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The Lantern Sects (Ready!)

The Universe is an old and vast place whose history spans billions of years and whose breadth comes in a form so large that no measurement without scientific notation would begin to be adequate. It contains many secrets in both itself and the dimensions that orbit around it, some are replicated in it's fellow universes with their own orbiting dimensions, others are wholly unique to itself. This is the tale of such a secret.

In the beginning, twelve stones were born, aftershocks of creation much like cosmic strings or certain cosmic entities. Seven represented a certain family of emotions or other largely thought based concepts, four represented more base and fundamental concepts. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet for the first family. Black, Brown, Grey, Purple, and White for the second. They corresponded to Rage and Hatred for Red, Avarice and Envy for Orange, Terror and Pride for Yellow, Determination and Bravery for Green, Hope and Happiness for blue, Kindness and Platonic love for Indigo, Romance and Lust for Violet. For the second family Black was Destruction, Brown was Corruption, Grey was Balance, Purple was Purification, White was Creation.

Initially united, each set finding it's place on the Glove of infinity and the Gauntlet of eternity, the twelve stones were used by a being of great power called Zaravaxi who shaped the cosmos to it's whim, controlling virtually all aspects of reality according to their increasingly delusional desires. Deemed a threat to the stability of all realities, this being was destroyed by the scions of the Primordials and the stones were scattered, each given to the beings deemed most fitting of the power of their stones, each one an Avatar of what they represented. Though still horribly powerful, compared to Zaravaxi they were mere fractions of the whole.

From these Avatars would come Guardians, and then Lanterns, who would help spread their ideals throughout reality. Ranging from the light wars between the corps (or sects as others call them) and interventions in conflicts ranging from the universe shaking war in heaven between the Elder races to petty conflicts between interplanetary warlords to the Birthstar war against the Hierarchy, the power of the light would be felt throughout the ages.

The Sects of Eternity

The sects of Eternity number five. Compared to their infinite counterparts they are rarer if perhaps more individually potent. Concerning themselves with what they believe is more important than mere "emotional nonsense" they are often aloof, caught up in their "big thinking" and thus prone to forgetting about the "little guy" while they dream up universe sweeping plans. To say that the sects of Eternity do not get along with the sects of Infinity all the time would be an oversimplification, but not wholly inaccurate. It is also worth noting that the Sects of Eternity are also substantially older than their Infinity counterparts, who have taken substantially longer to attain their modern forms.

The Icon of Destruction

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The sect of Death and Destruction is the sect that's never invited to parties, almost never wanted around by any rational actors, and attracts destructive nihilists, omnicidal maniacs and the undead to it's cause like moths to a flame. Whereas the Red corps is all fire and fury, the Black sect is a calmer, more insidious form of destruction, planned rather than spontaneous. The difference can be summed up as such: The Red corps would attract those who destroy because they are angry and hateful, the Black corps brings in those who destroy for destruction's own sake. It is for this reason that they have made an alliance with the Hierarchy; reveling in the Alien nations' dream of mass genocide.

Homeworld: Nox

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A rogue world with no sun drifting in the space between galaxies so far from the Earth that it's light will never reach the Earth before the stars themselves die, Nox is a lightless, frigid land only kept ever so barely habitable by volcanic processes ignited by it's moon system. Nox is bleak, crawling with the undead, the nihilistic, and the omnicidal. Here the guardians of the black sect relay the missions of it's avatar in their quest to bring the universe to it's pure state; nothing.

Avatar: Up for grabs

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Guardians: The Noxus are dreadfully powerful masters of necromancy made out of living darkness. Serving the power of the Black faithfully, the Noxus act as the Black Stone's guardians and the parliamentarians of the Black Sect. To challenge one of them is an experience not many survive.

Secret primal aspect: Doom. Those of the Black Sect who unlock the hidden power of their rings gain access to the power of doom, which is to say mastery over the concepts of death and fate and lordship over cold and necromantic energies. Such enlightened black lanterns are beings of terrible destructive power; bringing death at will and twisting the paths of fate to their own wills.

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The corps of Corruption isn't really up for destroying the universe. It would actually very much rather rule it and drag it down to it's own standards, sullying what was once pure and twisting it into vile perversions of what they once were. It is here that the Brown Sect finds much in common with the Yellow sect in that they both would very much like to rule creation, and they are indeed frequent allies of one another. The Brown corps delights in turning the self righteous into beings as corrupt as themselves, and it solicits those who would compromise on their principles for their personal gain at the expense of others. They're surprisingly great financiers though (when they aren't embezzling everything).

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Homeworld: Corpus.

A planet choking in it's own corruption and pollution, Corpus is a world where idealism goes to die. Were it not for the Brown Sect, it would be almost certain that the planet would have collapsed under it's own vileness some time ago. Bribes are the norm, favors are granted for personal fondness over any sort of merit, depravity goes unchecked and unpunished so long as one has the right connections, and seemingly all laws of decent orderly society are subverted towards corruption. And it's a corruption that wants to spread.

Avatar: Up for grabs


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Morguls: Fat, disgusting blobs of an alien species, Morguls are nevertheless possessed of great cosmic power relating to their own corruption and bureaucratic excess. Despite their comical seeming nature, Morguls scheme plots for the decay of all societies at the behest of their avatar and entrust their lanterns to carry out their "light" to the furthest reach of the cosmos. Some say they would succeed too, were it not for their own corruption's self defeating nature. Though others point out that even if they did get their act completely together, there are still many who would oppose them.

Secret primal aspect: Void. The power of nothingness, of obscurity and hidden natures is for those who have truly mastered their brown light to command. Useful for hiding one's own corrupt nature and insidious plots from the light of others. Cold and Darkness are also for those who have mastered the Void within themselves to call to their service.

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The grey corps is the sect devoted to balance and neutrality. Arbitrators and mediators by their very nature, the Grey Corps is on fairly good terms with the Green corps, the middlemost of the Infinity sects. Other sects it accords respect as the situation demands. Impassive and often apathetic seeming, the Greys are generally impartial diplomats, but if force is required, they will restore the balance and calm everyone they need to calm harshly. "Calm down or we will make you calm." Is a faux-slogan used by enemies of the Greys who believe that their policies are too harsh and unforgiving.

Homeworld: The orb of our great and serene home of eternity (Isara-Evano to the sect)

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Once the capital of the Masari Ecumene, the Grey Sect has reclaimed the world following it's scouring of all life one hundred thousand years ago in the end of the Masari-Thoughtsin war. Immediately hunkering down on it's "imbalancing" technology, the claim of the Grey Lantern corps to a world that is important to the religion of the Imperium of Man and many other species that enjoyed a close relationship with the prior holders of the Celestial mandate has been something of a sore point for the past hundred thousand years. But the Grey Sect is adamant, the younger civilizations are not ready for Masari technology of this magnitude, last will of the Ecumene be damned.

Avatar: Up for grabs.


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Pysranak: The Pyrsanak are a species of nanomechanical intelligences rather like, but distinct from the Electrical Protectorate that is hellbent on devouring the cosmos. Emotionless and impassionate, the Pyrsranak convene to decide where their corpsmen and women are needed to ensure that the balance of power and the cosmos remains intact. Though possessed of tremendous power, they only act when they believe it is necessary to preserve the balance of reality as a whole.

Secret primal aspect: Mind. Those Grey Corpsmen who truly unlock the power of their rings are given access to the concept of Mind, of Thought and Sapience, and the power to bend that thought and sapience, to create it, or destroy it as they would. Not to the extent of a primalborn or a primaling, but certainly enough to boost their own powers considerably while the powers of frost and lightning also become theirs to command.

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Purple Sect: Opposing the Brown Lanterns are the Purple Sect. Purifiers who are often criticized as overzealous, the Purple sect battles corruption wherever it sees it. Immaculate and proud of their own dignified bearing, the Purple Sect is like a laser that burns away the heart of the cancers they see infesting reality, purifying the evil, righting wrongs, bringing people away from evil and towards good. Tireless and diligent, the Purple Sect sometimes forgets it's own compassion, leading it to seek out the Indigo sect to act as constraints whenever they get too zealous in their pursuit of purity.

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Homeworld: Kurazii

A splendidly beautiful world and capital of the wondrous nation of the Jiracho, one of the few remaining Elder Species who can trace their beginning to the earliest ages of the cosmos. Blending together nature and civilization in perfect harmony in a flawlessly maintained ecosystem, Kurazii is an amazing sight to behold. But woe betide those who would seek to bring evil to it's doorstep, for the Purple sect will tolerate no such corruption at the very heart of their operations. Here, plans to spread goodness and purity throughout the universe are drawn, and lanterns consult augurs for visions of the future to better coordinate their efforts.

Avatar: Up for grabs

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Guardians: Jiracho.

Actually predating the Universe itself, the Jiracho travel from reality to reality, working behind the scenes to battle evil and encourage the spread of goodness. With a mighty mastery of science, cosmic power, magic, psionics, truenaming, even the power the warp and boasting a connection to the primordials, the Jiracho easily rank with the other guardians as beings of great power. It was they who devised a cure for the thoughtsin whereas the Masari could do nothing despite millenia of trying, and it is they who not only have the honor of shepherding a whole sect, but also raising two of the current primalborn in their esoteric ways.

Secret primal aspect: Light. The concept of knowledge and fortune is reserved for those Purple Lanterns who truly understand their connection to the ring, giving them access to the ability to control their own luck and gain access to truly great knowledge. Such lanterns inevitably become very wise and enlightened beings as they gain a perspective over reality few others could even imagine. And of course, with understanding of the purple light also comes mastery over water and radiance.

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The White sect is the opposing corps to the Black. A force for Life and Creation in the cosmos, the White Sect seeks to create, to rebuild, and if needed, fight to stop destruction and death. The white sect heals the sick, resurrects the dead, rebuilds that which has been destroyed, and eases suffering and tragedy. But when they fight, they are a force to behold. Few can stand against the power of their creative force when it is truly unleashed, and most would rather slowly gnaw off their limbs than stand against the White sect when it has been truly angered. While it's agents prefer the velvet glove to the iron fist, it is unwise to anger them.

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Homeworld: Ai-eura-kmaros.

The Radiant world is the center of the white lantern sect. A world that shines it's own, healing positive energy that is baleful to the undead but nurturing to the living, Ai-eura-kmaros is also the heart of Lumos civilization in our universe. Here White Lanterns are trained by their superiors while the Lumos discuss what is to be done to advance the cause of the white sect in a universe clouded by destruction. Here many come to seek refuge and healing from the best in the universe, where even total atomization can be cured by the skilled healers of this fantastic place. With cities and nature preserves made in harmony and designed for maximum beauty, Ai-eura-kmaros is a place where one can be at ease and enjoy themselves.

Avatar: Up for grabs

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Guardians: The Lumos.

Like the Jiracho, the Lumos are not native to our universe, instead being travelers across the multiverse seeking to right wrongs. Though whereas the Jiracho are zealous purgers and paladins with regards to darkness, the Lumos prefer the arts of restoration, undoing the damage done by those who welcome evil into their hearts. Being the matches of the Jiracho in most every category, the Lumos hold senates to determine the policy of their Corps at regular intervals, though they will bend their schedules in times of emergency and crisis.

Secret Primal Aspect: Life.

Those lanterns who truly understand the meaning of their power unlock the primordial aspect of life and change. Opposing the certainty of Doom is the unbridled potential for change that is life. The power to create new life, the power to restore ended life, the power to snuff out unlife, the power to heal, the power to break the bonds of fate, the ability to enact change in even the most rigid of systems. That is the promise that life offers as well as control over flame and positive energy.

Sects of Infinity

Much younger, the Sects of Infinity did not mold themselves into standing organizations until substantially after the Sects of Eternity did. Whereas the Sects of Eternity are based on more fundamental concepts, the Sects of Infinity instead draw from the power of various emotions. Though like their Eternal brethern, the Infinites also can draw from secret wells of primal power should the bearer fully unlock the secrets of their associated energies. Compared to their older counterparts, the Infinity sects are more numerous, less individually powerful, and more intensely involved in the affairs of the universe, especially following the end of the Masari Ecumene.

