Manga-Mania May: Wolf Children Ame & Yuki

Why is it that we humans keep seeking out fiction we probably know will leave us sad and depressed?

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Hana meets and falls in love with a wolf-man while she is in university. Their relationship is strong and they have two children. But after Hana’s beloved wolf-man dies(in an extremely tragic way may I add) she becomes a single mom. Something that would have been difficult even if her kids weren’t half wolf. Realizing that keeping her kids’ secret is near impossible while living in a big city, Hana decides to move to the countryside where she and her family can get more privacy.

This is a story about maternal love. About the fears that you must live with after becoming a young widow with two kids and about investing so much of your energy in taking care of your family that it almost kills you. Hana goes through hell and back in order to build a life for her unusual family, but all the hardship she had to go through makes her success as a parent that much greater.

It is also a story about growing up as Hana’s children Yuki and Ame grows older and make choices that form them into the people they become and how they find a world outside their mother’s loving home and meet the few but likable supportive characters of this bittersweet tale.

Recommended highly, but prepare to be kicked right in the feels.

That’s one down, 16 to go.

I’m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.