Nero, the greatest GL villain never known

Back when Kyle Rayner was the only Green Lantern in the DCU, he faced a villain who was his match since he was an artist just like Kyle.

But unlike Kyle, Alexander Nero was a nutjob. An artistic, schizophrenia man who had a yellow power ring. Scary, right?


Kyle made a name for himself by being the most CREATIVE Green Lantern. His artistic mind made all sorts of constructs with energy from his ring. And he even pushed the limit to what you could do with the ring. Kyle even realized what he SHOULDN'T do with the ring, such as splitting an atom in half. He uncovered all of the ring's secrets and knew what to do and NOT to do.

Imagine someone just as creative and artistic as Kyle... But with NO boundaries and with a PERVERSE imagination.

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Not very nice, is it?

Nero was deluded and a mental wreck, possibly because his parents abused him(do not that there were no proof of this, so maybe Nero just THOUGHT they abused him). He had this idea that he was a hero picked by a hire power. that idea got PLENTY of fuel after he got a yellow power ring, one that suits even more in retrospective when it is canon that it specializes in making others afraid.

Kyle realized how dangerous Nero was and ended calling in the whole JLA, telling them that THIS might be the guy they actually had to kill.

Nero's first performance as a villain was terrifying. His ring had gotten a boost due to events in the series that are too complicated to explain, but he masterfully FIRST defeated Alan Scott and THEN terrorized a whole city while the JLA could do nothing but keep his creations from making more destruction than they already did. Kyle managed to defeat him by making light object with the shape of Nero's parents.

Resulting in... off, THAT:

Nero was a prominent villain in the under appreciated Judd Winick run on Green Lantern and only ever made ONE cameo afterwards. He wasn't even made a member of the Sinestro Corps... but that makes sense since even though he was a master at instilling great fear in others, Nero was not exactly a... team player.