Five cartoon shows I grew up with that you might not know.


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Based on the classic movie, "Jumanji" is about the siblings Peter and Judy find the cursed board-game Jumanji that after a dice roll gives you a riddle right before it sucks you into the game and you are trapped in the jungle from hell until you solve the riddle. In the jungle, they meet Alan who played the game when he was about their age, but he didn't read his riddle, so he is stuck in the game. Peter and Judy makes it their mission to try and find out what Alan's riddle was so he can get out.

Galactik Football.

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So, a magical energy called Flux gives races all over the universe some sort of superpowers depending on what planet they are from. In order to prevent Flux from being used as a weapon of war, it has been forbidden to use it for anything else but intergalactic soccer matches AKA Galactik Football.


The planet Akillian haven't been able to compete in the intergalactic championship for fifteen years since they lost the ability to use Flux, but after a girl named Tia has been able to use Flux, it looks like they have a small chance of having a good enough team to compete.

Yin Yang Yo.

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The bunny twins Yin and Yang finds a coupon that makes them the apprentices of Yo, the last panda on the planet as well as the last master of the sacred art of Woo Foo. The grumpy old panda trains the twins in order to make them champions of justice and defenders of the innocents.

Dave the Barbarian.

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After the king and queen of Udrogoth decides to travel the world and fight evil, the only defenders of the barbarian kingdom is their three children Dave, Fang and Candy as well as the queen's brother and the kingdom's wizard called Oswidge.

Problem is that Dave, despite his massive muscles, is a coward, Fang is a short little monkey-looking girl with a Napoleon complex, Candy is a self-absorbed pretty-girl and Oswidge is actually a cook who used to work in a school for actual wizards.

Not ideal, but they are all Udrogoth has to defend the kingdom from such villains as the dark mage Chuckles the Silly Piggy.

Duel Masters.

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Shobu Kirifuda loves the game Duel Masters that his father taught him to play before he vanished. Shoby has talent and soon becomes an object of interest to the members of the Temple who decides to see if Shobu has what it takes to be a Kaijudu master, a sort of shaman who can summon the creatures the cards are based on.