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I am the goddamn Kid Flash. Not really, just saying this in case one of the many idiots on earth try and track me down. Wouldn't surprise me too. Is that sad, maybe, really it is all relative. I love DC comics with every fiber in my whole freaking being. DC is life. Especially Batman, Flash, and Blue Beetle. Really though everything DC cranks out is pure Gold.

If you have not already then you should watch Young Justice, also known as the best TV show around. I concede that their might be a argument for The Flash, an argument that you should take up with me. Another thing anyone feeling depressed like I regularly do should check out is JL8. The funniest web comic have ever seen.

I don't just love DC I also have a deep appreciation for Green Day. Their music has always been their for me no matter what problems I have faced. Green Day always drags me from my rut. Of all their albums I am especially a fan of Dookie and Insomniac. Next time you curl up on your coach with a freshly bought copy of the flash issue what ever the hell you want, try listening to Green Day.

Finally if you think I am going to tell you anything about my real lifer then you are dumber than that idiot currently tracking me down.