Some other obscure stuff about heroes that you probably don't know.

Destiny was suppose to have been Nightcrawler's birth mom.

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Mystique and Destiny's romance was one of the earliest, if not FIRST same-sex romances in Marvel comics. Editors allowed it, since Mystique turned into a man when she was with her in public, which apparently made it straight enough(?). But it was apparently TOO much when comic book writer Claremont wanted BOTH Mystique and Destiny to be Nightcrawler's biological parents, with the explanation being that Mystique could make Destiny pregnant as a man.

So Nightcrawler's dad became a demon thingy instead:P

Mary Marvel once lost her powers... and kept fighting crime!

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Mary is one of the original female counterparts to a male superhero, even before Supergirl.

And she was one heck of a hero. Once when she lost her powers, she didn't cry about it. She made a homemade costume she didn't need to say Shazam to get, and then fought crooks with her guts and wit.

The first Teen Titans series was a racial game-changer.

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The first Teen Titans series had the very first interracial hug in DC comics. AND DCs first Afro-American female hero.

Yet all we remember it for is the silly stuff like Ding Dong Daddy...

Wasp has an archenemy/super-stalker.

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Whirlwind is more of a Wasp enemy than he is an Hank Pym one. He is completely fixated with Jan, even pretended to be her chauffeur for months. Once in a while, he even makes prostitutes dress up in Wasp costumes and then kills them.

And Jan has to kick his ass over and over again as he tries to beat her senseless while mansplaining that she actually loves him, she just doesn't know it yet.


Captain Marvel Junior has a personal enemy.

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CMJ is more than just Captain Marvel's sidekick, he once had his own comic nook series AND enemies. His worst foe that he hates personally is Captain Nazi. Not only did the prick cripple his normal body, he also murdered his grandpa when the old man just tried to help him