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The Shazam Comic we've been waiting for 0

OverviewStory/Plot: 5/5Colors/Inkings: 5/5Cover Art- 4/5 The GoodBilly is Back! He's been tied up because of several Doomsday Clock delays, unfortunately those delays were so long they decided to release his comic before it finished. For that i am thankful. This is a beautiful return for Billy and the Shazam family as a whole. The art is absolutely gorgeous and the story flows nicely. Special Mention that Mary Marvel looks absolutely amazing. The BadThe Bad is that theres only 1 issue so far......

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Simply Fantastic 1

Overview Plot/Storyline- 5/5Colors/Inkings- 3/5Cover Art- 5/5 The Good this issue is simply phenomenal and the perfect way to reintroduce Marvel's best family back into the world. The story is heart churning and really reminds you of everything that made the F4 good. I gotta say Ben's character development was always good when he spent time with Alicia, and, if you read this issue, you will see they are going to spend allot of time togetherThe Badthe proportions are off in certain panels. Nothi...

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Salvaging the damage done by Spencer 1

OverviewCover Art: 5/5Colors and Inking: 5/5Story Flow and Plot (double weighted): 5/5 Total: 5/5The GoodCaptain America is dealing with the ramifications of writer Nick Spencer's actions and it is being handled very well. Steve is dealing with a population that doesnt trust him, and you can't really blame them for not trusting him. Not to mention a certain X villain is back and shes on the hunt for hydra agents???? The Badthis series could very easily go off the rails. Captain America is at a...

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This is one too watch 0

IntroCover Art- whopping 5/5 plays perfectly into the story and its design is beautifully simplisticStory-telling- 5/5 its a perfect James Bond opener and it sets itself up for more, while still giving you plenty of action and of course Mr. Bond's famous whitColors/Inking- 5/5 its simplistic in nature, but thats not necessarily a bad thingThe Goodthere's a lot of good in this comic. It was a good opener for the series to get readers interested. Bond is receiving a medical exam because he is obv...

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Nothing Short of Phenomenal 2

IntroCover-Art: 5/5Story/Flow: 6/5 (seriously this was a bad ass OGN) Colors/Inking: 4/5 (Liefield has improved tremendously) The GoodThis is an OGN, so its long and has enough time to properly build up and throw plot twists at you, and get ready for some twists. Liefields Penciling has gotten much better ( i still think his feet are completely messed up, but everything else has gotten better), and as a co-creator of Deadpool you get to read all the things that made Deadpool great when he was f...

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More SJW pandering. Complete Waste 4

IntroCover-Art:3/5Story/Flow: 0/5Inkings/Colors: 1/5The Good......The BadThe dialogue is just cringey. It will make you want to claw your eyes out. It is obviously designed to pander to your local SJW lets talk about the story, When Ms. America travels back to the present she wants to give up the hero business, it should have ended there since we all wish this series would end.Unfortunately they further pushed the new Moon Girl as the smartest person in marvel.(dont even get me started on her)T...

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Better Than I Expected 3

IntroCover-Art: 5/5Story/Flow: 4/5 Colors/Inkings: 4/5The GoodStory telling is unique and gets away from the shit that Bendis did in All New-Mutants Vol.1 (seriously Bendis sucks so hard, i mean arrggg.) anyways back on topic. Jean Grey still comes off as a moody teen, but its better explained, and she explains why shes trying to move on from that. We get to see Jean really cut loose and show off her powers in this issue, she is still inexperienced, but her raw power is awesome. The artwork rea...

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What a Waste 3

Intro Cover-Art: 5/5 Storyline/Flow: 1/5Colors/Inkings: 4/5PiS/Complete Absurdity: 5/5 (this is a bad thing) The GoodThe art is actually pretty nice. Visually this issue is stunning.seriously the art looks goodthats why this issue gets 2 stars because it looks goodThe Badby my count Batman should have been dead 15 times over this issue. I mean seriously Reverse Flash has been able to fight wally west evenly. but the guy can't even KO Batman in under a minute? and im supposed to believe this com...

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Decent 0

IntroCover Art: 3/5Storyline/Flow: 3/5Colors/Inking/Art: 3/5Overall: 3/5The GoodJean Grey was excellent in this issue (hoping for the entire series but lets wait) and Iceman was true to his character. I enjoyed any interactions involving one or both of those charactersThere was a clear lack of SJW bullshit, and i honestly couldn't be happier. It was refreshing to not have any sort of political/social agenda shoved down my throat. The X-men showed up and they fought the bad guys. Thats what peop...

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This is an Award Worthy Series. 2

IntroCover-Art: 5/5 (bruh its phenomenal)Story-line/Flow: 5/5Colors and Inkings: 5/5 The Goodi cannot stress enough how underrated this series is. Rosenburg is building up so much Suspense in this series, i couldn't stop reading if i wanted to. The pacing of the Story is strong and you see a different side of Fisk with every issue. Wilson Fisk has received more character development in 3 issues, than most characters receive in an entire series.Sarah Dewy is someone Rosenburg makes you care for,...

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A Master Piece (Spoilers) 0

The GoodIts Rated Rcan i say its about damn time... like seriously? Wolverine has a very dark very bad past, and his storylines are always very dark and very violent/graphic. The only way to properly display a Logan story, true to the character, is rated RStoryThe Story is unique. For Legal and other dumb ass reasons, fox was unable to do the true OId Man Logan storyline (not sure how that would have translated to the big screen either) but, this story knocks it out of the park.Logan for the mo...

