Manga-Mania May: Ouran High School Host Club

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Wonder if someone gives a rat’s ass :P

Here is the last review of Manga-Mania May 2017.

The main character of this manga is Haruhi, a middle-class student who made it to an elite high school. This makes Haruhi a fish out of water as most of the students in Ouran High are filthy rich. After a couple of less than fortunate events, Haruhi ends up owing money to the schools “Host Club”, made up of a group of six aristocratic boys from the school. The Host Club is dedicated to offering their charming company to female students.

In exchange for money.

So they are basically glorified prostitutes.

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Despite not being as elegant and rich as the other boys, Harushi becomes the seventh member of the host club, and the girls quickly takes a liking to Harushi.

But here is the thing: Harushi... is actually a girl.

It’s so WEIRD that I like this series.But it’s so very well done.

“Ouran High School Host Club” is pretty light-hearted and plot-wise the chapters are usually disconnected, involving various crazy things happening to the club and it’s members. It's really funny, with Haruhi shaking her head at the crazy world of the rich, and the club members trying to understand the lives of ordinary people and are amazed by the wonders of instant coffee.

The boys in the club are developed as the series progresses, and the same goes for Haruhi and her background. The characters are actually really well developed, even though there are so many of them. Supporting characters are also well defined. The host club members are meant to be caricatures of pretty boys from mangas that we usually makes us rolls our eyes, but they take their task of “making the female students happy” rather serious.

It surprises me to say so, but I really love this manga, though I prefer the anime(English dub). It might not be plot driven, but it's quirky and entertaining. It most defiantly gets the W2 stamp of approval.

Well, that’s all for this Manga-Mania May. I hope I gave someone some good recommendations.

I’m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.