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I'm an infection...you can't get rid of me. I have similarities to the Phoenix...This site has burned me out on several occasions, yet, from the ashes, I HAVE RISEN. I am one badass Storm fan, and I expect to be treated as such...You can have your favorites, and I'll have mine. I am a buffet line of sweets...one taste, and you will be back for seconds, if not thirds. I am a very intelligent individual, but the way I speak does not always give that away, as I tend to be ghetto as hell. However, this should be no surprise to anyone who's been here for at least 2 years, as it is very well known that I am a worshiper of the Ghetto Goddesses of this world and beyond.

I am very approachable, and share meals with my betters, my lessers, and my equals. However, if I approach you, and you see I have a bowl in hand, know that I expect to be fed something of quality, not some bullsh*t.........I'm also 98.7% sure that I have been banned from the list of potential comicvine moderators, as my post history loves to tell the shadiest of tales, which include interactions I've had with people where my temper has been lost, and I've had little desire to find it.