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About Invincible issue 78 and 79...

I forgot how much these two covers bothered me.

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... That is so wrong.

Allow me to explain.

If you don’t know the comic series “Invincible” then I can tell you it is a rather violent superhero comic that broke a couple of boundaries and pushed the limit of what was acceptable and to be expected from a superhero comic(besides all the blood). It was not a perfect series, but it was a good series.

The hero of the series Mark AKA Invincible, had to go to space-war and was gone from Earth for almost a year. When he returns, he sees that his girlfriend Eve have gained weight since she stopped exercising out of depression.

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First of all, I like that Eve actually looks like a person who is overweight and not like a joke of a cartoonish fat person. Also, Mark is just so darn happy to see Eve again after ten months in space and told her she had nothing to be ashamed of. Heck, he even tells her that he finds her attractive and is sincere.

Eve is not treated as a joke and she is not worth less for being overweight.

... Those two covers I showed you? Eve is drawn as a thin person. Most likely because that makes her look “sexier.”

That makes the message of women not being worth less for not looking like photo models sorta... hollow.

Just saying.