Mafia Games I've participated in

I wanna keep track of every mafia game i participate in just for memories


Disney Princess OG / Game Thread- I was Cinderella and the Princess' won

Spider Verse Mafia / Game on- I was Green Goblin. (We won)

Adventure Time Mafia/ game on- Was Wormking and i was utterly useless


DBZ vs SU / Game On- I was future Trunks

Marvel Gods / Game On - I was Jean Grey (we got lol stomped)

Mafia:Fargo Edition (OG)/ Game On I was Hanzee Dent (because of Queen Marceline and myself fighting we screwed our team)

Times i was 3rd Party (these will overlap with Wins and Losses)

Current In Progress Games

Never Finished

GoT/LoTR thread/ Game on (Jon Snow)

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