Beast Boy, Nova, Superman, Thor, Iceman ore Nightcrawler

Beast Boy's powers are so cool. Even cooler than Raven's. If i hade his powers i would turne in to( with the exeption of the green skin) the ladys favorit pet.

With Novas powers i could help the Avengers fight alien invasions from space. And his strength level is the same as Ms Marvel so i would totaly kick most vilians ass.

Superman is the ultimate power house. Everyone knows that he is the most powerful hero of all time and with those powers i could rule this world. No i'm just kiding.

Thor is marvels most powerful hero and i would just love to have his powers. I would totaly be better on beating hulk than Thor.

With Iceman's powers i would always have ice in may drinks and i could always have my own snowboard with me on vacations. The ladys would love me.

If i hade Nightcrawler's powers i could get out of truble more easaly. And i am a dude that is known to get easaly in to truble.

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