Five bad-ish things about OK KO

Look, I love OK KO, but…

Scratch that. I love OK KO way more than anyone else! EVER!

But even I, the absolute OK KO fan, shouldn’t be blind to the shows’ flaws… that it practically doesn’t have.

So here are five problems that aren’t really problems but should still be mentioned… not that they are too bad, still love the show.

Carol is a bit too perfect.

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Carol is awesome. She is KO’s wonderful mom and sensei, she is a level 10 hero AND she was part of POINT as the cool Silver Spark who once took down the Kaktus Krew.

But she is a bit perfect. Sure, there are great Carol episodes, but her almost flawlessness means that she can’t grow as a character. KO, Rad, Enid and even Gar have flaws, meaning they can get better, meaning more material for episodes as well as more memorable moments since we see then grow.

Not that I’m complaining as such. I love Carol and what the show did with her. Just saying.

The Boxbots goes back to being villains.

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I actually made a whole post about why it was reasonable that the Boxmore robots would and could become heroes (you can red it HERE) and I thought it was a interesting idea to let the Boxbots discover themselves without their daddy. But then they just went back to be evil with their now nicer father and they are all wearing cowboy hats? That just kinda feels… I don’t know, cheep. I get it, they got separated and Boxman found inner peace, making him a better father, but I just feel like it would have been more fun if they had moved on like Mister Logic.

Not enough POINT Prep student.

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POINT Prep is such a classic idea. A hero academy where you get pushed and pushed to be the absolute best hero. And it is fun that the students are practically just wearing a red blazer over their goofy hero costumes.

But I DO think that there should have been more students. Lakewood has so many background characters, POINT Prep should have more than a total of NINE students. Nine COOL students, but still only NINE!

The "Monster Party" episode.

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The episode just kinda felt like a repeat of "Parents Day" but just a bit more awkward. I did like the Ghoul School cameo and that we get to learn more about Enid’s childhood. But even KO flat out tells Enid that she already went through this phase. I do like the idea about Enid looking forward to seeing her old friends but panics, but the episode felt like one of the weaker ones.

Lord Cowboy Darrell’s reign was a bit short.

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Darrell stabbing his old man in the back was one of the most awesome moments in the series as well as a very interesting one since the reason for his betrayal is more or less Boxman’s own fault for programming him into being WAY to clingy, so clingy that he would betray him to show how evil he was to win his love. And Darrell did do some pretty impressive things as leader of Boxmore, proving to be a way better villain than Boxy and making such schemes as winning the film festival to get the trophy made of plutonium as well as poisoning the mind of school students with ineffective teaching. But it felt like his reign was WAY to short. Honestly, Boxman should have returned to Boxmore in the final episode of season 2 if you ask me.