Five comicbook super-villains who were better as animated show characters


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A.M.A.Z.O. was a nanotech android created by Professor Ivo. Amazo's nanotechnology enabled him to copy any trait and characteristic and abilities of people and objects, by merely looking at them.

After Ivo died of cancer, the android grew lonely and was then found by Luthor who took advantage of the childlike machine and manipulated him into finding parts he needed for his battle armor as well as fighting the Justice League. The android grew more and more advanced, not just by gaining superpowers, but also gained a more mature mind and started to doubt his new pseudo father. After gaining telepathy, he read Luthor's mind and had his doubts confirmed that he had been lied to. A now god-like being that had lost his connection to humanity, he left the planet and go to the place "where gods belong."


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A man-child obsessed with reclaiming his lost childhood. He is a brilliant engineer who creates toy-like weapons of mass destruction. He is ready to set the world on fire to remove anything that challenge his wish for a child-like environment for himself.

Shadow Thief.

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Shadow Thief was born from the dark soul of Carter Hall after he regained his memories as an Egyptian prince and became Hawkman. In a twisted kind of way, Shadow Thief has tried to make life better for Hawkman by helping him find Thanagarian technology so he could become a hero as well as becoming a villain for him to fight. And, most importantly, he tried to kill John Steward so Carter could have Hawkgirl for himself.

Mr. Freeze.

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"Batman: The Animated Series" retold Mr. Freeze's origin in the episode "Heart of Ice" that also introduced his terminally ill wife Nora whom became his reason for crime since needed to raise research funds. This more complex, tragic character was accepted instantly by fans, and has become the standard portrayal for Freeze in all forms of media, including games, movies and the canon comic books.

Calendar Girl.

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Paige Monroe was a famous actress and model who lost her popularity as she grew older. It was impossible for her to find work after her career had ended and she decided to spend years on planing her revenge on the people and companies that had turned their back on her after she turned thirty. She wears a mask to hide her entire face so no one can see what she in her obsessed mind see as old and flawed even though she is still a stunning beauty.