"Logan" Review (SPOILERS)



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"Logan" is the story of an older Wolverine who has deteriorated. Logan is no longer a hero, not much of anything really, because all the mutants "died" out. Until Logan happens upon a young (relatively speaking) nurse who flips Logan's life upside down with the introduction of his clone Laura Kinney A.K.A X-23

In a gut-twisting, heart wrenching tale of Logan and his quest to protect the young laura and Alzheimer ridden Charles Xavier, we see the true Wolverine Film we've been waiting for all this time.

The Good

Its Rated R

can i say its about damn time... like seriously? Wolverine has a very dark very bad past, and his storylines are always very dark and very violent/graphic. The only way to properly display a Logan story, true to the character, is rated R


The Story is unique. For Legal and other dumb ass reasons, fox was unable to do the true OId Man Logan storyline (not sure how that would have translated to the big screen either) but, this story knocks it out of the park.

Logan for the most part has given up on life, hell he kept an Adamantium bullet because he thought about blowing his brains out, but Laura helps give him another purpose. One hes long since been without. He has to protect Laura so she can get to Eden.

We never actually find out if Eden exits or not, but it is irrelevant as the story line keeps you hooked until the very end... and you know when its over

No "End-Credits" Scene

this was Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart's final outing as their characters, Wolverine and Charles Xavier (respectively) and not having an End-Credits scene really drove the nail home of the finality.

This is the end, there won't be any more like this.

The Bad

there is only 1 thing thats kinda sorta bad


there was twice where the Story Line was so predictable that you knew what was gonna happen next, and thats not necessarily a bad thing. It really wasn't in this case because you what was gonna happen, but you didn't know how


a 10/10 Would cry again.

If you dont cry at the end, then you're dead inside and i pity you.


Mafia Games I've participated in

I wanna keep track of every mafia game i participate in just for memories


Disney Princess OG / Game Thread- I was Cinderella and the Princess' won

Spider Verse Mafia / Game on- I was Green Goblin. (We won)

Adventure Time Mafia/ game on- Was Wormking and i was utterly useless


DBZ vs SU / Game On- I was future Trunks

Marvel Gods / Game On - I was Jean Grey (we got lol stomped)

Mafia:Fargo Edition (OG)/ Game On I was Hanzee Dent (because of Queen Marceline and myself fighting we screwed our team)

Times i was 3rd Party (these will overlap with Wins and Losses)

Current In Progress Games

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GoT/LoTR thread/ Game on (Jon Snow)

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Top 10 Comic Series

@lvenger and @sophia89 i challenge both of you to put your top 10 comic series and explain them in a blog (only cuz i love you guys)

10: Young Justice (1998)

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So as you'll find out. I love the Superboy, Tim Drake, and Bart triangle. good characters, good stories, good plots. this story has it all.

9: Wolverine (1988)

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Wolverine is awesome... always has been always will be. I especially love this series because... screw it. I love it because its Wolverine damn it. This is my list and i want Wolverine on it. so guess what Wolverine is in it!

8.Justice League of America (2006)

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So the reason this is so low on the rating is because i hate Superman and Wonder Woman i really do. I love Hal Jordan (as you'll see), I love Red Tornado, I love Hawkgirl. Hell i really love most of the JLA except Wonder Woman and Superman THE ONLY PROBLEM IS: THEY ARE SPOTLIGHT HOGS!

other than that this series is amazing, good stories, good characters. Its worth the read.

7. New X-men (2001)

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So i love Jean Grey in this comic, and i love the X-men as team. This team especially is comprised of deeply flawed individuals who are trying to do whats right, while still being hated for being Mutants (freaking Cassandra Nova man)

This series also has long term implications that the X-men are still feeling to this day

6. Teen Titans (2003)

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so let me start off by saying there is no such thing as a bad Teen Titans series. there just isnt, however this one had Superboy, Tim Drake, Bart Allen, and Cassie. I love those 4 on the DC side. They are great.

Tim, Connor, and Bart have been in a few series that stared them (you'll see Young Justice at number 10) and i love the triangle dynamic of the 3. I like Cassie cuz shes hot and if thats a problem then you can bite me.

5.Bloodshot (1993)

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The original Bloodshot series is amazing. Just a story about a guy who was experimented on and hes trying to live his life out normally. except hes got some nanites in his blood that make him Superhuman.