Anything below this point is subject to change:

Though much of their story has already been told by one Lantern of the Green Sect, there yet remains more to tell.

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The Red sect is the sect of anger and hatred. The scarlet stone that empowers it spreads it's malignant disgust for all of existence out in all directions. Understandably, the Red Sect has a problem with Khornate worship among it's ranks. Embroiled by it's seething hatred for everything around it, it is only barely kept together as a coherent force by the personal power of it's guardians and avatar. Seeking to spread the madness of their anger while violently murdering those they see as committing offense, the Red Sect is undoutably a force for destruction, though even it balks at the Black Sect's nihilistic desire to bring about the end of all things. It is akin to a forest fire, causing great calamity, but always leaving enough for something new to replace the old.

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Homeworld: Vulcolara

Each sect has it's own "empire" of worlds it personally manages and uses as one hundred percent reliable recruiting centers, in addition to the rings seeking out the worthy. Vulcolara is the heart of the "empire" of the Red Sect. The air quotes are because the Red Lantern corps is barely organized on a military level, nevermind a political one. A band of the angry and hateful lead by whoever in the vicinity is the strongest and most lucid, this barbaric system has seen the homeworld of the Red Sect laid to waste in internecine conflict, and though it was put back together, it remains a molten charnelhouse, which the lanterns decided fit them perfectly. The frequent daemonic incursions on the planet only help to make sure that the strongest survive.

Avatar: Up for grabs

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Guardians: Armahedrals: Insectoid beings consumed by their hatred, the Armahedrals beat some semblance of sense and order into their angry underlings as they ravage the universe like barbarians. Though individually brilliant and powerful thanks to their innate connection to many esoteric forces, the Armahedrals themselves must battle with the rage inherent in themselves so that the sect can look to some form of leadership beyond the ad hoc chain of command and the Avatar themself. Some even say that the Armahedrals throw themselves into the cause of their sect to avoid falling into the corruption that Khorne offers them.

Secret primal aspect: Rage (Duh)

The Primal aspect of rage grants one control over negative emotion, the power to induce it, to draw power from it, to manipulate it, and to snuff out positive emotions. Understandably, a legion of those whose eyes are drawn over with the red mist find it hard to unlock the intense self understanding needed to access the primal power within their own rings, which is quite fortunate as those who have gained such inner understanding are horrifically dangerous to other Infinity sect members due to their ability to play with emotions. Rage can conjure forth fire and lightning both to strike down opponents.

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Greed and Jealousy are the bywords of the Orange Infinity sect. Or they would be were there more than one member. Formed out of yellow and red sect members trying to harness the orange gem, the greed inherent to it meant that trying to form a corps out of it was a foolhardy gesture. Only one figure survived the creation of the Orange sect, Valik, as he had slaughtered all those who were to be the guardians and lanterns of his sect and claimed avatarship for himself, greedily hoarding the Orange stone and thus focusing all the power of his sect unto himself. To act in multiple places, Valik uses constructs in the shape of guardians and lanterns whenever he feels the need to, or lesser copies of himself to trick an enemy into thinking they've beaten him when in truth they could never have threatened his true self. But should Valik feel the need to personally intervene there is precious little in the universe that can stop him.

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Homeworld: Jilusuuvius.

Valik's homeworld, Jilusuuvius is the heart of his "empire", as the icon of greed and envy's packrat mentality also extends to massive swathes of space that live in fear of their Tyrant, who seems omniscient and omnipotent. He hoards his most precious relics right here on his homeworld, a vast mountain of treasure stretching across the planet, quite possibly making Vilak the richest being in the universe, though he'll be damned if he ever spends any of it. To so much as touch upon his riches is to invite his wrath and to part with it is to invite the damnation of entire galaxies at a time as he will not only slaughter the thief but track them down to their home, conquer it, then steal all their riches for himself. And due to Vilak's envious nature, he wants to keep on growing his empire more and more and rest on an ever growing ill gotten pile of riches.

Avatar: Vilak (short for Vilakaranix Kuulmorgon)

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That Vilak is a Dragon surprises exactly no one. Even the most virtuous of dragons are known for their avarice and desire to acquire more wealth. Vilak is certainly no creature of virtue. He is a being possessed of virtually limitless greed and a burning envy for the wealth of all others. Though his natural abilities as a dragon would be enough to invoke fear and terror, his status as the sole inheritor of the Orange Stone's power makes him one of the Universe's most potent beings. One would call him godlike if he didn't find the term an insult to what he believes is his incomparable majesty. Through his constructs he can exert his will across countless "bodies" and deceive opponents into thinking they have beaten him through false constructs. He is after all greedy, but very, very intelligent.

Guardians: None, Vilak will not share the Orange power with anyone.

Secret Primal Aspect: Time.

The power of time itself is Vilak's to command. Time to plot his new acquisition of wealth and power endlessly, time to defeat his foes, power over time that makes his wrath next to unavoidable and uncounterable. Power that lets him acquire more additions to his collection across all of history and all of the future. Power that lets him further replicate himself and his ill gotten treasures. Time manipulation is an ever so useful power for one whose cup of greed and jealousy can never be filled. Even more so when it brings control over fire and frost.

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The Yellow Sect considers fear and domination to be the only ways to bring about proper order into the cosmos. Founded upon the fear of others and the pride of the wielder, the Yellow Sect recruits from those who wish to rule over others with an iron fist, those who would put their craving for order and control over naivetes such as freedom and equality. Though they have good intentions in theory, the desire for stability and logic in all things, the way they go about it is usually seen as abhorrent. "Kill ten million and it's a statistic." Is how they approach death. Killing a hundred million people out of a population of ten billion is seen as merely sacrificing one percent of the population for the greater good. Eliminating troublesome minorities is seen as the few making way for the many. It is these philosophies that guide the Yellow sect, and it is this that makes them determined to conquer the universe so that they can make it a safer place, all while enacting their own "justice"

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Homeworld: Oronovna.

The Heart of the Yellow Sect's fascist empire, Oronovna is the model fascist state, with police ensuring the safety of their citizens. At all times. Here there is no question whether Freedom matters more than Security. Freedom is a danger to security, Freedom leads to anarchy, to decadence, to immorality. Thus it must be purged. Equality is a fool's errand, there will always be those who are just superior, therefore it is a waste of time to help those who are down on their luck. Better to kill them quickly so they do not burden society with their weakness. Fear trickles down to every layer of society while national pride is evoked to rally people behind the Fascist state, all while troublesome ethnicities are quickly put down whenever they crop up. Unsurprisingly, the Yellow Sect gets along excellently with the Continuation Reich and the rest of the Axis Uber Alles. The Avatar of the Yellow Sect has personally presented awards to Nazi Fuehrer Totenkopf for running "A model society" and that "Nazism is a symbol for all humanity to aspire to."

Avatar: Up for grabs.

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Guardians: Ulithihoons.

A species of beings from the madness of the Far Realm who left that place in favor of building a place of real, permanent order, the Ulithihoons are fiendishly intellectual and extremely sophisticated and psionic aliens who feed not only off of the fear of other beings, but also on their brains. They were natural candidates for Guardianship of the Yellow sect, setting forth a policy that those from Earth would recognize as Fascism as the only proper way to conduct a state with which to conquer a universe, serving as the Avatar of the Yellow Sect's delegates and advisors.

Secret Primal power: Blood.

The power of bonds and unity, the most orderly of the aspects, is a natural fit for the followers of the Yellow stone. The power to create, manipulate, and dissolve bonds and unity allows for a state stronger than Adamantium to exist. Those who truly master the ring have such power, and are thus highly valued in the yellow sect's plans to impose perfect order in the universe. That they can control the life's blood of others (man or machine) is but a bonus.

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The Green sect is the home of the determined and the brave. The most neutral out of the seven infinity sects, the Green Sect tries to avoid the "over-emotional prima donna bullsh!t" in the words of one Earth based Lantern, of the other sects. While they aren't quite as devoted to the Balance as their grey counterparts, the Greens seek to maintain a just, fair order. Ethical laws for the cosmos to abide by. A discussion forum for people to talk out their differences before resorting to hitting each other (though this is often ignored), a police force to deal with international crime and an army to respond to crises when needed. Level headed but resolute, the Green sect is perhaps the most iconic out of them all.

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Homeworld: Windarugo

The Green Sect's homeworld is a living, fully sapient planet that is also a member of their corps, perhaps one of the most powerful actually. This allows their home base to contribute to it's own defense and keeps their capital constantly moving to avoid enemy attack or retaliation. Important considering the long list of enemies that the Green sect has made. Ecologically, Windarugo is a rather standard Earth-like planet all things considered and it's surface hosts clean cities and well kept nature reserves where select rookies can train at the very core of Green Sect space.

Avatar: Up for grabs

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Guardians: Nuwerk

Resembling nothing so much as short little blue men and women, Nuwerks function as the guardians of the Green Sect, setting policy, enacting bold new strategies, working to counter the moves of the other sects, managing the nation. Trying to always maintain a level head for planning, the Nuwerks can at times get more concerned about the law and the sanctity of their military cohesion than they will about the people, but they do their best to be fair in all things. Even if it isn't always enough.

Secret primal aspect: Space

The power of space is manifold, the power to be anywhere you want, to be in multiple places at once, to adjust the size of something, to alter how gravity affects it, change the distance between objects. The limitations of what one can do with the power over space are largely that set by one's imagination and the reach of their power. Though rare as this power requires a thorough comprehension of one's ring, it is something to be reckoned with for sure. Coupled with control over the force of gravity and the element of earth and you have yourself a very sweet deal.

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The hope and joy of the cosmos, the Blue Sect is the light in the darkest of nights and the shield for the weak and the defenseless. The answer to every cry for help, the protector of those who cannot protect themselves, and the bringers of the light into the endless blackness, the Blue Sect is perhaps the most conventionally heroic of the Sects. Their sect gives to the needy, builds infrastructure where it is required, sets a good example for the next generations to follow. It is for this reason that the Blue Sect has joined many other Lantern sects in battling the Hierarchy's mad dream of universal humanoid genocide, and perhaps it fights harder than any other sect to bring about a world where people can hope and feel happy without fear.

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Homeworld: Aarata

A Utopian capital world for a Utopian Nation, Aarata is a clean and joyful world where entertainment is to be found just about anywhere and where the downtrodden are uplifted. Here, people look forward to a better still tomorrow. Relentless Optimism is the emotion to live by and there are very few reasons not to be Optimistic. The Hierarchy is losing the war after all. Other worlds and stations run by the Blue sect tend to follow the same pattern, always there to remind people that not only are things awesome, but that they'll be even more awesome soon.

Avatar: Up for grabs

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Guardians: Burotil: Ideals of hope for the rest of the universe to live by (even if they are very strange), the Burotils are artificial life forms created by the Masari to tend to their greatest of works, but upon establishing their connection to the Blue stone, became so much more. Now that the Masari are gone, the Burotils have decided that it is time to help the Universe inherit the legacy of that now extinct hegemon and make the cosmos a better place for one and all. Cheerfully optimistic and full of mirth, Burotils always look forward to what the future holds.

Secret Primal Aspect: Hope

The power of positive emotion is for those Blue lanterns who truly grasp what their ring can offer to command. The concept of positivity, of hope, of drawing strength from it, of warding away that which is negative, of instilling it and manipulating it in others or taking it away, that is the power of Hope. Make no mistake, it certainly has earned it's place of power among the other aspects, in addition, the powers of sound and the light are available to the hopeful to use.

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The Indigo sect is the sect for the merciful, the kindhearted, the sweet, the loving and nurturing, and all those who give a gentle hand to the cosmos. Agents of mercy and kindness, the Indigo sect works closely with the White and Blue sects to spread forth their message of salvation to the universe. But if the forces of compassion cannot meet a problem gently, then they will fight as hard as they must to make the world safe for kindness. Just because they value kindness does not make mistaking them for pacifists an intelligent decision.

