Cup your hands for I come bearing gifts!

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The Void

I am the serial killer

I am the bloody hand

I am the chief whore taker

I am the chosen one.

I am the red staight razor,

The one who bathes in blood;

I am the boogey-man, I am

The empty yawning hood,

Look not for pity, no;

I am the heartless man,

I come to fix all things,

I am the one man band.

You cannot yet imagine,

How you will dance for me;

But you will dance forever

To the tune that I decree.

The kingdom of the worm,

Is all things to us all,

But I will teach you many things,

before I let you fall.

I am the black dead nightmare.

I bring a light so bright;

To illuminate the path we take;

I show the way that all hearts break,

And I will see the old world's back be broken

As we descend into the awful