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I really wish our  country or even  world would take a big step in tolerance. I mean it's not like I called the guy who said it a big fat redneck which is what he was with his confederate flag bumper sticker that says "We need to go back to the SOUTHern way"......whatever the hell that meant.  :o(

X-Men First Class 2 & 3 Cast/Story

I would like to see in a 2nd or third one: 
Mystique and Azazel getting together and Mystique getting pregnant with  Kurt 
Banshee and Havok's reasons for leaving the team, Banshee finding a girlfriend to have Theresa who is in the first x-films 
Storm joining the team and befriending Hank since they knew each other in X-3 
Beast leaving the team 
Riptide and Angel both leaving the botherhood 
Magneto finding toad and Sabretooth 
Erik having Quicksilver and Wanda since they are born in this reality since they were on Stryker's list in X2


Will the X-Men every be as popular as they used to be?


I think there is potential, but only if we could get all the x-books to be slightly separate again with teams.  I mean Astonishing, Uncanny same team but different stories.  Give some other people the spot light besides Cyclops, Wolverine, Magneto, Namor, and Emma.  Plus Wolverine is in X-Force, the books to to be separate like X-Factor is I mean it's a hit with fans, so is x-force, so take Wolvie out of the X-Men books (astonishing and Uncanny also take Angel and Psylocke out too) and give other veterans so lime light, like Storm, C olossus, Kitty, Northstar, Dazzler, Warpath, Boom Boom, Gambit, Domino, Husk, Hollow, hell even Professor.  And also Marvel you made great characters in Mercury, Anole, Dust, Pixie, Rockslide (even though he was featured in Wolverine and Jubilee), use them for something!


I think what we most likely need is for Scarlet Witch to make every thing right and make mutants be mutants again.  The five lights get to go on missions with one or two main X-Men (Rogue or Kitty).  Yet charaters like the Cuckoos, Blidfold, Dust, Rockslide, Anole, Greymalkin, Ink, Mercury, Pixie, and etc dont do anything? (Yes there was the small adventures of Anole and Rockslide in the Protect and Serve books but thats not enough,


I just feel like my favorites (all the mutants in Marvel) are going to just die off, their stories seem to be putting them further and futher behind all the other Marvel heroes.  I like them too much to see them fade.  Though I know Wolverine will never fade, but he is my least favorite mutant, I like the de-powered Blob better than Logan.

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