Five badass normals you (probably) don't know

Night Thrasher

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After his parents were murdered before his very eyes, the traumatized Dwayne Taylor swore to take out his anger on all criminals. With his waste fortune, Dwayne made a combat suit and a bulletproof skateboard in order to fight crime as Night Thrasher.

What makes Night Thrasher unique is the fact that he realized pretty early on that he wouldn't last long in a world where an awful lot of criminals, even the petty ones, had superpowers. So he made his own superhero team called the New Warriors who focused more on smaller scales crimes that the Avengers and FF were too busy to take care of, but still bigger than a single hero could handle

Colonel Stars and Stripes

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Sal Bertolinni was a mafia enforcers till the day he saw the errors of his ways and became a born-again Christian. Sal decided that the best way to try and make up for all his mistakes was to become a superhero. He adopted a German Shepherd, made a costume, painted a ball bat with the American flag and named himself Colonel Stars and Stripes.

When he is not beating up perverts and child traffickers, the Colonel is doing service to society in general by serving meals to homeless people and makes sure drunk teen girls get home safe. His fighting style is without elegance, but he can beat the stuffing out of actual gangsters. He also lead the superhero team Justice Forever that he was the founder of.

Connor Hawke

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Son of the original Green Arrow ad a woman he had a one-night stand with, Connor was sent to be raised in a vihara (Buddhist monastery). Connor knew the identity of his father and idolized the Emerald Archer, even training to be a bowman himself. When GA had a crisis and decided to live in the very same vihara as Connor, the young man decided not to tell Oliver who he really was besides that he was his biggest fan. They became friends and even decided to leave the vihara to fight crime together as the Green Arrows.

After Oliver Queen died in an explosion, Connor decided to keep fighting for justice as Green Arrow. Despite not being as good an archer as the original GA or having any of his trick arrows, Connor was a formidable superhero with his cool head, his precise aim and his talent for hand-to-hand combat.

The Phantom

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Hundreds of years ago, Kit Walker's ship was attacked by pirates. Kip was the sole survivor and managed to swim to the beach of the African country Bengalla. The natives took care of him. Kit repaid the kindness by helping the natives when their village was attacked by pirated by dressing in a suit similar to a demonic god the the people of Bengalla worshipped. Kit then swore to fight pirates and evil of all kind and became known as the Phantom.

Kit's son became the Phantom after his father died. And so did Kit's grandson who used his acting skills gained from performing with Shakespeare to convince people that he was his grandfather as well as immortal, thus gaining a new name: the Ghost Who Walks. Even today, Kip's decedents are fighting evil, using both skills gained from harsh training as well as the reputation of being a demigod to strike fear in the heart of anyone who dares to prey on others.

The Cat

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Cat is a masked vigilante in Twilight City, a town cursed to be in a state of eternal night. With his amazing reflexes, a high tolorence to pain and a quirky sense of humor, Cat...

Wait, I can't use heroes of my own making? Oh, okay.

Ah... fifth hero is...


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The Red Bee

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Rick Raleigh was an assistant district attorney in Superior City. Dressed in a red and yellow costume, he fought crime with his trained bees and "stinger gun". His favorite bee is named Michael and lives inside his belt buckle.

I couldn't make up this shit, even if I tried XD