I have been waiting fore this question

If the DC would have a Civil war then it would be betwen Cadmus and Justice League. Of course they would probably call them selfs secret Justice. Lex Luthor would probably be the head command of Cadmus and convincing the world he had become good. Wicht is bullcrap ofcours. It would probably start with that Captain Atom being put back in the airforce, like in the JLU series. This is my Idea of of the team line up and who would get kield by who

Captain Atom: Team leader
Captain Marvel
Atom Smasher (Kield by Cyborg)
Mary Marvel
Commander Steel
Ares(Kield by Hawkgirl
Power girl
Vixen (As a duble agent fore SJ)
Bizzaro(Who dose anything for Luthor)
Plastic Man
Superman Prime (Kield by Superboy)
Pluse the Ultimen clone army

Secret Justice
Wonder Woman
Martin Manhunter(Kield by Power Girl)
Green Lantern
Beast Boy
Miss Martian
Nightwing(Kield by Steel)
Moon Maiden
Rocket Red(Kield by Steel)
Booster Gold

It's sort of my own story I'm writing.

(Exuse My bad english)


There are a couple of heroes I dont Like

Dick Grayson=I hate his personality, and his hot temper.
Iron man=Who wouldent want to se him as a vilain after Civil War?
Raven=Just the one on the Television show. I think she is a real bitch there.
Mr Fantasric=For the creation of Ragnaroc who killed Goliath.
Blue Shield=Cuase he almost reveald Spider man's secret identity in brand new day.

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well let me se

Mighty Avengers
Ms Marvel
Black Widow

Justice League
Red Star
Bumble Bee
Crimson Fox

Superman VS Sentry
Orion VS Ares
Batgirl VS Black Widow
S.T.R.I.P.E. VS Iron-man
Powergirl VS Ms Marvel
Red Star VS Wonderman
Bumble Bee VS Wasp
Crimson Fox VS Spiderwoman

I know I know. Red Star, Buble Bee and Batgirl arent Jusitce Leaguers, But i think that Red Star Is more of a Wonderman character and Batgirl Is more of a Black WIdow character. And lets lets be honest, Bumble Bee resembles more of Wasp then Ray Palmer (Atom)
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No f***ing way

I would start my own New Avengers and have my own organitation. And for my own shose of team i would shose Beta Ray Bill, Hercules, Wolverine, Spiderman, Hawkeye, Storm and Black Panther

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Tuff question

They sould make a cartoon series about Ghost Ridder like they did Hell Spawn.

But they totaly have to give the Avengers another shoot on an Animated series. And this time no stupied armors. And they sould start it with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp and Giant Man as founding members. And they better not ad Civil War in the show if they decide to make one

They sould also make a mini serie of the imperial guard of the Shi'ar empire. I dont now about you but the imperial guard resembles alot like the Legion of Superheroes and they made a animated serie about them.

And one about Aspen to. I have read about her and she would make a great animated TV show. And i'm not saying that becuas she looks good in a bekini.

(exuse my bad English)


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Should heroes be forced to register them self?

HELL NO! Heroes are heroes, as longest they follow the law and help people. If they register them self than that would mean that they have to tell the world their secret identetis and then all their friends and familys would be in danger. And those who are regrister call them self real heroes. Fuck the Regristration Act. Exuse my franch. This hol thing dosent make any sens. I dont now about you but i hate Iron man.

(Exuse my bad English too)


Beast Boy, Nova, Superman, Thor, Iceman ore Nightcrawler

Beast Boy's powers are so cool. Even cooler than Raven's. If i hade his powers i would turne in to( with the exeption of the green skin) the ladys favorit pet.

With Novas powers i could help the Avengers fight alien invasions from space. And his strength level is the same as Ms Marvel so i would totaly kick most vilians ass.

Superman is the ultimate power house. Everyone knows that he is the most powerful hero of all time and with those powers i could rule this world. No i'm just kiding.

Thor is marvels most powerful hero and i would just love to have his powers. I would totaly be better on beating hulk than Thor.

With Iceman's powers i would always have ice in may drinks and i could always have my own snowboard with me on vacations. The ladys would love me.

If i hade Nightcrawler's powers i could get out of truble more easaly. And i am a dude that is known to get easaly in to truble.

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