Who would i go on vacation with?

Whel, their are many people i could think of on going on vacation with. Red Sonya is one of them cause she is always wearing her traditional warrior Bikini so i wouldent have to wait to long for her to join me at the beach.

Storm i would just love to go on vacation with. Not only dose she look good in a bikini, she could always make the perfect weather evary day.

I would also like to go on a vacation with Emma Frost if there were two acations. One: Cyclopse would most likly burn my ass with his optic blast if i made a move. Ant two: I wouldent want Em to sneak around in my head to se wath dirty thoughts i have.

Beast Boy is also an option. He is so cool. He and i have mostly the same humor. And he could scear away all fisher so we could fish alone. (If he wasent a vegitarian ofcourse)

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