5 superpowers you didn't know your favorite characters has/had

Green Arrow had the superpower of being really good at using a bow.

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It was once canon that Oliver Queen was a master bowman because he had a meta gene that made him really, really, REEEEEEAAAAALLLLY good at using bow and arrow. His son Connor was born with a similar gene that made him super good at fighting. Not strong or anything, it just made him good at kicking ass in fist fights.

Aquaman once had a magic water hand.

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Sure, most of us are familiar with the hook-hand he got in the 90s, but did you know that Arthur once had a magic water hand that was given to him by the legendary Lady of the Lake(don't ask). He was forbidden to use it to directly hurt anyone, but it gave him a ton of abilities, like water control, healing by touch, and even allowed him to create magic portals AND MORE.

Green Lantern's ring could turn people invisible... Somehow.

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Yeah... No idea how that works.

Wonder woman can talk to animals.

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Kinda like Billy Batson, Diana got powers from gods who blessed her when they gave life to the clay that would one day become the world's mightiest heroin. Artemis was one of those gods, and she gave her the power to communicate with animals.

Black Manta was once a human/manta ray hybrid.

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Black Manta once sold his soul to Neron AKA DC Comic Satan and became an undersea monster.

Then he got better.