Five OTHER things you might not know about your favorite heroes.

Spider-Man once won a game of poker against Kingpin.

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Spider-Man meets up with some of his friends once in a while for a game of poker where all the money goes to charity and the winner gets to decide what kind of charity cause. Kingpin found out about this tradition and crashes the party, asking to be allowed to enter the game as well, giving each hero 15000 dollars that he intends to win from them, just to humiliate them.

Fisk is a tough contender, but when it is time for the final showdown between Kingpin and Spidy, the webslinger wins the game by tricking Kingpin who could reads his body language into believing that he held pairs, not four aces.

Jason Todd used to be a Dick Grayson clone.

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When Jason was first introduce in Batman comics, he was practically the same character as Dick. He became an orphan after Killer Crock had killed his circus acrobat parents.

And the readers actually liked him.

But then, he was rewamped after “Crisis on Infinite Earths” into the little dick that we know today. This change of his character was not well-received by fans at all.

Young Justice are to blame for Mr Mxyzptlk becoming a villain.

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Superman’s most annoying foe used to be a reasonable scholar who only wanted to study simple 3-dimensional beings. After he was dragged into the future, me met Young Justice who introduced him to humor through “The Three Stooges” movies that the once boring and reasonable imp enjoyed so much that he dedicated his eternal life to mischief, then traveled to back to the past to annoy Superman.

Luke Cage’s first costume was suppose to make him look like an escape artist.

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I don’t see it myself, but that was the intention.

Clark Kent has been told that he looks like Superman.

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Yep, Clark doesn’t need those glasses as much as some would believe. He has taken them off several times, and been told that he kinda looks like Superman WITHOUT being exposed. People around him just thought it was kind of a funny coincidence that they look so much alike.