Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 (Will Have Spoilers Eventually)

It's the last one!!! Obviously, I know that some of you guys really hate the series......but this has never stopped me before, so meh

They're changing the ending................giggles and yippees!!

How do ya'll feel about the cast so far? I've noticed some unexpectedly gorgeous (male and female) cast choices, as well as some...questionable picks.




I'm speaking as a fan of drama/action/comedy in general

The power of fictional characters cannot be denied, no matter what kind of fan you are

I cried at the end of Charlotte's Web

I cried when Mufasa died in "Lion King"

I was inspired by the entire cast of "Million Dollar Baby"

And I Laughed My Mother F*cking A$$ Off when I watched Superbad, Stepbrothers, and Bridesmaids

If you are a fan of any kind of long-lasting dramatic show like Boardwalk Empire, Grey's Anatomy, or Mad Men, then you probably should understand by now that fictional characters are capable of having ridiculously magical moments on screen this site's case...on panel

And it doesn't matter what kind of show/comic you are into, you will always find some characters that just completely stand out to you for better or worse.

I was STUNNED by Joan Holloway's confidence and power, I fell in love with True Blood's Jesus, and I wanted to be BFFs with the Evil Queen from "Once Upon A Time" (doesn't fit the vibe, I know. But that woman is FIERCE)

I guess what I'm saying is, all of the emotional attachments that you get to a character on a tv/movie screen, you can pretty much get from a comic book...if comics are your thing...if they aren't, that's fine.......I still demand "neutral ground" respect for the time being

These characters DO actually matter to me...a lot more than I care to reveal...which is something that I wouldn't mind saying if it were a movie, or a tv show...but for some reason there's some sort of odd feeling of embarrassment that I get every time I feel myself starting to "go there" with a comic book character.

But, I'm pretty much over that now. And I'm fully admitting that sometimes, I am a little.....too passionate. But dammit, it only makes sense that I'd be passionate about certain characters....after reading about them for so damn many years

Again, this is a rant, not exactly a piece I plan on getting published

P.S., BRIAN WOOD has finally written Storm the way I FULLY remember her...the joy I've felt from that series is pretty much what inspired this rant of mine........that is all


A Personal Request......

I just received news that my grandfather has bone cancer, and it's terminal. The doctors don't know if he has a few days, or a few weeks.....................While we weren't exactly close, I still feel sorry for the situation. Mainly because it's going to suck watching my father go through this...again.

So, a personal request?

To all fellow Christians: Please pray for my fam

To all atheists: Please send good vibes to my fam

To all people that may not be a Christian, but pray anyway: Please pray/send good vibes to my fam

Thanks ya'll


Dear Marvel, I "H.A.T.E. U"

Long story short, ya'll done lost your **** minds if you think that I'm happy with this "Storm in the Avengers" ish. I don't know why you allowed Bendis to write, and I don't understand why you have decided to repeatedly downplay Storm, and screw with this marriage in a way that doesn't even make logical sense (Avengers is NOT an upgrade. Ya'll could've just left her single and with the X-Men). What's the point of having a gazillion guest spots, if you aren't even going to be a true heavy hitter. I'm very upset over the fact that I finally got something that I've been wanting for SOOO long (Storm in the Avengers), and ya'll gave this to someone who................I'll be surprised if he says that he is a fan of Storm. I really would.

Really Bendis? Wanda wasn't enough for your greedy ***??

You aren't getting anymore of my money, but you will be receiving letters from my scorned ***.

I'm not doing anymore debates on the character. I'm not buying anything else involving her until someone else tells me it's safe, and I'm not bragging about being a fan anymore, because this is annoying. I've been bottling this ish for SOOOOO long, and now I'm done. I will forever love the Ororo that I grew up with, but I don't know who the hell this "Goddess" character is that ya'll keep trying to shove down my throat, but this ain't cool at all. Why are there only, like, 3 writers who understand how the character REALLY is?? Aren't writers supposed to at LEAST research people before they write for them? Storm's humility and kind personality doesn't even come through anymore. She's overly confident, and gets pwned as a result of that. That's what this has become. But, whatever.

Thanks for wasting my time..........yet again. And I truly cannot WAIT to see what happens with Avengers vs. X-Men.........I wonder if she'll address herself as a "Goddess" again BEFORE Thor drops her with an elemental attack (not a physical attack, but an elemental attack, because that would be the biggest insult to injury, because apparently, even though she has defended herself with her powers many times before, writers forget that she has the ability to do this wonderful thing called "countering")

I'm steadily building up the strength to just move on to DC, cause almost ALL of my favorites are either in writer limbo, or writer hell.


Can't Admire Hot People on TV While Family is Present.....

It's so uncomfortable. I can't look at my mom or my dad, because I don't want them to know that their son is a raging sexual deviant of sorts. It's horrible. It's not even about my gayness (which they accepted the day I was born). It's just awkward as hell to give family ANY hint of what you will inevitably be googling as soon as you get alone time. I watched X-Men Origins Wolverine with my dad the other day, and Hugh Jackman was looking quite naked, and my eyes kept looking below the waist as if the movie would somehow allow me to see the things that only the cast and crew were able to gaze upon (though there was a bit of butt), and I could sense my dad's eyes half-way looking at mine, because nudity makes us both it should (did I mention we have an HD tv? I could pretty much smell him). This is why I can't watch any of LOGO when the family is around. It's too delicious. And don't get me started on watching comedies with your siblings, that happen to have a hilarious sexy character. There's only so much "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"s that you can force out before they realize that your laughter is secretly suppressing sexual lusts. That said, does anyone else have stories that they would like to "expose"? Or am I just.......that guy......again.


A mi NO megusta "That's So Gay" Commercials...

So, I'm watching the tele, and then this commercial comes on with these random teens saying "I know, that's SO gay", and then some celebrity who was like, I dunno, inspired by (or IS) Wanda Sykes, tells those kids "Hey, that's so "your name" and then the kids feel dumb, and magically go about changing their ways in order to become better human beings..............................................................................This may be ok for an episode of Sesame Street, but these kids are 2 years off from being legal.  I don't feel these commercials are effective, nor do I feel that they are as powerful as the message that they are trying to get across.  And this is coming from a gay guy who's hard to offend period.  So, when I hear someone say "That's the gayest....That's so gay.....Gaylord", I don't feel a personal attack.  It bounces off my skin.  So, when a commercial comes on trying to change the thinking patterns of people like myself and the teens that were actually on the commercial, I feel a little more "intensity" is required.............................Where are those Meth commercials when you need them?


You Don't DESSSERVE Your Powers!!!

Am I the only person who is deeply concerned about the muties that MIGHT be returning due to the psycho-sorceress' "Good Deeds"?  I know that everyone has at least one mutie that they wish would be re-powered, and that's fine.  However, there are some seriously, Seriously, SERIOUSLY crappy mutants runnin around that now stand a chance of returning to one of the many x-titles.  And since Marvel is obviously going down the "let's restore mutant-kind" road, I feel the need to just ask others who needs to stay gone?  I have my list, what's yours?  
Random: They better NOT re-mutantize Polaris.  I'm so cereal. 

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