This is a really good comic riddled with good arcs. it has its slow issues but it poses moral and ethical questions as well. Fairly Decent comic and it earns itself a place in the top 5

4. Fantastic Four (1961)

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ok So Fantastic Four was the first comic i ever got to read... ever! for that reason, no matter what, It will always remain in my top 10. you are looking at the reason i even started reading comics in the first place. The team dynamic, the plots, the characters, they are all amazing.

out of this 500 issue series i couldn't pick my favourite arc, there have been so many good ones. Seriously though a solid comic that is good for any first time readers or people just looking for something casual

3. X-force (1991)

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Alright this is easy. Cannonball, Cable, Boom Boom, Warpath, Siryn, and Shatterstar are all underrated, underused, underappreciated characters. It takes all of them, mixes them together, and creates something wonderful.

I especially love this version of Cable as he has to rely on his extreme strategic genius (seriously this guy could give Cap and Bruce a run for their money) and his heavy arsenal of guns. His TK and TP were raw and relatively untrained, still a Bad Ass.

Cannonball is also very well written in this series

2. Green Lantern (2005)

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Johns took this book and literally brought Hal Jordan back to life with it. Now everyone already knows Hal Jordan is a far far superior character to that Kyp, no, Kyle Bainer, no, Strainer... No i got Kyle Rayner, sorry hes just so forgettable, i forgot him. All jokes aside this really is a good rebirth of Hal Jordan and his character. always good to see Hal Jordan back on the job and this series is incredibly well written.

1. Adam Warlock and The Infinity Watch

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Was there ever any doubt this was gonna be my number 1 series? like seriously? Adam Warlock fanboy over here. I love him, i love his character, and i especially love Jim Starlin. He creates wonders out of characters that didnt show much promise. When Adam Warlock was originally created he was a shadow of the character he is now. Starlin turned Adam Warlock into the under-appreciated character that he is today.

I honestly cannot recommend a better series. The story telling is amazing and each issue is as interesting as the last.


Superman Prayer

This is something ive been working on.

"Hail Superman Wearing Tights

Clark Kent Be Thy Name

One Nation Under Zod

On Earth As It Is On Krypton

Give Us This Day Your Shining Cape

And Forgive Batman His Trespasses

As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against You

Lead Us Not Into Lex Luthor

And Deliver Us From Darkseid

For Thine is The Fortress of Solitude, And the Power, and Solar Energy

Forever and Ever... Praise Superman


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CaV Placeholder

Round 2

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Aspen actually has quite a bit going for her in the offense department, which I will get into as the debate progresses. As well, with Aspen being one of my top comic book hotties of all time, I will be using every opportunity to sway the vote with sultry scans of my girl...and I am not ashamed to admit it=)

thats cheating... i call foul! but seriously

When you are facing Aspen, we are talking about facing someone that is part water manipulator, energy manipulator, and even a partial weather witch. This is someone that can seperate oxygen from water, can shape and harden water, release a form of energy from water, manipulate energy directly, or how about creating heavy water while smack dab in the middle of nuclear fusion:

I only brought up Hydro-Man (jobber that he is) to show that Johnny can increase his flame to turn water into vapor

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allow me to further clarify just how strong Johnny's flames really are. when he lets loose he can weaken Namor very very badly (we're talking about a guy who went toe to toe with Sentry and Iron Man here)

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a guy who took a point blank shot from Iron Man and was fine... was weakened by Johnny Storm

we're talking about a guy who went GungHo and annihilated the Annihilus Wave

im leaving this unblocked because i want it burned into the voters brain. This is Johnny Storm!
im leaving this unblocked because i want it burned into the voters brain. This is Johnny Storm!

I dont think Water is gonna put him out, not anymore.

Aspen pitted her will and power of hydrokinesis up against several powerful members of the Black, and tore down the attack all by her lonesome

impressive most impressive, but i just showed Johnny going rambo on Annihilus himself.

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here he obviously causes Annihilus some discomfort. Annihilus is a cosmic badass im sure i dont need to tell you.

so in terms of who outputs more damage im still gonna say Johnny at this point

So yeah, Hydro-Man himself would be way out of his league in the Fathom universe. Elite Blue hold quite a bit of destructive power if needed, as you can see, and Johnny won't be the only one with the ability to throw AoEs and the like. The main question I will have to try and answer in this CaV: Does Aspen have enough versatility and power with her hydrokinesis to take Johnny down for the count? We will have to see...

I am not denying her abilities no. they look really good, just compared to Johnny they won't hold up.

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Johnny doesnt even need to go flame on to ignite 2 Annihilus drones. without looking at them.

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