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Homeworld: Gar'ji'sin

Actually a moon of a Gas Giant, Gar'ji'sin is the heart of an empire where the golden rule is the greatest single rule. After helping cleanse the sins of a solar empire, the Indigo sect was allowed to settle on their capital world and mingle with them, teaching them the ways of kindness until they fully exemplified them. What had once been the bastion of brutal militarism had now become the shining beacon of kindness in an often all too cruel cosmos. Though mostly dominated by vast oceans, Gar'ji'sin's indigo coloured continents are breathtaking .

Avatar: Up for grabs

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Guardians: The Scholarii

Once the rulers of a vast and brutal militaristic empire with institutionalized slavery, the Indigo Sect managed to convert the Scholarii towards gentler ends. Now turning their war effort against the Hierarchy in an effort to save the Universe from Grand Overseer Mu's mad dreams of genocide, these Aliens have found more power in compassion than they ever did in hate, and pray dearly that it is not too late to save the Hierarchy from it's own hatred for all things touched by the Masari. In other affairs the Scholarii are some of the gentlest hands, and are well regarded for their forgiving natures and the policies of mercy and restoration that they set for their sect.

Secret Primal Aspect: Breath

Opposed to the power of Blood is Breath. Breath is Freedom, it is Liberty. It is these very fundamental concepts that allow things to happen, that allow us to enjoy life as it is rather than mull about trapped in bonds and unity. It is the spirit of the individual, and to control it gives one the ability to play with the freedom of oneself and of others. This mastery can extend far beyond the obvious. Freedom from damage afflicting you, freedom from restraints holding you, freedom from the laws of reality binding you. Freedom, that is the power of the Indigo. Oh and it can also do the windy thing and control lightning which is pretty sick, no?

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The Violet sect works off of the power of Romance and Desire. Not the selfish, greedy avarice of the Orange Stone, but of a purer sort of desire, a more sensual kind than that felt for gold coins. The Violet sect, like the Red sect, also faces the trepidations of Chaos as Slaanesh always seeks to turn the Violet sects' desires into something altogether more perverse by adding the element of excess into the mix. So Violet lanterns must always keep their guard against the seduction of the Dark Princess of Pleasure. Raw and emotional just as the Red sects are, the Violet sect is impulsive, free-flowing, it follows the heart rather than the head, after all, is love not blind?

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Homeworld : Eronus

The home of the most famous lovers retreats in a nation that is chock full of dazzling lovers' retreats, Eronus is a place for love and pleasure. It is not a place for those who have repressed their desires, but a place to release them unto the world and bring one's inner beauty to the outside. Some would call it decadent, scandalous even, and they certainly are rather looser than many would like, but others would call it pure. And the Lanterns themselves are certainly not above it even as they work to maintain the life of their nation against the tide of the rapidly changing universe.

Avatar: @kayle_rez

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Guardians: Enochai

Out of all the Masari touched species, it would be rather hard to find one that more closely resembles the now extinct Forerunners than the Enochai. Though a fair deal shorter, they have the pale skin and hair and deliriously beautiful features the Masari were known for. Essentially a highly idealized human with perhaps some rather unusual colourations. Though it is joked that sometimes it's hard to tell the men from the women given their heavy lean towards thin, soft features, the Enochai are very much capable of laying skyfather level smackdown when they are pressed, and act as the Guardians of the Violet sect for a very good reason, as they are capable of mastering the lust and love within themselves and channeling it whereas many lanterns still struggle immensely with it.

Secret Primal Aspect: Heart.

The power of the innerself, the soul, the core, the heart of the matter. Anything that is centermost to something is under the purview of heart. And Heart is very much an awesome power. This can go from the fairly obvious such as manipulating the spirit or the literal heart, to the not so obvious to destroying the core essence lynchpinning something to reality or altering the core fundamentals of their character. Opposed to the more logical, rational force of mind, Heart also grants one control over thunder and lightning.


Pretty much anyone is welcome to join with either an existing character or with a new alt. There's no real rules on it, just remember the basics of lantern power and to ask me if you have any questions. Lantern specific locations will be coming up soon and until then you're encouraged to explore the space locations located on Shadowswordmaster's wiki.

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A blog dedicated to Vrakmul's relentless trolling exploits across the multiverse and generally being an incredibly petty douche and utterly loathsome human being.

The curious case of the feral worlders

Many aeons ago, when man on Earth still lived banging rocks together to light fires, Vrakmul the glorious descended upon a world with a Black hand force to ascertain it's worthiness for absorbption into the Dominion of the Black Hand.

He saw the hills, the trees, and the primitives who had formed from a long cut off Cyronaxi colony, primitve humans they were. And he found it good.

All was prepared for their absorbtion, but as he prepared to return to his space ship, one child, a nameless boy who had a disliking of the Lord of Doom, blew him a raspberry.

The Dark Emperor was most displeased, and had his forces turn around and begin slaughtering everyone on the planet.

Oceans boiled, plains burned, people died, the world was left a smoldering ruin in a single day. And when it was all done, the boy was still alive.

Vrakmul then brought himself to the boy, and most verily flipped him the unholy bird before leaving the planet.

Well I cured your Asthma

Once there were parents with a beloved little girl who was suffering from Asthma. They prayed and begged for salvation from their God who ignored them. But someone heard. Before them manifested Vrakmul who said

"What troubles you, bearers of grief and woe?"

"Oh angel of our lord, our daughter is sick and no medicine from man or faith can heal her. Cure her!"

"Very well" He responded as he put his hands over her

Immediately her breathing improved, but a tumor exploded out of her chest in a shower of gore before she started growing tentacles and far too many mouths

"What have you done!?" The parents begged

"I cured her, by making her into a Chaos spawn of Nurgle" Vrakmul laughed as the daughter messily ate her parents and rampaged out the city.

Over a dozen people died that day before someone could stop the monster by ripping her apart, and Vrakmul had a most hearty laugh.

A sandwhich store, my kingdom for a sandwhich store

A man in Bosnia was upset, his fortune had been depleted. He sat with misery and woe, wondering how he could find his fortune and get money for his family. He couldn't afford to go to America, but then a man in robes came to him and gave him an idea.

"You are good at making sandwhiches right?" He told him.

"Aye, the best" He responded

"Well, I'll gift you some money and offer you a lease to a new location, it'll be all the rage!" He told the Bosnian who jumped to his feet and shook his hand

"Oh thank you! How can I ever repay you?" He asked

"Pass this onto your family "recommend the patronage of Gavrilo Princip" and all will be fine" He cheerfully responded.

Thinking nothing of this, the man set up his sandwhich store, which was quite well to do. But in the year of 1914, a young man named Gavrilo princip, down on his luck for he had failed to kill the Archduke, went to the restaurant where he had been recommended.

Unhappily munching on his sandwhich, he saw the Archduke, and grabbed his gun and shot him.

For the rest of the century, endless misery and woe would be caused by this one moment as the domino fell, and when the robed man read the Newspaper, a trollish grin spread under his mask

And every day when he read about more and more deaths, that grin would grow wider and wider.

"Just as planned" said Vrakmul as he sipped his martini.

To keep a woman warm

A woman, chill and cold for her world was one of ice, huddled over a fire and begged the stars for warmth.

"Oh what I would give for warmth." She begged as she and her friends huddled closer.

But to her surprise, they answered, and the magnificent masked lich appeared before her and her friends.

"Greetings lords and ladies, I am Vrakmul, how may I help?" He asked with a cheery tone

"Oh Vrakmul, we are ever so cold, could you not give us warmth?" They asked, teeth chattering away

"Oh very well" He said, and with a snap of his fingers he went away

"That did nothing..." They said, and for an hour they waited, still miserable and cold.

"Perhaps we imagined i-" One started before the Supernova washed over them.

Oh father christmas

A child prayed beneath his christmas tree for something nice for christmas, anything but clothes and socks! Oh they were ever so boring, you couldn't even play with them. But then the magical man appeared in a blast of darkness and doom and said.

"Well little Tommy, guess what I've got?"

"Is it the present I want?"

"Oh open it tomorrow and see" He grinned frightfully before vanishing in the night

On the morrow the boy scuttled to his present, hoping that it was Santa who had given him his present.

He opened the first box and with a cheer he saw; it was all the new consoles he sought.

He opened the second box and squeed and saw all the best games that could be bought.

He opened the third box and peered inside, his parents confused until they saw

A mighty black hole in a box!

It devoured them and their house and disappeared with a pop!

Finished part 1

Thoughts, criticism, suggestions?


Vrakmul proudly presents, an in-character My immortal MST3king.

OOC: To those who do not know what an MST3k is, it's a term derived from "Mystery science theater 3000" a TV show where the cast watched and riffed on B-movies, all in character, which grew so popular it's name came to encompass in character riffings on pretty much anything, though Movies and Literature remain the most popular.   As for what is My Immortal?  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6200297/1/My-Immortal That is my immortal.  Quite possibly the single *worst* fanfiction of all time and one of the greatest targets for snarking on the internet.  Though it claims to be a Harry Potter fanfic, it really has absolutely nothing to do with the series, everyone is painfully out of character, names are changed for no reason, and it's generally so terrible that just associating it with Harry Potter would be insulting.  Even as a non-fan of the series, I can tell just how bad the canon defilement is from a cursory glance.   For this, I'll be alternating between standard and script format, and the characters will be in a "movie theater" reading of it.         Bolded text in the script section will be from the my immortal fanfic, the unbolded text is mine.   
IC: John stepped into the theater, straightening his long, blue windsock hood out before Rose put a hand on his shoulder reassuringly.  "Relax, everything will be fine, the Timekeeper isn't a malevolent entity. "  She assured him as she lead them to their seats.  Next to the pair were Jade and Dave, both of them in their unarmoured, hooded outfits.   But above them were two colossal figures, the enormous, winding blue lung god known as Ryujin, and his favoured consort, a colossal divine monarch butterfly known as Imasura, who kept her wings nice and folded.  Liberty prime sat in another colossal top row seat, while the gelatinous Terramachy was farther to the right.     
Down below were all sorts of people.  He could see the shark-like mutant O'chunks, the silvery bulk of Dornan, the Reptillian mass that was the Emerald soviet, the bad pun spewing Vhozon known as Phrygus, the stately, serenely glowing Founder, both Viktor and Ormag who sat to the right.  A woman in Nazi garb, the ghostly Tombstone, the wisecracking Ant, the cyclopean lone wanderer, the vain Venus, the incredible Hercules, the teutonic Dreadnaught, the ghastly Chaos Lord Xaraghoul, the infamous Dark Triad, the mad Ishmael Caliborn, the sinister Vorzhilok, the spider limbed Count Bleck, the viral Red Menace,  the very much armoured Agent California, a large number of Black Hand soldiers, the cowardly Nufai, the bombastic Kamal Re'x, many members of the Ordo Astartes, the rebel Hierarchy General Lork'ri, the Colossal frame of Orlok, and countless others that he couldn't identify.      
"This is said to be the worst piece of human literature ever ."  Nufai whispered to Kamal in between the munching of popcorn.  "The worst?!  Bah, given the trash that the hairless monkeys put out this can't possibly be tolerable! "  Kamal bombastically declared, rising from his seat before he was urged downwards by an angry glare from Ryujin.  "This is going to be good ."  Dornan chuckled while Jade whispered something into Dave's ear, prompting him to smirk.  Tombstone scratched his chin a bit as he sighed out while Carol just lay down over multiple seats.  "Jeez, when is this going to start? "   The Ant questioned before the monitor at the front of the theater flickered into life.  "Shh guys, it's starting! "  John said as the room darkened, ominous music playing throughout the theater, prompting the murmuring of the crowd to quiet down.      
John had no idea what to expect, even as he sipped some of his Soda and Rose casually brought a fistful of popcorn to her mouth.   He had heard some things about this fanfic, but surely nothing could be that bad?   Then a sign above the monitor flared a Neon Red, reading "STORY TIME!"   Before the speakers began their narration of the words that began appearing on the screen.  

