Five obscure superheroes who could make a ton of money as movies.


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Daughter of the super-villain Cluemaster(who BTW was kinda lame to make it worse), Stephanie Brown took on the identity of the Spoiler to throw a monkey wrench into her scumbag dad's works. Not as well-trained as most of the members of the Bat-fam and not as mature or ethical either, Spoiler is somewhat of a black sheep in Gotham's crime-fighting environment. She didn't enter the fight against crime for the usual reason that is dead parents, she put on the costume to spit her father. Also, she is occasionally a walking disaster.

Batgirl(Cassandra Cain).

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Daughter of David Cain, possibly the most effective assassin the world has ever seen, Cassandra was raised with no language in order to be the perfect killing machine. After killing for the first time as a child, she realized what a terrible thing killing was due to her unique talent for reading body language and she promised herself never to kill again. An unstoppable hand-to-hand fighting machine, Batgirl fights to save as many lives as she can, which is getting harder since Lady Shiva, the deadliest woman alive, takes a great interest in her.

Union Jack.

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No offence to Captain Britain, but Union Jack is to England what Cap America is to the US. A working-class man who puts on a patriotic costume, usually to kill vampires with nothing but daggers and two pistols, but he also takes on the good fight in general and is the champion of the common man who aren't to fancy to earn their pay through good old fashion sweat.


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An alien who took the shape of the first human it saw, a black slave who found him in 1839, Augustus Freeman has lived on Earth for 160 years, trying to figure out how to come home. He has powers far superior to us meek humans, powers that Raquel Irvin, a young lady who tried to rob his house, witnesses first hand, and she convinces him to become the superhero Icon and to make her his sidekick Rocket.

Elongated Man.

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Wanting to become the world's greatest contortionist, Ralph Dipny invented a serum that not only made his body bendable, it made him into a rubber-human. So Ralph instead became a superhero. Sure, he had powers, but he became a true hero due to his talent as a detective, famous for claiming that his nose twitches when something's amiss.