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Read this 5 random comic facts. I'M BEGGING YOU!

Foggy's mom is a famous lawyer.

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Foggy Nelson's biological mother is the controversial lawyer Rosalind "Razor" Sharpe.

She divorced her husband not long after Foggy was born and left her son to focus on her career. Needless to say that Sharpe and Foggy are not exactly close, but Foggy admired her as a lawyer and she was what motivated him to become a lawyer as well.

Sharpe actually hired both Foggy and Matt. She and Foggy was on first name basis, but the fact they were blood related was not really a factor in their relationship. When Foggy became the victim of one of Mysterio's schemes and suspected of being a rapist, Sharpe fired him from her law firm so she would not be associated with a suspected rapist. She even told Matt not to defend him, making Matt quit the law firm and lose any respect he had for her. When Foggy's name was cleared, Sharpe tried to rehire him, but Foggy was not interested and cut contact to her. Sharpe accepted she had lost her chance to have a relationship of any sort to her son.

Spider-Man is married to Black Cat.

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Felicia and Peter decided to work together to save two young people who were sadly part of rivaling crime families. See, the two families had agreed to let these two get married... and then fight to the death, with the winner therefor being the heir of both families. So Felicia and Pete wore disguises and attended the wedding... which means that they are technically married as the priest did pronounce them husband and wife.

There's more than one Batcave.

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Besides the one under Wayne Manor, there are at least four other caves around Gotham, one of them is under Arkham Asylum.

Ra's Al Ghul was once sent to Arkham.

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Ra's once decided to make his new HQ in Gotham City to provoke Batman... and he sure did.

Bats decided Ra's had crossed a line, so he crossed lines as well.

He ambushed Ra's in his new apartment. Ra's had figured that the detective would, but he expected a fair fight, not a needle in the neck.

When Ra's woke up, still groggy because of the drug, he saw that Bats disguised as a guard was handing fake transfer papers to a doctor in Arkham, talking to him about the "crazy old man" who claimed to be the leader of a secret ninja army and that he was thousands of years old. As Ra's was sent to his cell, Batman whispered to him that he would either be lucky and his soldiers would find him... or he would rot in Arkham, most likely be killed by one of the lunatics in the hellhole.

Ra's got out, but he never tried to attack Gotham that directly again.

Steve Rogers wrote and drew Captain America comics.

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Steve Rogers used to be an illustrator when he still had a secret identity and loved working on comics. The Cap series was not doing well, so he asked his boss if he could be allowed to both write and draw the series. Thanks to Steve's art and writing, the Captain America series sold very well. He pulled a Frank Miller so to say and made the series popular.

... so weird to use Frank Miller's name in a positive sense...