Script format begin

 AN: Special fangz (get it, coz Im goffik)  
Kamal Re'x: *Rises from his seat* WHAT MOCKERY OF LANGUAGE IS THIS!?!    
Rose: *Double takes*  
Dave: *Eyebrow quirk*  
Vrakmul: *Silence*   
John: ...Oh god this is just the start isn't it?  
Ryujin: Aw hell.     
Jade: Oh noooo!  
Carol: We've just started, and I'm already scared.    
Nufai: *Manages to coax Kamal back into his seat
2 my gf (ew not in that way)   
Carol: Well, now that you've brought it up...  
Black Hand Grunt #1: *Wolf whistles*    
Black Hand Grunt #2: *Punches #1 in the faceplate*    
raven, bloodytearz666 4 helpin me wif da story and spelling.  
Orlok: *Aghast* This is her spelling with  help?  
Dornan: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph this is gonna suck.    
Lork'ri: I must admit, I have yet to see what is so bad about this other than the terrible punnery and lack of command over the English language.     
The Ant: Five dollars to who guesses which clique she's part of!  
U rok! Justin ur da luv of my deprzzing life u rok 2  
Kargoth: I know I should find this young love endearing...but right now I'm merely worried.  
Imasura: Worried?  About what?  
Kargoth: The future of the human genepool.      
Xaraghoul: Allow me to state that the dark prince of pleasure Slaanesh had nothing to do with this.  
Tombstone: Of course not, the most likely culprit is a clear unwillingness to pay a single god damned cent of attention in english class.    
! MCR ROX!  
All: *Blinks*  
All: What?!  
Count Bleck: What in the hells is MCR?  
Terramachy: My carnal retribution?  
Others: *Stares at Terramachy*
Terrmachy: *Shuts up*    
Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way  
Dave: *Both eyebrows quirked* What the fuck kind of name is that?  
Lone Wanderer: Observation; subject was likely loathed by parents.    
Ryujin:  *Snorts* Pahahahahah!     
John: Why is there an apostrophe!?!     
Carol: Honestly, if my parents stuck me with that name, I'd have run the hell away myself.    
Dornan: *Facepalming*  Urgghhhh....  
Vrakmul: *Eyeroll*    
The Ant: Whoa, watch the name brick!  
and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name)   
Tombstone: Either her parents could tell the future, or she had one of the weirdest damn child births ever.    
Phrygus: What the shizz?  Last time I checked earth babies were all down with the baldness yo.   
Viktor: Actually, they can be born with some hair but n-  
Der Kommandant: *Gives Viktor an evil glare*  
Viktor: But of course, that's irrelevant.    
with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back  
Jade: *Exasperated* Are you sure her name isn't Mary Sue?    
Rose:  Hmm...yes I do believe the litmus test has broken within the first few sentences.  Congratulations.    
Der Kommandant:  Mein Gott, this explains everything, she's a mutant freak!
O'chunks: *Turns to stare at her* Whaddya got 'gainst mutants?  
Der Kommandant: *Shuts up*  
and icy blue eyes like limpid tears  
Hercules: She does realize that tears are colourless, right?    
and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don't know who she is get da hell out of here!).  
All: *Stands up to leave, partially in jest before being urged back down by the projector crew*  
I'm not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he's a major fucking hottie.   
The Ant: Because Incest is totally something you want to have!  
Dave: Damn straight, 'specially with people twice your age am I right?    
I'm a vampire but my teeth are straight and white.   
Nufai: According to Nufai's sources...this statement is completely self contradictory.    
Emerald Soviet:  I have met many vampires, not one had straight teeth!  What is this madness!?!    
Carol: Check your logic at the door please.    
I have pale white skin.  
Kamal Re'x: Perhaps there is a hope she will die of melanin deficiency!    
John: Oh man, if only.    
Black Hand Grunt #3:  That sound you're hearing?  That's the albinos of the world cringing.    
I'm also a witch,   
Tombstone: But may we burn her?  
Rose: Only if she weighs the same as a duck.    
Kargoth: Hah!  
and I go to a magic school called Hogwarts in England where I'm in the seventh year (I'm seventeen).  
Venus: No shit sherlock?    
The Ant: I'm actually preeeetty sure Hogwarts is in Scotland.    
Carol: How dare you bring logic into this?!  
John: Shhh, it's going to the next line!  
I'm a goth (in case you couldn't tell)  
All:  No duh!     
and I wear mostly black.   
Jade:  Oh really?  Now you're gonna tell us that you suck blood?    
Phrygus:  Damn, someone call Captain Obvious, this crazy chica went an' stole the SS "No flippin' duh."  
I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there   
Der Kommandant:  Hrmm...*does a google search on her phone*...Nope, there are no Hot Topic stores in the U.K  
Rose: Attributing the ability to do research to the author is quite an exercise in folly, is it not?     
John: Don't  Hogwarts  students only get to leave campus on special occasions anyway?    
For example today I was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots.  I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow.
Dornan:  You chose to put all of your mediocre writing ability into describing your OUTFIT!?!    
Dornan: *Anguished sobs*    
Kamal: *Face buried in hands*  
Vrakmul: ...    
Emerald Soviet: By Lenin's ghost...this is going to be happening a lot...isn't it?     
I was walking outside Hogwarts.   
The Ant (Ebony): But then I was thrown off Campus for violating the dress code.     
It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about.   
Tombstone:  ...Now I'm no meteorologist but...aren't snow and rain mutually exclusive weather conditions?  
Kargoth: A pity there's no sun, otherwise she might have burst into flames.    
Orlok: I would approve of such a course of events.  
Ryujin: Nah, she just wants more Vitamin D deficiency.    
Rose (Ebony):  I then realized that I was developing severe frostbite for wearing a skimpy outfit in cold weather.    
A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.   
Black Hand Grunt 2 (Prep):  Here take my sweater!  
Der Kommandant (Ebony):  No!  I refuse to conform because of my generic teen angst!       
Imasura:  Quite an awful lot of rudeness.    
O'chunks: And then the preps beat her to death, the end!  
"Hey Ebony!" shouted a voice. I looked up. It was…Draco Malfoy!  
The Founder: I object to such blatant misusage of ellipses!    
Count Bleck: Dramatic pauses, you're doing them wrong.     

"What's up Draco?" I asked.

"Nothing." he said shyly. 

 The Ant: Draco, shy!?!    
The Ant:  Has she even read the books?!    
Rose (Ebony):  I slowly exerted my Mary Sue powers over him to compel him to love me.    
John (Draco):  Then I realized that I hated muggleborns and kicked her into the mud.     
 But then, I heard my friends call me and I had to go away.  
Dornan:  This bitch has friends!?!    
Hercules: Show me proof of these friends!   
Lone Wanderer: I sense another inane description coming up shortly.     
Jade: Oh my god this prose is soooo dull!!!!  
Dave: Girl can spend all damn day describing her outfit, but she can't write out someone callin' her over?  Bullshit.    
AN: IS it good? PLZ tell me fangz!  
Carol:  No, no it wasn't, go die in a fire.    
Ryujin: Just for that pun, I wish you to rot in hell.     
John: Wait, she seriously expected people to LIKE this!?!  
Rose: The mediocre are least able to spot their own deficiencies.    
AN: Fangz 2 bloodytearz666 4 helpin me wif da chapta!  
Rahn: Oh screw you bloodytearz666, you are the most atrocious proofreader I have ever seen!  
The Emerald soviet: Use the spellchecker!  It's only a single right click!     
BTW preps stop flaming ma story ok!   
Orlok: I want to see her burn, does this make me a prep?    
Tombstone:  Apparently so.     
Imasura: I would be hard pressed to believe that none of the "goffs" would not take offence to this.         

Script format end.

Then the Story Time sign on the monitor flickered off, prompting an sigh of relief to emerge from the crowd.  "Nufai feels....dirty..."   The alien muttered nervously as he took some time to stretch.    "This is only going to get worse...isn't it? "  Carol groaned as she realized that this was but the first chapter of what was going to be a forty four chapter long epic of badness.   "Rose... "  John said, looking over to her.  "Yes John?"  She asked, making eye contact with him.  "Thanks for coming with me...because GOOD GRIEF THIS IS BAD! "  He shouted in a rising voice before flailing his arms wildly.   

OOC:  That's the first chapter everyone!   I'll try to get more up if people like this.   Be sure to comment.      
Here's the original fanfic for those who want to read it.  

Mediterranean Syndicate Dossier

Another Entry to my series of Faction Dossiers, these dossiers are meant to provide people with information if they wish to get involved with my contributions to vine canon. This focuses on the Mediterranean Syndicate, a shadowy organization that takes "Corrupt Megacorporation" up to Eleven. They embody the absolute worst aspects of capitalism, but they are very shrewd business men and are quite good at hiding what they do from the public.. This means that many corporate characters may do business with them, but the more morally upstanding ones wouldn't want to touch them, at least not where they can be seen. Outside of the core megacorporations that form the conglomerate, the roster of corporations under the syndicate's banner rotates a lot, so feel free to have your corporation be a part of the Syndicate at some point in it's time.

The Syndicate, a Capitalist horror story.

At first glance, the Mediterranean Syndicate is an international electronics, weapons and industrial mega-corporation with an unusual obsession for the Classical Era. Neon lights and glass skyscrapers mingle with columns and frescoes of long-dead heroes and the golden statues of pagan gods, and grim-faced security personnel mix ancient armour with high-powered weapons and cybernetic prosthetics. Though initially the Syndicate appear nothing more than eccentric, under the corporate facade lie ancient secrets.

The Syndicate Corporate Logo, often used on business cards, stationery and bumper stickers.

The company was first formed in the 1850s as the industrial age was starting to be born, and a young man under the alias "Romulus" was seeking to share his inherited fortune. His goal was to create a group of security companies that worked and operated under one headquarters situated in Rome, Italy. At first, the idea was a success as many contractors were looking for a source of consistent research funding, though the 1930s hit them hard and fast.

By 1932, the organisation had recovered from near bankruptcy, though their methods of acquiring the money were questioned. When an inquiry was made by the Italian Special Anti-Mafia General Attorney, the Syndicate cited that they were not to be held responsible for the actions of their clients. Numerous reports were filed regarding the aforementioned "clients", though all the cases fell through due to a lack of evidence (and possible forgery).

What happened to Romulus since then has been a mystery. His alias has allowed him to become shrouded in complete secrecy. The top executives of the Syndicate are rarely mentioned and require heavy security to even exchange a few words with. The only legacy of his that remains is the fantastic Classical architecture that adorns every Syndicate structure, as he has an obsession for everything from the age of the Roman Empire.During the Second World War, the Syndicate attempted to sell their services to both the allies and axis. But was ultimately turned down by both because of the lack of high-powered weaponry, and its shady dealings with the underworld. Through the next decade, the Syndicate began to buy out science and engineering companies in order to improve their technology. By 1960, they had become the world's largest military corporation, and unknown to the public, possessed some of the world's most dangerous weaponry.

The Underworld; or, Extreme Takeover: Rome Edition

To be sure, everyone knows something is a bit off about the megacorporation, and most intelligence agencies consider them to be a criminal organization, if only they could get any proof. The fact is, the Syndicate has its hooks in everything, every level of criminality all over the world. They are the ultimate mafia with the perfect front.What is not immediately obvious about the Syndicate is their deep connections with the criminal elements of society, worldwide. Throughout its history there have been many inquires and investigations, digging deep into the complex web of hundreds of companies that make up the Syndicate, but it has always been fruitless. The Syndicate is simply too big, covers too many areas, and often operates in the remote, lawless regions of the Earth.

