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Round 2

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Aspen actually has quite a bit going for her in the offense department, which I will get into as the debate progresses. As well, with Aspen being one of my top comic book hotties of all time, I will be using every opportunity to sway the vote with sultry scans of my girl...and I am not ashamed to admit it=)

thats cheating... i call foul! but seriously

When you are facing Aspen, we are talking about facing someone that is part water manipulator, energy manipulator, and even a partial weather witch. This is someone that can seperate oxygen from water, can shape and harden water, release a form of energy from water, manipulate energy directly, or how about creating heavy water while smack dab in the middle of nuclear fusion:

I only brought up Hydro-Man (jobber that he is) to show that Johnny can increase his flame to turn water into vapor

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allow me to further clarify just how strong Johnny's flames really are. when he lets loose he can weaken Namor very very badly (we're talking about a guy who went toe to toe with Sentry and Iron Man here)

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a guy who took a point blank shot from Iron Man and was fine... was weakened by Johnny Storm

we're talking about a guy who went GungHo and annihilated the Annihilus Wave

im leaving this unblocked because i want it burned into the voters brain. This is Johnny Storm!
im leaving this unblocked because i want it burned into the voters brain. This is Johnny Storm!

I dont think Water is gonna put him out, not anymore.

Aspen pitted her will and power of hydrokinesis up against several powerful members of the Black, and tore down the attack all by her lonesome

impressive most impressive, but i just showed Johnny going rambo on Annihilus himself.

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here he obviously causes Annihilus some discomfort. Annihilus is a cosmic badass im sure i dont need to tell you.

so in terms of who outputs more damage im still gonna say Johnny at this point

So yeah, Hydro-Man himself would be way out of his league in the Fathom universe. Elite Blue hold quite a bit of destructive power if needed, as you can see, and Johnny won't be the only one with the ability to throw AoEs and the like. The main question I will have to try and answer in this CaV: Does Aspen have enough versatility and power with her hydrokinesis to take Johnny down for the count? We will have to see...

I am not denying her abilities no. they look really good, just compared to Johnny they won't hold up.

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Johnny doesnt even need to go flame on to ignite 2 Annihilus drones. without looking at them.

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