Pina accepts his mortality

Pina is a fan favorite, and I get why. He is smug, in-universe handsome and aware of it, EXTREMELY honest to the point of being rude. But he is also the kindest character in the series since he, unlike most of the Beastars cast, is happy about being the kind of animal he is, meaning he is not burdened by self doubt or self loathing. And he spends that mental energy he has plenty of to be kind to his fellow students just... because.

But Pina is a side character. You could argue he is a plot convenience character. But he does have his own solo chapter where he deals with the fact that he is most likely going to be murdered.

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In chapter 87, we see Pina flirting with a cute goat girl, something he often does since he is sort of a "player”. But he is losing his touch as he accidental calls his current fling by the wrong name. Forgetting or mixing up names is a classic sign of stress.

And Pina SHOULD be stressed. He KNOWS that Riz is the murderer of Tem.

And he even has negative thoughts that grows worse and worse as the chapter goes on.

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Pina starts to think things like he is the right guy to die tragically at the end. He is naturally referring to the school play. But it has a double meaning since he is LITERALLY in danger. As he thinks about his role in the play and how it is sort of a sick reflection of his situation and society(the play is about the grim reaper who reaps the soul of a handsome love interest) he tries to get by through dark humor...

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Buuuut then Riz takes him by surprise and sucks his finger to prove his dominance. And we see Pina being sincerely shocked and scared out of his mind for the first time. This smug SOAB actually looks... fragile for once.

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This chapter has a somewhat similar feel to chapter 100 where Sebun realizes that she is suicidal. Pina is a nonchalant guy who takes the relationship between meat eaters and vegetarians lightly. He triks himself into thinking that he is that way because he accepts reality for what it is. But the truth is that he HAS to be smug and joke to get through another day. Having reality smack him in the kisser by making Riz suck his finger is so shocking for Pina that he drops his guards and is horrified how relieved he is that the bear actually didn’t eat him. that he is desperate to live. Coping mechanisms can be quite unhealthy.

So... Pina must face the fact that he is scared. How does he handle it?

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He declares on stage at the drama club (while playing his role) that he may be afraid, but that is not the same as saying that he has to cower before the bear.

He is terrified, but not paralyzed. He won’t let the psycho bear get the satisfaction of watching him squirm. He may be a handsome twink who is only good at dating chicks for five minute each, but he still has pride enough to face the end standing tall.