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Character Development At Its Finest 2

IntroCover Art: 3/5 but the variations make up for it 5/5Story/Flow: 5/5 Artwork and Inking: 5/5 The GoodThe Story is beautiful. I am seriously hooked and, believe it or not, there is absolutely no trace of SJW pandering (which i shouldn't have to make a note of but in this day and age i do) This storyline gets you hooked. The character development is astounding, Sarah Dewy is a washed up writer who seems to have a drinking problem. She can't see her kids, and the father almost seems vindictive...

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Linda vs Grodd? 1

IntroStory: 5/5Cover Art: 5/5Arts and Colors: 4.5/5Conclusion 5/5 (only because i can't give it a 4.5/5 and this issue definitely wasn't a 4/5) The Good Supergirl vs Grodd was awesome... it was a good fight that had no PiS, CiS, or WiS involved (and it didnt have Grodd look like a chump. mad respect for the Gorilla) but this issue was more than that... it posed Ethical Dilemmas that Humans act like they are more than just "animals" but its so easy for us to revert to that Savage state. I think ...

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Peter David is Awesome! 3

IntroCover-Art: 5/5Story-line and Flow: 5/5Art and Colors: 5/5The Goodso Peter David is a favorite (so excited for his Ben Reilly series) of mine so im slightly biased. He makes Linda Danvers an appealing and emotional character. its a Beautiful intro that im sure will lead into a great series. Im excited for it because the Art and Story just meld together to form one perfect story lineThe BadLinda is a less popular character (at least now, mainly because Kara is Supergirl and everyone knows he...

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Borderline Unreadable 1

IntroCover Art: 3/5Story-line and Flow: a whopping 1/5Art and Colors: 2/5This comic was abysmal for Marvel and i can only say "Its no wonder why Rebirth is kicking the shit out of Marvel" The Goodthere isn't much... like at all. seriously the best experience i had was looking at the cover. Honestly its just... its bad. I expected more from marvel. The BadThe dialogue is exclusive to Millennials only, i cite Ultimate Spider- Mans "She's my sis from another miss" quote. Like seriously just *cring...

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It's Cute But... 3

IntroCover Art: 3/5Story-line and Flow: 3/5 Art and Colors: 5/5 The GoodThis is a funny story, i love Linda Danvers, well i like Kara also... i guess i like Supergirl in general, so i am slightly biased. It was a cute little short story and i found myself laughing more often than not. The Bad The flow of the story is... a bit erratic at times. I had to knock i down a few points for that but other wise its not terrible. Pick it up if and only if you are a fan of Linda Danvers as Supergirl ...

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More Senseless Killing 0

IntroLook this isn't one of those deep meaningful comics that pose ethical dilemmas and blah blah blah. This comic is about a homicidal sociopath killing people in fun and creative ways I mean come on this is pretty creative stuff, i enjoy the comedy behind it. The Good: I love the artwork, its fairly realistic (within reason) and it flows with the dialogue and story well.It keeps a fairly serious topic (Mass homicide) light and you are laughing as they are being murdered (its horrible i know, ...

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Cheapened by Political Drivel 2

IntroSo let me start off with saying this issue is fairly good. My biggest problem is it feels, on some pages, the writer used this book as political platform for her ideas. Now the writer may not have meant to use it as a platform, but thats how it feels (and you'll see more under the bad section)The GoodThe artwork is nice. Its bright and upbeat, and that really works because thats how Aspen Matthews is supposed to be. The story flows with the dialogue and it over all presents a nice story. r...

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Has The KIngpin Turned A New Leaf? 3

IntroHas the Kingpin turned a new leaf? Has Marvel finally gone back to good stories with unchanged characters? Will Brian Bendis ever be fired? who can say... Its too early to tell. However I can say this issue was amazing.The Good The artwork flows with the story, Ben Torres' artwork was refreshing and really meshed with the story's emotion (if that makes any sense at all.)Matthew Rosenberg is no stranger to writing Kingpin, but he really works wonders with this issue. The dialogue flows and ...

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Dreadfully Boring 3

Damage ControlSo lets face it, after Civil War 2.0 Jen's character was pretty much taken through a shredder, then the shreds were taken and set on fire, then the ashes that were left thrown in the gutter. So lets face it Bendis did a number on Jen. Thats partly to blame for why this issue, and what i suspect this series, will be... less than averageThe GoodThe artwork... thats it. THAT'S ITand this artwork is so good it warrants 2 stars (i dont usually give that for artwork so its impressive)Th...

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Has real Potential 3

An event that isnt heroes fighting each other? WAAAAAATTTTTT? I know right. For once the heroes are not fighting each other, weird right? Honestly its sad when that is a selling point for Marvel comics but i digress. The Goodas ive already mentioned it is refreshing to see the heroes working together instead of beating each other up (after Civil War 2.0 i think we've had enough of that) Gosh its good to see The Prince of Power back in comics, That for me is a big plus point.Lord of picking up h...

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The Character Development is Amazing 0

This Comic Does the X-men Justice The Marvel today has given a backseat to The X-men, and really hasn't provided a story that does the X-men justice. So i went to my comic book shop and saw Yost's Divided We Stand #1 This was worth the money it costs. It focuses on how some of the X-men are handling the the end of the X-men. Xavier was killed and Scott disbanded the X-men. I want to make special mention of the Cannonball and Nightcrawler stories The GoodSeriously the character development that ...

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Really Awesome Comic 6

Introlet me start off by saying this is a very graphic comic. Like heads get severed and stuff, so if that's not your thing stop here.I love Zenescope comics and the "Grimm Fairy Tales" has become a new favorite of mine, so i figured id give this series a try as it caught my eye.The Goodhonestly this comic pretty much mixed Kill Bill with Deadpool and it really worked. Cindy's on the warpath but Dave Franchini (artist) finds the perfect blend to make the story work. The story also works if you h...

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