By far the most profitable areas of underground Syndicate activity is the drug trade and arms dealing. The Syndicate, in addition to controlling the conventional drug trade, have a wide variety of pharmaceutical companies that have turned themselves over to the manufacture of ever more potent and addicting synthetic drugs; Nuke, 'Slaught, Octagons, Spice, Dust; under a million names from a million alleyways the Syndicate has its stamp on the world.

Not only that, but they have hundreds of associated companies dedicated to the creation of tools of war for the lesser nations in their constant petty squabbles across the globe. They are where countless warlords get vehicles such as pincer IFVs, and the ones who provided the GLA with the ammunition for their ancient guns.

Wherever life is taken, the Syndicate make a profit. Because of these shady deals, they are in constant rivalry with another arms dealer: International INC whose convoys and shipments of arms and civilian aid bearing their corporate logo tend to disappear in areas with strong Syndicate presence, causing great tension and reluctance for International Inc to deal with the Syndicate. Despite that, both organisations cooperate with each other, for unknown reasons.

Lately, though, the corporation has released many press reports dealing with the advancement of spacecraft and seem to have their eyes focused on the stars; for that is the future of the Syndicate, to provide the most advanced security systems on the planet, even if it means annihilating the competition. Recently, Stark Enterprises and Wayne industries were bought up by the Syndicate and International Inc, destroying both companies forever.

The syndicate dominates Italy, Greece, New Zealand, the Congo, Guyana, parts of the American west coast, Central America, Afghanistan, and has sprawls all over the planet and a noticeable presence in virtually every nation on Earth. Even GLA dominated nations have some Syndicate presence, for such is the power of capitalism.


War Wolves:

"It is a telling sign that they did not consider a normal wolf to be fierce enough."

Wolves have long had a place in the culture of the Syndicate. It is rumored that Romulus owned a pet wolf he called Remus, a faithful companion and fierce protector that was always at his side. Darker rumors swirled that the wolf was name was more deeply symbolic than most realized, that Romulus had seen to the death of a close friend or even brother at some point and named the creature as a reminder of the act. As is often the case with the Syndicate, nothing was ever proven.

In emulation of their founder, the Syndicate has taken the wolf as a symbol of war. Many legions have adapted a symbolic representation of the creature as their unit badges, and statues or relief sculpture of the creatures adorn many corporate headquarters and military bases. It's therefore not terribly surprising that, as the Syndicate moved into cybernetics, they would find use for the creature. Really, the biggest surprise is that it took as long as it did.

Bred in captivity and modified extensively, War Wolves are quite possibly one of the most terrifying things on four legs. Bred to be bigger and meaner than any wild wolf could evolve to be, these creatures would be frightening enough as they were, but the Syndicate were not satisfied just yet. Like a great many citizens of the Sprawls, the War Wolf has undergone a process known as cyberization, the implantation of computers into the nervous system. A cyber-brain, a wetware/hardware interface, has been installed around the brain, while the eyes have been replaced with digital camera lenses. In the body, the spine itself has been swapped out for an electronic equivalent that replaces biological synapses with fibre-optic cables, enhancing their reflexes, and titanium plates have been worked under the skin in areas that might be exposed to enemy fire. The process leaves the animal as much machine as wolf, a horrifying and crude amalgam of fur, flesh and steel that most consider profoundly disturbing. Metal plates are exposed at the joints where the skin has worn away, while the cortex and spine implants protrude out of scar tissue, and the eyes glow a sickly yellow. When this once noble creature howls, its dirge is accompanied by the disruptive screech of a dying modem that causes lights to flicker and electronics to fail. What was once a noble beast has now become a living nightmare.

Yet, the process to create a War Wolf is but half-done. Thanks to enhancements to the intellect, War Wolves benefit from a training regime that will hone their inborn skills. Through their cyber-brains is fed a simstim (simulated stimulation) feed, which is monitored by specially programmed artificial intelligences. These AIs monitor the behavior of each wolf, relaying them orders by marking targets with falsified scents, creating artificial sounds to lure them forward and, of course, punishing them for failure to comply with simulated pain. It speaks of the effectiveness of the system that these wolves are said never to make the same mistake twice.

On the field, War Wolves usually operate in packs, hunting down hiding enemies and tearing them to pieces with their hydraulic jaws, or disabling squadrons of enemy vehicles and leaving them easy prey for their human masters. Though it is not uncommon for individual wolves to be attached to infantry squads, marking targets on the Battle Matrix for their comrades, wolves operate best in packs, where they can form a small neural network, merging background processes and freeing up processing power to focus on the battle. More than that, though, in these packs the War Wolves simply seem more active; it is speculated that it comforts the creatures to know they do not suffer alone.


Life in the Sprawls is a tough one. It has been compared to London in Dicken's era, though sociologists have noted this is something of an insult to Victorian London. The massive archologies of the Sprawls pack massive numbers of people into giant artificial ant-hills where the land has been so developed that one could live their entire lives without ever seeing the ground proper. The greatest Sprawls have no night or day, just a perpetual gray under the geodesic domes, the lower levels illuminated only by the glow of the neon lights. They are busy, claustrophobic, dirty and dark, and those on the bottom rung often want to escape, even if just for a few hours. Fortunately, nothing is easier in the Sprawls.

Most governments around the world run extensive anti-drug campaigns. In Japan, addiction is a grave dishonour, and drug dealers are ruthlessly hunted by the Yakuza for tarnishing the names of criminals everywhere, the Talon considers drug use to be a grave sin, in Trinity territories; omnipresent health care services push drugs out of the streets, and NATO runs a comprehensive War on Drugs.

In the Sprawls, you can buy recreational drugs at the corner store.

To the Syndicate, drugs are just another form of recreation. The Syndicate's pharmaceutical companies have developed a wide variety of drugs for every situation, ranging from "happy pills"that just make the day brighter to potent injectors that send the user into spirals of psychedelic imagery for hours at a time. Most of these drugs are addicting, though the companies have found that a lower-key, more controllable addiction leads to longer-term customers, and because it wouldn't do to have their citizens overdosing in the streets, these drugs are carefully refined to be fairly safe. As a result of easy access and the relative safety of the habit, pretty much everyone partakes, and socially, the worst side effect seems to be increased junk food consumption and the threat of being ambushed by somebody trying to educate you on how much they love you, "man".

These companies have even gone out of their way to ensure that all the drugs have the same addicting chemical, Smilex, so that the addicted can purchase any of the wide range of drugs to feed their addiction, allowing the companies to market them better. How exactly these circumstances fell into place is completely unknown, and while many a Sprawl-dweller spends hours on the Interwebs arguing it is a sign of the effectiveness of Randian Objectivism, the more likely case is simply corporate policy; the Syndicate don't want their Sprawls being filled with drug killings, street dealers and overdoses. After all, they are too busy exporting all that to other nations. And there is another side to this policy. When the Sprawls are threatened, Legion Security experts hit the streets in armoured vans offering combat webbing, machine-pistols, homemade bombs and free drugs to anyone willing to man the defences. This is the sort of offer that most can't refuse, and they swarm to the vans for a chance to see some glory through the lens of a drug-addled brain.

They follow this van right into combat, while the free doses get stronger and stronger, so that by the time they hit the field, the new Auxiliaries are thoroughly numbed to the idea of combat and can be pointed at the front lines of the enemy. During offensive actions, similar actions are taken with the surrounding populace, drawing out the existing addicts. In any case, the result is large group of shock troopers so addled that they'll walk into anything unflinchingly, closing to range to use their machine-pistols somewhat effectively.

Auxiliaries aren't really intended to be effective combatants. They have no training outside what they learn on the hard streets of the Sprawls, and their weapons are inaccurate and of low quality. What they do provide is a buffer between the enemy and the Syndicate, keeping the enemy at arm's length so that the Syndicate can employ their range advantage to greater effect. Auxiliaries are the ultimate disposable infantry; it literally can't get cheaper to deploy a human being onto the battlefield and have them do anything but run away.

During the walk to the combat zone, most Auxiliaries are given small micro-softs with basic combat theory written on it, things like taking cover, firing their weapon, and some basic enemy identification lessons. One of the artificial instincts in the device instructs users to employ the "special injections" they received just before hitting the field when the situation gets bad.

What they do know is that this injection contains an extremely potent drug that'll temporarily boost their endurance and strength to superhuman levels. What they don't know is that it's not exactly safe for human consumption, and will likely burn their nervous system out completely. Alas, thus is life for the throw-away soldier.


No Caption Provided

For the last fifty years, Legion Security has been the single largest private military contractor in the world. That simple statement fails to fully encompass the gravity of the situation. Though there has never been a formal third-party count of Legion security employees, there is evidence that indicate there may be more than ten million Legionnaires, on the low end. Legionnaires are soldiers, police and corporate enforcers in equal measure, and are in many ways the glue that hold together the Sprawls and prevent them from descending (completely) into anarchy. There are places in the world, places far removed from the rule of law under any major nation, where the Legionnaire is the basic unit of law, justice and security.

This is quite a terrifying thought.

Legion Security is ubiquitous. Anyone can hire them, for the right price, and they are bound by only one simple rule; they cannot be contracted to attack other Legion Security personnel. As they are more or less the only show in town in the Sprawls, they play a vital role in keeping the vast number of subsidiaries from tearing each other to pieces in constant corporate warfare. However, their missions are not limited to internal protection. The Syndicate itself can call upon these tech-warriors for offensive action; be it crushing a corporate rival in a"hostile takeover", finishing off the bankrupt remains of a local government falling before the advance of the Sprawls or dealing with nosy Interpol agents looking too deeply into Syndicate interests, Legionnaires live up to their motto: "Travel the World, Meet Interesting People, and Kill Them."

Legionnaires are iconic of the Syndicate in more ways than one. Technologically, Legionnaires are like nothing the world has ever seen before. Their lightweight ceramic bodysuits, individually tailored, provide protection comparable to Peacekeeper Assault Armour for a fraction of the weight, while their gyrojet rifles pack the longest effective range of any assault rifle in the world. Incorporated into the helmet's visor is an advanced Heads Up Display, low-light, thermal, motion tracking and electromagnetic vision settings, and a Micro-Soft issued to each soldier contains a lifetime of knowledge for the use of this technology. However, the Legionnaires also do justice to the Syndicate's brutal"got mine" philosophy and ruthless lack of ethics. The average Legionnaire is little more than a thug in turquoise armour, gleefully enforcing the will of their corporate masters with no regard to the suffering they leave in their wake. More than anything, Legion Security stands as proof of an old truism in the corporation; Not only will people do anything for enough money, they'll do it "gladly".


Tanks are a difficult nut to crack for a private military corporation. High explosive weapons and large bore rockets are usually prohibited by law, so except for the most lawless reaches of the world PMC companies must rely on antiquated anti-tank rifles, handheld shaped charges, or simply go without. With the Syndicate taking an increasingly militant stance, confronting armour has become inevitable, placing a definite requirement for a standardized handheld anti-armour weapon for Legion Security.

The resulting "Dory" railgun is a five-foot long weapon with a mantle to protect its user from shrapnel in case of a short-ranged shot. The 3mm rod it fires will, like larger varieties, punch straight through multiple layers of armour plate. Lighter tanks, especially those with low-grade armour plating, tend to shatter when struck, filling the crew compartment with deadly spall, and though better-constructed vehicles will not break in this way, virtually no amount of armour can resist the weapon.

In a nod to the spear-and-shield appearance of the weapon, those trained in its use are popularly referred to as Hoplites. The reinforced helmets and shoulder-pads help this appearance, as does the horizontal fibre-optic strip on the helmets. They are kitted out in a fully armoured suit like other Syndicate infantry, which assures them a certain degree of safety when positioning themselves for the optimal shot.

Also unique is that the Hoplite, to ensure a calm battlefield demeanour, has had a procedure done called a "nerve staple", a manipulation of the area of the brain from which fear and self-preservative instinct comes. A Hoplite will stand in the open to use their weapon while comrades dive for cover, giving them a vital few seconds more to line up a lethal shot.


