Animated Movie Month(and a half): Zootopia.

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In the movie Zootopia, we are introduced to a world of anthropomorphic mammals. They talk, walk on two legs, wear clothes and use technology. Predators and prey live in peace, and anyone can be anything!

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...Or not..

You see, just like our world, no one is born equal.


Just the sad truth that some people are born less fortunate than others, meaning that they have to make a greater effort in order to get through life. And singing a little song won’t just make your dreams magically come true. Sometimes, you have to sweat blood. Even if it’s not fair.

And that’s the case for the hero of this movie; Judy Hopps.

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Judy is a rabbit, a small animal from a species who usually have jobs as vegetable farmers. But Judy wants to be a police officer.

Despite family and friends lack of believe in her having a fighting chance, Judy not only makes it through police academy, she graduates as top of her class!

But that is apparently not enough to make the rest of the world take her serious.

All the other cops at the police force are at least ten times bigger than her and won’t recognize her as a colleague, especially not her boss, Chief Bogo, who makes her a meter maid which is a waste of her talent. Eventually, Bogo gives her a missing mammal case in an attempt to break her spirit with the condition that if she can’t crack the case in less than 48 hours she must willingly resign the police force. Not a fair deal but Judy doesn’t have much of a choice.

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What makes this movie great is how gorgeously detailed it is. Not just the story and characters, but the world and the animals who lives in it. Take Judy as an example; she’s not just a humanoid creature with fur and a bunny head. She is a bunny that has been modified to being capable of standing on two feet and do what humans do, yet still keep all the traits that makes her a bunny. You can clearly see that there has been used a lot of time to research animals. Just just on what they look like and how their bodies are build, but their behavior as well. And the city of Zootopia is a futuristic-like metropolis that has been made so that all animals, no matter how big, small, long or short they are can live there. Nothing stays still in the background and everything has a unique design. It’s because of all these great details that you have to watch the movie over and over again.

This a clever family movie and is my second favorite Disney movie. The mystery, the story, the characters, the humor, the animation, EVERYTHING is spot on. HIGHLY recommend and possibly best movie of the year 2016.

I’m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.