psylocke in the big screen

until now ,psylocke didn't make it to any of the 5 x-movies. (i won't count the x-3 version cuz i didn't feel & knew it was psylocke before the credits. everybody knows that). there will be 2 more x-movies to come. the first is "the wolverine" & the second is the sequal to x-men first class "x-men : days of future past". i don't think that she will be part of days of future past. but hey ,nobody thought that angel salvadore ,darwin & banshee would apper in x-men first class. everybody thought that jean & scott will but they didn't. fox is full with surprises. so mabye she'll actually make it & be like the new girl memeber in the x-men or the new telepath for the helfire club (of course all memebers including emma left the team ,but mabye it's a new hellfire club team with psylocke as it leader. who knows). everyone is expecting kitty ,rachel ,storm ,cable ,bishope etc. once they heared "days of future past". but hey, fox love to change ,and sometimes changing is good.

i was expecting & hoping that she will be in "the wolverine" movie in summer 2013. cuz the movie will be in asia ,so she could be there as an asassion in the hand or something ,then she help wolverine in his adventure against the the silver samurai. she could also fight with yukio like she did in her mini series (cuz yukio will be in the movie). i was also hoping to see some bad @ss kicking scenes where she beat like 10 ninjas (males of coure) like black widow did in the movies. but the movie casting is almost done ,if not done already, and psylocke isn't part of it. but there is still hope that she'll make it to days of futre past in 2014.

if she made it to the movie :

1-would u like her to be a hero ,a villian or both ?

2-would u want her as a british lady or an asian ninja ?

3- what kind of power set ? telepathic powers ? if so would u like the psychic knife ?

4- would u like to see her as a bad @ss telekinetic ? if so would u like to see the psychic katana ?

5- would u want her with half-telepathy & half-telekinesis ? with her psi-blades ?

6-would u like the crimson dawn version ? with shadow teleportation powers & the red tatto over her left eye ?

please answere my questions.

my personal version is the current version ,a hero (x-man) i want her to have reguler (not so strong) telepathy with the abilty to manifest her psychi knife. i want her a low level telekinetic with the power to increase her physical blows ,strength ,speed & agility. (i don't want the telekinetic katana ,just have her with 2 reguler katanas)

i hope this day really comes. the day when i see psylocke kick some @sses in the big screen.