These five movies should ALSO have sucked, but didn't

Toy Story

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Our hero is well-respected and appreciated by his peers in a small community that he loves and would do anything for. But a newcomer steals his thunder, resulting in our hero worrying about his importance. The newcomer is deluded by thoughts of grandeur and once he realizes that he is not who he believes himself to be, it shakes his entire world to the point that he loses the will to go on. But they form an unlikely friendship over the fact that a child needs them.

Why it should suck: It's a movie about living toys. Gee, how clever and original!


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Its the ultimate american dream tale. A thug who honestly ain't that bad of a guy is given the chance of a lifetime when he is given the chance to prove his worth as an athlete. He trains so hard that he nearly faints, but realizes that he won't be able to win. But he still fights and proves that he is no pushover despite losing since he has heart and stamina to go the distance. It is also the love story about two people who are extremely awkward in completely different ways.

Why it should suck: The smuck who wrote the script(in less than four days, sheesh) wanted to play the lead so badly he ended up with barely any money to make the movie since no one wanted to invest in it.

Trolls: World Tour

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It's Lord of The Rings but with music.

Why it should suck: It's Lord of The Rings but with music!

Kingsman: The Secret Service

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A young man lives a life of missed opportunities since life made him take decisions he felt he HAD to take. But when he is offered the chance to be someone, he proves his worth despite being frowned upon due to his social status. Through dedication and staying true to who he is, our hero learns what it means to be a man as he finally grows up.

Why it should suck: It's "My fair Lady" but with guns.

Lion King 2

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A young king is struggling with being a parent as well as his past that he has a hard time moving on from, meaning he finds it almost impossible to forgive. These two problems becomes a third and even bigger one once his daughter falls in love with the heir to his enemy.

Why it should suck: It's a Disney sequel that's NOT a Pixar movie.