Why Zootopia and Beastars has nothing in common

Zootopia is a story about animals living together and how someone tries to use fear to tear the seemingly perfect city apart. It’s a story about stereotypes and that everyone is at least a bit prejudice, and that you have to be aware of it to do your part in making the world a friendlier place. Our hero, Judy Hopps, likes to think of herself as a very open-minded person, but that is because she is a rabbit and it is therefore easier for her to not judge others since she is rather low on the social food-chain. But she realizes that she is very much a bigot, making her more humble.

Beastars… is a story about justified bigotry.

The story takes place in a world with tons of creatures who has no business living in the same society yet does so anyways. And unlike Zootopia, fearing carnivores is justified.

However, what you do BASED on fear is not. So you have to consider how you will handle your fear without hurting anyone. That said, you also have to make sure that you SURVIVE long enough to be a not-douche to others. So being careful around strangers(sometimes even friends) is just as important as being aware of yourself.

And unlike Zootopia where carnivores ends up being the minority who the bad guy wants to dominate to boost her political career, the meat eaters are very much part of the problem in Beastars since they DO turn "savage" and attack other animals.

As said, the world of Beastars is essentially one where mixed animals are neighbored despite it being a horrible idea. It is no wonder the meat eaters often give into their instincts, especially when stress makes it harder to keep said instincts under control.

But a problem no one in that world addresses is that just like carnivores are born to eat meat, herbivores are born to fear the carnivores. And since they are afraid and therefor makes rules and society norms that most of the time stresses the carnivores and makes them miserable, they ironically enough make the problem worse.

So it is a two-way street. The carnivores have to control themselves and not underestimate the power of their instincts. And the herbivores have to understand that they make life harder for the carnivores who often tries their best to be well-behaved.

So in short: Zootopia is about acceptances and that being aware of your flaws is the first step to make a better world. Beastars is about rolling with the punches in a shitty and chaotic world.