Unlike the regularly employed Legionnaires of the Legion Security Corporation of Rome, or the recklessly recruited Auxiliaries of the Sprawls, the Certaman are employed on an individual basis. They work for cash, and only work after they have been paid. They are registered with numerous bars, and when a representative rolls in, they line up at the door for the job. Unlike the other common infantry of the Syndicate, a Certaman is aligned to whoever owns their original contract. When it runs out, they either renegotiate or disappear. They tend to have no ties to the world around them, and only the money seems to matter.

They are door to door killers; alone and only with a small briefcase, they wander the streets of the Sprawls looking for work. They wear a black three piece suit with a teal tie, sunglasses, and gloves. Hidden within their suitcases are Bishop Anti Air mortars, efficient enough to bring down anything in the sky. When the target is spotted, the Certaman simply kneels and jerks back the handle on the suitcase. The elaborate machine unpacks itself and a missile is launched when the operator gives the signal. Unfortunately the soft launch prevents the Bishop from being used against ground targets and therefore the Certaman must rely on other tools for their survival.

The "Saving Grace", as it is called, is the most used of such reliable equipment, being a simple high powered land mine. These cheap and discardable tools are the favorite of Certaman because of the incredible amounts of damage it causes to anything in range. Although the land mine is extremely effective, the average Certaman avoids deploying more than one at a time (the Saving Grace is notorious for friendly fire.) The left arm is a customized cybernetic implant with a direct link to the Certamans bank account, and also doubles as his lifeline when dealing with close quarters combat. When needed, the implant can reconfigure itself into an "Epic Buster" Gauss Cannon. It functions by accelerating a type of magnetic projectile to high velocity using one or more electromagnets in the configuration of a synchronous linear electric motor. But because of its high energy demands, the Certaman can only use it when garrisoned (they need to be plugged into an electrical outlet, lest their internal batteries go dead).


When a National Geographic team was allowed to explore a Sprawl for an article for the magazine, they were given a Helios Security escort to take care of any legal niceties. Mostly they kept away drug addicts and riff raff, without any real concern for their safety. But when a photographer took a picture of a man in the shadows of a crumbling alley, who had curious shoes that seemed to be based on springs and what seemed to be wires hanging from his wrists, the Helios turned white with terror. Immediately they fired their guns at him. Instead of falling down, the man let out a vaguely pleasured howl of pain as he literally jumped over the building behind him. When asked what happened, a Helios officer famously quipped, “Don’t ask; you’ll sleep better.”

The Mediterranean Syndicate’s new assassins and wilderness skirmishers, called Satyrs, were well armed, to be sure. With monomolecular implants, they could dice an enemy in under a second. They could also leap across great distances thanks to specialized footwear. But it wasn’t enough for the company training them, Wilderness Solutions. In trials they had an unacceptable loss rate. Analysis showed that too many times split second fears meant death at the hands of long range fire. Given the success of Syndicate battlesuits in psychosurgery improving battlefield performance, the assassins were given special, irreversible surgery in the part of their brain dealing with inhibitions.

The next day policing Legionnaires responded to a complaint that Wilderness Solutions hadn’t opened their doors. Forcing them open, the Legionnaires were confronted with sections of the staff, strewn across the ground along with unidentified fluids, all leading to a hole that had been sliced open. It is thought the Satyrs woke up from post-op, and the staff died seconds later. The following week, Legion Security noted an unprecedented spike of murders, rape, and substance theft unlike anything in Syndicate history. It was considered significant enough to bring in squads of Centurions to restore the status quo. Then Praetorians were brought in when too many Centurions were dying, left in bloodied piles, sometimes in grotesquely humorous poses. Each hour was accompanied by a hideous laughter that echoed through the neon maze.

One by one, each assassin was hunted down, and the truth was revealed to the Syndicate. Captured Satyrs were sedated and studied. It was found out that all inhibitions were gone, and now almost every act gave them pleasure, though the more primal and visceral ones gave the most. If the Satyrs wanted to do something, they simply did it, without regards to safety or morality. Many normally amoral executives wanted to shut the program down, but others saw the inherent value, if they could only be trained.

Training turned out to be impossible; the Satyrs seemed to enjoy any punishment inflicted on them. Attempts to make them placid by injecting them with nauseating drugs while showing footage of violent acts against Syndicate members also failed, as the Satyrs literally could not make the link in their mind. Instead, they are now merely contained, fulfilling the niche they were designed for. They are also used to infiltrate enemy buildings, killing all inside and caking the halls inside with blood to be found by replacement crews who come to man the empty structure. In order to ensure their cooperation (as it is), they are now allowed free reign of the Sprawls if they do not attack Syndicate personnel in battle. Times when Satyrs are between battles are called a “Bacchanalia” in the Sprawl, where locking the door is no safety if the Satyrs want what you have, whether drugs, your daughter, or your blood.


"We aren't cavemen. We have standards. We have technology. The will to fight is half the battle. The knowledge of battle is half. The means are the lynchpin."

A Centurion is a constant reminder of what is the Syndicate's motivation for taking the path they have. A Centurion is the most professional of all the Syndicate's infantry in the fact that they do not act like wild dogs. They are honorable, polite, and brutally efficient. They take it upon themselves to lead fellow infantry into battle and achieve victory in the swiftest manner.

Their high calibre anti-materiel rifles are always custom made to the specifications of Centurions, and thus there is no standardized variant. They are used with scientific tradition, as no force can convince these outstanding individuals to fire a round until they are certain that the bullet will strike their intended target. The sheer force of the high calibre round is enough to neutralize any individual, much less damage a lightly armed target.

There have been recorded instances in which Centurion's have been known to destroy a patrolling Humvee or Technical or two. However, do not confuse them with the fragile specialist snipers of other armies. They are bound by the true path of leadership, and command their legions from the front lines.

Centurions have often suffered heavy casualties in battle, generally fighting alongside the Legionaries they commanded. They usually led from the front, occupying a position at the front right of the century formation. They led and inspired their men by example. They also sought to display the skill and courage that may have gotten them to their rank in the first place. It is for these reasons that they often suffered a disproportionate number of casualties.

To reduce the losses of such outstanding employees the Syndicate has taken actions to equip them with an advanced cloak. Although the thermo-optic cloak has a limited reserve of energy, it allows the Centurion to take a decisive shoot, under the safety of invisibility. While Centurions prefer their men and enemies to see them, orders are orders.

Praetorian Battlesuit:

The Sprawls are a naturally dangerous place full of drug addicted mercenaries and greedy entrepreneurs. Eventually every Sprawl would go through a period of dissolution and gradual decay of order known as "Laissez Faire". In a Laissez Faire, the Sprawl changes hands from the systematic rule of dozens of electronic corporations, to the gang violence and organized chaos of the drug trade. However not every Sprawl will die as a result of a collapse of order. In rare cases, a Sprawl can avoid decay by restoring order before any critical infrastructure has been damaged beyond repair. The best method of restoring order to such a bloody and violent disorder would be through the deployment of Praetorian Battlesuits.

The first one of many of the Syndicate's Battlesuit projects, the Praetorian Battlesuit project was intended to be used by the personal bodyguards of the Syndicate's Executives. Early tests showed the Praetorian to have great effect against infantry, scouts, and Soviet Terror Drones. But the Praetorian was unable to protect their targets from aircraft or withstand heavier armaments. Despite the early advances made by the research team, they were unable to accomplish the goals of complete tactical supremacy, as a result of the department choosing to go with "light concealable equipment".

As a result of the early stages of development, the project went ahead with a role of a anti-personnel cyborg. Auxiliaries were brought in as potential test subjects, and to the astonishment of the development team, were able to effectively control the machines with little effort. As individuals, Auxiliaries knew how to deal with new experiences and old problems. The Praetorian Battlesuit was far too heavily armed to attack effortlessly. The ceramic plating and heavy battle rifles were swapped out for lighter plate armour, and a pair of oversized burst pistols. Thus, the modern Praetorian Battlesuit was born; a seamless mix of human instinct and mechanized brutality.

Hercules heavy power armor:

Letter of recommendation for the reevaluation of the Hector Suppression Armour


''With my highest regards to Jack Dempsey,

The Hector Suppression Suit has proved to be an unrivaled mechanical masterpiece but there are still far to many quirks to work out with the Cerebral Cortex Control CPU. Although the problem was identified and corrected, I still can not feel at ease after watching my creation tear apart the security forces sent in to restrain it. Despite the use of multiple Praetorian Battlesuit's and nearly a battalion of security personnel, none were able to bring the machine to a halt. Even the assigned Hoplite were unable to destroy the thing with lethal force, and they were armed with armour piercing railguns! The company lacks sufficient anti armour equipment with the mobility to rapidly respond to the demands of the Security Forces. To this end I ask the Board to allow the development of a Anti Armour Battlesuit with the ability to solve the problems stated in my letter.

Sincerely, Ezekiel Clerk''

Voice Recording of Jack Dempsey 7/31/08

"That Trent is a fucking dead man! If he wasn't in charge of maintaining that goddamn Minerva, then I would have put him in that Suppression Armour! At least the Hercules Heavy Armour came out all right. Hell, it could take on two Hammers and come out without so much as a scratch if used properly. It makes me giddy with joy every time one of those jumps right on top of a pack of idiots, and you wanna know the best part? The guy we used not only volunteered, but he even paid for the operation! Who knows what the heck is going through the guy's mind when he put his pension down for this nightmare?"

-End of recording

Email from lifeonlybetter@expressmail.com 11:42AM 10/14/08

The Hercules Heavy Armour auppears to be the latest development by Oedipus Committee Productions in the field of Cybernetic Enhancements. Although not a full fledged Battlesuit, the Hercules uses a light wet-ware control system to allow for greater mobility and superior command functions. A volunteer is integrated into the Hercules Exoskeleton through the gradual replacement of basic organic material with more reliable artificial components. From the latest in circulatory replacements, to enhanced piston driven prosthetics, the Hercules Heavy Armour is a testament to modern reconstructive surgery. Once the wet ware has been integrated into the exoskeleton frame, the Leaper Acceleration Kit is added to provide mobility. The armament of such a incremental machine is a railgun that uses a rather large 9mm rod to pierce enemy armour. I am rather surprised by the efficiency of the design. It would appear that the rest of the Syndicate is finally starting to catch up to me. Even though they are years away from catching up to Minerva, I think it is about time I prepare an upgrade to her hardware. She might actually have to deal with some real competition in the near future.

Brutus Gladiator Armour:

The Syndicate have never been known for ethics: but efficiency is almost synonimous with them. Their tactical Battlesuits, long-ranged weaponry, and A.U.R.A. network are all frightening examples of their brutal efficiency. However, with increasing levels of Allied interference in shady deals and their existing AA platforms proving too costly, vulnerable, or easily spotted: they needed something with the power to stand up to one of the most feared Airforces in the world- and that led to the developement of the Brutus Gladiator Armour.

The Brutus Gladiator Armour is a machine built to give interfering aircraft something to fear: armed with a superheated mono-molecular wire net-gun and a "Trident" sear gas system to fend off ground targets. The original reasoning behind using a mono-wire net-gun was to keep aircraft mostly intact while forcing them to crash- possibly preserving technology to be salvaged later. However, in early tests the mono-wire net proved to be far more destructive to aircraft than expected, so the weapon was modified to superheat the net before launch for maximum lethality. The Syndicate Executives ran into trouble when it came time to actually test the vehicle. The mono-molecular wire net-gun had no way of homing in on targets: this, combined with the speed and manueverability of modern aircraft and a lack of room for a computer to aim the weapon meant that most Brutus test pilots had an unnacceptably low accuracy rating against target drones without a direct uplink to the A.U.R.A. system. Simply put, only the most accomplished of marksman could hope to hit a modern plane with the powerful mono-wire net-gun: and the Syndicate did not have enough of such men to fill the ranks.

