Manga-Mania May: Kine-san no Hitori de Cinema


It is insane how much I can relate to Kine.

Adults lie when they are with strangers. They always have and they always will. Especially when it comes to movies. I met people who I realized had LIED to me about watching the “Godfather” movies.

But Kine Machiko takes it to an extreme.

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Kine Machiko is a thirty-something office worker who to the public appears like a regular Japanese woman, but the truth is that she is a huge movie nerd, especially when it comes to American action movies. She hides her passion for movies from her co-workers due to unpleasant past experiences where she was judged for her very ungirly taste in movies as a school girl.

Problem with leading a double life like that is not having a friend to talk movies with.

But it looks like Kine might finally get a movie buddy when her co-worker Satou Kasumi knocks on her door and needs a place to crash after leaving her bastard husband who was cheating on her big time.

But here is the thing... Both Satou and Kine are socially awkward people. And when you have two socially awkward people living under the same roof... You get this manga :P

Besides being a fun manga about two women who has nothing in common and lives together, “Kine-san no Hitori de Kinema” is also a commentary to classic and newer movies as movie-geek Kine tries to explain her American movies to Satou who has the bad habit of over-analyzing everything, even fricking “Bad Boys 2″.

But it is not so much talking about movies like “Star Wars”, it’s about what it is like to like them. One of my favorite chapters is about Kine desperately truing to evade spoilers of any kind for the new Star Wars film, which proves to be a challenge. Something we can all relate to.

Highly recommended, even if you aren’t familiar with the movies Kine loves... which I find highly unlikely.

That’s one down, 13 to go.

I’m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.