Low level meta with enhanced abilities or super skills. Based on overall melee prowess.
This list is in its beginning stages and not a lot of research has been done yet.

List items

  • Master of all martial arts across the universe in the 31st century. Though he is supposedly human, he has feats worthy of a Daxamite

  • Mother of Wonder Woman and first of the Amazons. She has been a warrior for thousands of years

  • His armor and helmet augment his own noteworthy skills. He has the abilities of the top 30 marital artist in his helmet.

  • Even without his powers, he was able to hold his own against Batman and Azreal. His enhanced strength, speed, stamina, agility, intelligence, and healing make him capable of taking on entire teams of Metahumans.

  • Not quite human, he was genetically engineered to be a powerful assassin with enhanced speed, stamina, agility and durability. His strength is well over 5 tons, which combined with his high tech armor and centuries worth of knowledge and skills (provided to him by "The system) make him capable of taking on Batman, Robin, and Nightwing simultaneously, or even taking down the Outsiders.

  • Fiercest of the Bana Migdal. Artemis has shown to be a superior fighter to even many of her Immortal sisters by winning the contest to become Wonder Woman. She was also able to get the upperhand against Batman before being subdued.

  • Master assassin of the League of Assassins. Trained for centuries and was able to easily defeat Batman. He does not have the stamina he used to.

  • Thousands of years old with a wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years, he is also powerful because of his enhanced strength stamina and agility.

  • Captain of the Amazon Royal Guard.

  • Centuries of Training make him a fierce opponent, but not as skilled as he would later become in the 31st Century.

  • She cannot be hit by anything aimed at her, which gives her a nearly perfect defense