However, rather than re-design the Brutus or cancel the project, the Syndicate began a project to implant a program to do all the computing required to aim the weapon on to the mind of the pilot. This form of technology is difficult to apply even for the Syndicate, and it was found that younger, less cluttered minds accepted to implanting better than an adult. Thus, orphans who would not be missed (especially in a Sprawl) were abducted and forced to undergo the process of Cyberization, during which the aiming program was implanted on to their subconscious with timer system that would kill them in five days unless reset at a specialized facility. For those captured, there is little hope of anyone but the Syndicate knowing how to reset the timer, and thus they are pressed into the Syndicate Brutus ranks without hope of escape. This is not an uncommon origin among Brutus pilots, and thus they typically despise the other Syndicate forces and hate the ones responsible for the program. It is not uncommon for their hatred of their lack of freedom to develop into a form of sadism. Regardless, the Brutus Gladiator Armour project has proven efficient at its intended role, and thu

Hector Suppression Armour:


The main prototype involved with the Hector program was exceeding our expectations. Hiroshi Yamauchi and I had developed a monstrous machine, with the capability to flip tanks, crush infantry, and gun down hordes of hostiles with its heavy chainguns. A special computer with a custom A.I. provided by the corporation was used to great effect as a pilot substitute.

The prototype was named after her original designer, the late Hector Endrizzi (and approved by the Executive Committee of Classics), and would utilize a custom control system he designed. The system was installed by a man who went by the name Trent, while a Mr. Dempsey evaluated the project. With his approval and Hector's Cerebral Cortex Control system installed; the "Hector Suppression Armour" was ready for live fire trails.

Despite my past experiences with A.I.s, I was astonished with the reliability and effectiveness of this new design. It surpassed all previous models in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, rational thought, language, and even appeared to have a consciousness. During trails, entire columns of mock infantry were ripped in half by the chainguns while we men of science watched with sheer delight. The Hector Suppression Armour proved the most effective infantry deterrent in existence. We thought it only natural, that it could complete all necessary assignments for a month within a few hours.

By the time the first day of trails had ended, over three quarters of assigned tasks had been accomplished. The third day of trails was when we recorded the first anomaly. The Hector seemed impatient, harassing the caretakers and supervisors. As time passed it even grew violent. Total chaos insured within seconds after the CPU's cooling system failed.

The Hector went on a rampage unlike anything I have ever seen. Security immediately responded, but were as lambs to the slaughter. Even Praetorian battlesuits were unable to bring this beast to a halt. Three of those Helios securityguards Fowl lent us were needed to restrain the Hector until I could activate the manual override. What on Earth could have caused it to act so violently? My report to Dempsey will cover everything that happened here, as well as my recommendation for the revaluation of the the Cerebral Cortex Control CPU.


So we were doing some basic maneuvering trials after yesterday's incident when we got a whole barrage of error windows back through the monitors. Apparently, the CCCCPU required a coolant change, so we booted the head technician out the door with one of the spares that came with the core, and popped open the receiving bay.

Instead of a canister of boiling coolant as we were expecting, we got back an empty tube with a small amount of residue. Well, the head technician loaded the replacement and brought the empty back here. The man was scared out of his wits and nearly slipped on a puddle of blood that the janitors missed on his way back to the control room; I've had him restrained until I figure out where I'm going to transfer him. I cannot abide cowardice.

The empty tube is an interesting phenomenon. What sort of coolant system expends its cooling agent? I have a feeling there is more here than meets the eye; I sent the tube down to the lab to be looked over, and we've shut down the suit until we known what's going on.


The situation here is entirely unacceptable. While the base was in its night cycle, the Hector was somehow reactivated and it broke out of the holding bay, killing two technicians. We learned from last time and had Helios Security standing by, but that is not the main issue.

We checked the records and confirmed that nobody had activated the machine; all evidence indicates that the Hector powered up on its own and started moving immediately towards the supply room. It managed to pry open the crate with the coolant reloads before being disabled. I await the lab results eagerly, and we've removed the limb components of the machine to prevent it from moving without authorization.


Results just came back from the lab. Liquid is a potent narcotics mix, completely uncut; one could probably kill a bull elephant with this stuff. The techs agree that the stuff would be completely useless as a coolant. I'm going to find some answers.

3/25/08 Supplemental

An hour ago I sent a team out to pry open the casing. One of the technicians lost a hand when the the hatch slammed shut as a defense mechanism; we chained every moving part we could find to a support beam before taking out the CCCCPU. The coolant canister was totally empty, so we wired the thing up to an interface station and had one of the Immunes crack the ICE on the core so we could find out what was wrong with its programming. We were expecting orderly files; what we got was wetware.

There is a brain in that thing. An actual human brain. They hooked some poor bastard, took out his brain and a few other choice bits, and stuck them in a cyber-brain casing, just to get a better combat machine. I cannot believe this was authorized... Did anyone stop to think of the PR fallout if this gets out?

If somebody had decided to tell me about this, maybe I would have known that I was supposed to be loading a fresh tube of "coolant" daily, but instead we left the thing for six days without a top up and now its dying from the withdrawal symptoms. Unless we do something, the project will suffer unacceptable delays.


Project is back on course, finally. Now that we know what we are dealing with, everything is much easier; the new core is performing to a much higher standard than before, thanks to the selection criteria. My full report to command is going to include a recommendation that the subject be addicted only after implantation; our results thus far indicate this leads to a more stable, controllable system. I will also have to request a new head technician; I daresay that our old one is serving a much more vital role to the project now than he ever could before.

Titan security armour:

The Titan Security Armour was a result of the need for a reliable escort after the Praetorian proved insufficient in dealing with assassination attempts upon several key members of the Mediterranean Syndicate's Chain of Command, especially those carried out by the Order of the Talon. In an effort to provide adequate security to the more valuable investments the corporation couldn't afford to lose, the Security Forces began to deploy their own improvised escorts that operated independent of the normal corporate structure. More often than not Titan Security Armours were the primary choice as their use did not have to be registered within the corporation, and they could be relatively easily acquired so long as they offered the right price.

Several notable mercenaries have personally taken it amongst themselves to undergo a surgical process, to give them the edge over their would be opponents. Although the process is painful and quite traumatizing, the results speak for themselves as the Titan Security Armours have become wildly known as the most reliably useful battlesuit as it can effectively deal with any hostile so long as they are within reach. In combat they tend to work best as insurance to keep enemy units away from their clients. If needed the Titan could also fire a rocket-propelled fist, designed for explicit use against faster moving vehicles. The only reason that it isn't used more often is that the Titan has only so many of them to reload.

For the most part Titans are seen as a relatively common commodity amongst the powerful and wealthy members and corporations of a Sprawl. In several circles they are seen as a symbol of status within the Syndicate as they require a rather large sum of funds to be recruited into any position. However several individuals still have problems adjusting to their new bodies, and tend to have extensively recorded history's all concerning the use of excessive force. They tend to rip apart enemy infantry, flip tanks, and almost comically knock out Imperial Mechas. However the Titans tend to be especially vicious against Satyrs. The two are relative opposites from one another and any confrontation between them results in a laughing Satyr head flying off into the sunset.

Originally, what began as a strong rivalry between the Titans preventing the Satyrs from enjoying themselves near their employers has grown into open war. In one such occasion a Titan threw a Satyr through a wall after the Satyr killed his client and began a barroom brawl in the middle of a wedding ceremony. Though none of the attendees survived the unfortunate incident, it should be noted that the Titan was able to make the Satyr beg for a swift death. Something no other human being has ever accomplished before or since that day.

Mars Artillery Armour:

From a Nike Steelworks advertisement for the Mars

"How are YOU at your job?

With new Sprawls being built faster than ever, the construction industry can be a very lucrative business indeed. But have you ever thought about how to get ahead?

Many factors could cost you your rightful share of these profits. Cheap, unskilled workers seek to undercut you. Gangs seek to ensure only their members get jobs. And even the Lifters seek to supercede you with a technological advantage. With these groups all vying for their own interests, how can you ensure that you get ahead?

Introducing the new 'Mars' Construction Armour!

With some of the most advanced cybernetics available to civilian consumers, the Mars upgrade is well worth the price! With the muscular enhancements this suit provides, you will soon be able to carry steel girders by hand, and the leg stabilisation equipment allows structures to be steadied by simply holding them at the ground level. With four railguns, the Mars can rapidly fire rivets into construction beams, securing them in place. And the advantages of being a battlesuit allow you to work twice as long and ten times as efficiently as any 'human' worker. What employer could resist! And with the enhanced strength, armour, and railguns, you never need to worry about criminal retaliation for your success!

Not only this, but if you upgrade yourself now, you can get a bonus to this amazing offer: For a limited time only, Legion Security themselves are hiring Mars Construction Armours for several lucrative contracts. Why wait? Get ahead with the Mars!"

Originally designed as a competing system for the Construction Lifter, the Mars was fantastic at its job: efficient, powerful, and effective. Once Lifters began cornering the market on construction in Sprawls, local businesses began to suffer. Many small businesses were bankrupted: after all, who would hire them when a Lifter could do it twice as fast, and for half the price? Soon, however, this began to impact on larger businesses as well, who simply could not keep up with this new development. One of these businesses was Nike Steelworks. Despite having a near monopoly in Peru, they could not keep Lifters out forever... unless they themselves could supercede them. With this in mind, Nike comissioned a new design: a cybernetic system that they hoped would allow them to dominate the market once again. The product of this design was the Mars Construction Armour, and there was no doubt: it was more effective than the Lifter in every way. Faster, stronger, and better suited to precision work, there seemed no doubt about it: the Mars was the future of construction!

One year later, the Mars had failed to take off. There was a simple reason for this: cost. The cost of producing a single Mars were nearly four times that of producing a single Lifter. Not only this, a Lifter could be piloted by virtually any person, even without training, making costs of the operator trivial. For the Mars, however, the hiring costs were huge: being the 'cutting edge' of construction, the pilot of the Mars could (and would) charge whatever outrageous wage they wanted. If you had money to burn, the Mars was better, but otherwise a Lifter would be the only affordable option.

Desperate to recoup their losses, Nike Steelworks sold their design to Legion Security. Hoping to act as a base building element, the Mars once again lost out... to the Lifter again. In anger, one Francisco Gamarra, a Mars pilot, shredded the entire local supply of Lifters in protest. Instead of being reprimanded, however, he was offered a contract. Upscaling the rivet railguns to full railguns, the Mars was unexpectedly picked up as an artillery piece: after all, if a civilian model could fight past Legion Security and destroy military approved hardware out of jealousy, just how well could a battle ready model potentially do?

Nowdays, most Mars pilots are construction workers, drawn in by the promise of being unparalled in their work, and thus irreplaceable in the high-stakes job markets of the Sprawls. To encourage combat duty, the Mars is purposely priced higher than most people wanting to upgrade could afford, but not quite high enough to arouse supicion. This forces most people to take a contract with Legion Security to afford the upgrade, and then fight to fulfil their contract. Despite this, there is no shortage of volunteers: in the right construction site in the right part of a Sprawl, away from those with only the funds to pay for Lifters, the Mars still reigns supreme.

Spartan Assault Armour:

The Syndicate is a wide assortment of the most varied and culturally different individuals in the world. To say that any organization or nation has done more for the opportunity and technological advancement of its society is madness. However despite the dozens of natural languages, thousands of electronic products, and millions of aspiring individuals, the Mediterranean Syndicate is held together by nothing more than insatiable ambition.

No one walks through the streets of a Sprawl without thinking of how to get ahead in life. For the most part many never will. So they look to the past. The golden ages of history from which our civilization was built. The good natured intent of Prometheus, the rise of the Roman Empire, and most famously the ancient Greek military power, Sparta.

Laconophilia (admiration of the Spartan culture and military valour) is common amongst many of the Philosophers' ranks, even those who the Board considered above such an inexplicable emotion. When the corporation began to work on the beginning of the Spartan Assault Armour, teams of Philosophers gathered to debate the design and role of such a weapon.

