it would be catastrophic.


1. Anyone can come and visit the Nexus of Eternity if you have the means to do so. The Nexus Gate, however, is off limits. If you wish to have your character visit, please PM me and ask me either here or ParagonxXx.

2. If your character ends up inside the Nexus, please sell the fact that it will be hard to leave. It's not impossible as I don't wish anyone who comes here to be trapped forever. But please, sell the difficulty.

3. To anyone who travels inside and manages to leave, may not leave through the Nexus Gate. If you wish to do that, please PM me and ask me if it's ok.

4. You may have your character study the Nexus or even find ways to use it's energy, but please make it a very difficult thing to accomplish.

5. To any character lucky enough to make it to the Nexus Gate (or if I grant permission), there is a guardian here. His name is Paul and although he appears as an old man with a long white beard, he is far from harmless. He possesses vast powers, some magical, and will defend the portal with his life. And please don't NPC him, he's under my control. Paul is a nice man if your character dares to approach him but if you come with ill intent, he will know it and attempt to erase your character's mind and expel him/her by force.

6. The source of Warrior Angel's power is in the form of a body of an ancient Amazon warrior who is floating aimlessly in the Nexus of Eternity. She is contained in a coffin, with very powerful magical wards to prevent one from opening it. If your character wishes to steal this body and take it out of the Nexus in order to de-power Warrior Angel requires my permission to do so.