They all agreed that it should be their monument to the once great society that fought alongside the legions of Rome, but none could share their vision. At the end, they each set off to build their own machine, without the aid of any another. To Vulcan's delight, dozens of battlesuits were forged, and a small army gathered at the base of Mount Etna, Greece.

The Director of the Philosophers, Doctor Trent, proposed a solution for the conflict; have all the candidates send their creations into the Colosseum where the mightiest would stand victorious in a battle royal. For three days the war raged as the relentless pilots vigorously fought the other contenders in a battle to the death.

By the dawn of the third day, not a single gladiator was capable of combat, as all keeled before the skeletal superstructure that moved just as swiftly and reacted to the constantly shifting battlefield as it had the first day. Walter Elias Disney emerged from the small crowd around the sole survivor and proceeded to declare Ezekiel Clark the victor.

Trent sceptically examined the machine and thought to himself of what a waste of resources this experiment was. The victor was armed with long barrelled rocket launcher, equipped with flechette ammunition to incapacitate enemy armour. A heavy shield made up the entire left arm while his right could change between the roles of supporting the weight of the launcher, and gracefully attacking with a bladed weapon.

He did not find any real advantage to this unlikely champion and rather thought of the skill and stamina of the pilot. "Was he a veteran, or was he trained? Possibly Japanese, most likely one of the former Emperor's surviving Imperial Guards. Must have had a lot of tea to stay awake this long, or really bad nightmares."

By the time he had circled the machine twice he had already deduced the controller to be Yatsushiro, the young apprentice of the Zatiochi Shimata and one of the late Emperor of Japan's surviving bodyguards. Expecting an infiltration, Trent called for additional security and asked to meet the individual commanding the newly instated Spartan Assault Armour.

Walt simply smiled and nodded toward the panel Clark opened at the chest of the machine. Inside, only the remains of a spinal cord removed from the protective vertebral column could be seen. He thought himself fooled for a second as he imagined the previous success of wetware in the design of the Hector Suppression Armour. Jack Dempsey was then heard profanely expressing the sudden appearance of battlesuits before his privet office and led a phalanx of imitation Spartans onto the field.

Interrupting, Walt explained his role in the affair. He had sponsored Ezekiel's project and granted the good doctor access to several of his own previous designs. He proceeded to cunningly explain their capabilities and strengths to Dempsey while avoiding the reasons or nature of their production.

"In a large group, Spartans can be seen to deploy into a large cluster known as a 'Phalanx'. This defensive mode grants the Spartans a massive defensive bonus for each nearby Spartan." Trent, confident in his answer, proceeded to congratulate Dr. Clark on his latest accomplishment, and questioned him relentlessly over how he had overcome the very problems he himself triumphed over years before.

Ezekiel replied that he had not achieved the transhumanist outcome, but rather cheated the ability of current technology by replacing miles of fibre optic cable with a cheaper solution. Trent later returned to his office, and began to ponder the day’s events. By midnight he was only disgusted with the realization of the truth.

"My God, they have actually removed the soul of the machine."

Dryad Support Armour:

In war, losses are inevitable; every army must minimise their losses and salvage those that cannot be avoided. Tanks could have their parts salvaged, extra armour can be plated on the sides of damaged areas, and anything not able to be repaired can be melted down and recast. Unfortunately for the Syndicate, they faced a different challenge. The main fighting force of the Syndicate is their infantry and battlesuits, as opposed to tanks and aircraft. As well as this, the Syndicate forces were never designed to be shot at; they depend on their range to avoid retaliation. Finally, even if their infantry were not shot at, and even if their armour was not damaged in the slightest, Syndicate battlesuits need constant upkeep of their wetware, and a large proportion of their non-cyborg troops take dangerous levels of drugs, often on the brink of overdose. Their forces require medical attention and upkeep, as complex and essential as the mechanical upkeep in other factions.

It was obvious that a medical support unit was needed. The first solution was, of course, to use medics on the battlefield. However, this was in itself not sufficient; the Syndicate's somewhat 'flexible' morals often came into conflict with the strict morals of professional medics. Few trained medics would accept Syndicate demands to cut as many corners as possible in treatment, withdraw essential medication from certain patients, or even outright kill certain infantry if they were no longer necessary. As well as this, there was the high cost of training these medics, and the long time it took to complete this training. In the end, this solution resulted only in an effective, but inefficient, expensive and uncooperative force. Syndicate attempts to use other pathways failed miserably; unqualified 'backstreet doctors' caused the unintentional death of troops, creating a medical AI proved prohibitivley expensive, and giving Auxillaries basic first aid microsofts only helped them requisition more drugs for their own personal use. The Syndicate needed a strong, relativley disciplined, cheap and morally bankrupt medical force for the battlefield. The Dryad was the solution devised.

Criminals in the Sprawls are no strangers to 'working off' their debt; low-level criminals that damage Syndicate propery are often drafted to work in dangerous and unsafe factories at minimum wage to repay their 'debt'. The Dryad, however, is unique in that it allows medium and even high-level criminals to sign up for the Dryad system. After their signup, their debt is calculated (the cost of damage caused to the Syndicate, plus the profit any individual killed by them could be expected to bring the Syndicate in their lifetime, plus the cost of cybernetics, quadrupled, with the cost of the quotation into this calculation added). Only those with debts so large that the Syndicate never expects them to pay off in their lifetime are selected. At this point, most of the subject's body is replaced by a low-armoured battlesuit, in order to ensure that they cannot 'waste' medical supplies on themselves. After this, specially made microsofts filled with all the combat medical knowledge and battlesuit repairs they will ever need are uploaded into their brain. Adrenal surpressors and seretonin regulators are implanted to keep them (relativley) docile, and a kill switch is added in case they go rogue. Because these criminals are not squeamish to violent conditions or morally reprehensible actions, no frontal lobotomy or nerve stapling is required, saving a large amount of time and money in their production. At this point, the Dryad is ready.

The Dryad has proven to be an incredibly effective program, patching the weaknesses of the Syndicate's mercenary forces, while reducing prison overcrowding and even being able to offer (overpriced) medical attention between battles to further repay their debt. What has surprised the Syndicate most, however, is that a handful of Dryads have repaid their debt in full, and earned their freedom, leading to debates amongst the Board of Classics as to whether the formula for the debt should be revised. Finally, it must also be remembered that, while female inmates seem to far prefer the Dryad program to the male inmates, and indeed the public perception of Dryads is that of a female group male Dryads are far from uncommon; if you hurt the Syndicate, it doesn't matter if you are man, woman or child; you will pay them back.


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Like any police force in any city, the Legionnaires that enforce the status quo in the Sprawl are exponentially made more effective when mounted. Unfortunately, while most other police cars would face little more than thrown rocks, in the Sprawl criminals are often carrying military grade weapons or worse. The first few years of the Sprawl were terrible for any mounted Legionnaire. As all the company could afford were normal, civilian cars, it was more or less a death sentence, as they were shot at by assault rifle fire from windows above, sometimes by gangs and sometimes by bored Sprawl dwellers. Buying large numbers of Humvees and reinstalling their turrets helped a little, but it wasn't until a terrible incident that the Syndicate took notice.

A major stockholder of the Syndicate was traveling by limousine with a Legionnaire escort in the cramped streets of the Mercury Sprawl when a Satyr on an arcology above noticed all the flashing lights, and instantly got the urge to attack it. Jumping 30 stories from the roof, he smashed a Ranger before leaping into the window of the limo, only to jump through the roof seconds later, encrusted with glass and bits of metal and with the screaming stockholder in his hands. Later, the stockholder's mutilated head was found jammed in the jaws of a wolf statue. Such a major insult to the Syndicate meant the painful "disappearance" of most of the Mercury Sprawl's Legionnaire officers, but not before they squeaked out their escorts' inability to respond correctly.

Surprisingly, the task to make a better urban patrol car went to an outside contractor, as any Syndicate company which produced such vehicles would soon be demolished by all the gangs in whatever Sprawl it was. Going to a company venture in Rio de Janeiro meant it would be protected by the Allied Nations. The family owned firm were given the fruits of the Syndicate's technology, and presented the Hydra Scout AFV a few months later. Armed to the teeth, and with a low profile, it was well suited to patrol the Sprawls. A sear gas launcher helps with any major disturbance; indeed, in a Hydra a Legionnaire had little reason to leave the vehicle. To help through major traffic jams caused by rush hour or the Hydra's own fire, the Syndicate later installed a Digitech Manoeuvring Aura array in each Hydra, capable of linking each vehicle's computer driving assistance together, allowing easier formation moving. Though starting as a police vehicle, it has found equal use in combat in any urban environment, and isn't too out of place on any battlefield.


Deep within the abandoned ruins of the Bacchus Sprawl in what used to be the city of Naples, some people still survive, and as long as they do so, the Syndicate's subsidiary companies will survive as well. However, not all activity in the Sprawl is confined to Apollo Park, as the still-inhabited district is known, and by this point in time, not all the computer systems in the Desolation are entirely functional. And some of those that are, have become... unreliable. Legion Security's solution to expeditions into the Desolation would no doubt be to simply destroy everything in its path, but Janus Solutions, the pioneer of the Prometheus collection vehicle, elected to take a different approach. Many of the stationary computer-controlled systems in the Sprawl's ruin could be put to good use, and Janus Solutions came out with the Gyges, euphemistically dubbed an "Infrastructure Acquisition" vehicle.

Like all Janus products, the Gyges is rugged, reliable, and surprisingly simple in operation. The Gyges first paints the desired target with a weapon jammer, similar but superior to the Allies' jammers from the war, then closes with the errant computer. A localized EMP burst completely shuts down the target, and the Gyges extends its intrusion interface, letting the onboard AI reconfigure whatever software, wires, or indeed anything else that might be necessary to reprogram the machine - the Gyges is hardly restricted to just AI-operated systems, and the company updates the AI's roster of known mechanisms and how to take control of them daily. When the recalcitrant machine recovers from the EMP burst, it is fully under the Syndicate's control.

Although initially designed and used solely for use within the Bacchus Sprawl, Janus executives noted the versatility of the Gyges design after a few months of field tests as challenging as only expeditions into a ruined Sprawl can be, and offered the design to the Syndicate as a whole as battlefield "salvage" equipment. The Gyges, Janus promised, could disable and acquire any battlefield fortifications the enemy would care to mount, and proved it with demonstrations of Gyges stealing fully armed Obelisks of Light, Lance turrets, and Steam bombards. The Syndicate judged the results worthy of further investigation, and in truth, there has only been one significant change to the design since its initial inception: a set of sophisticated stealth systems, collectively dubbed a cloaking device. With this new stealth capability in hand, the Gyges of today is a lucrative acquisition for a Syndicate executive disposed towards hostile takeovers: now, enemy fortifications need not be simply destroyed, but can be acquired for one's own use. This is the sort of directly profit-minded thinking that takes one far in the Syndicate, and so the Gyges has become a common sight in Syndicate forces worldwide.


The invention of the internal combustion engine changed warfare radically. Without it, the whole idea of mechanised warfare would never have been developed, and with it a wide array of transports, ranging from trucks and half tracks to the ubiquitous armoured personnel carrier.

APCs were used as "battle taxis"; they brought their infantry up to the front line where they then dismounted and fought on foot. Newer APC designs were designed to be amphibious, affording them the ability to cross bodies of water, increasing infantry mobility even further. However, there were several limitations to the abilities and reliability of complex multi-role transports such as the Bradley and the Saracen.. Furthermore, the infantry had to disembark to be able to use their weapons.

The requirement for the Testudo was first drawn up in the early 2000s. The requirement stressed speed, good protection, and the ability for all squad members to fire from within the vehicle. Requirements were issued to the various design bureaus between 2005 and 2006. There was a question as to whether the Testudo should be tracked or wheeled, so a number of experimental configurations were explored including hybrid wheeled/tracked designs.

Hatches are provided on the top of the turret and hull, and side doors are available on the middle of the vehicle. These are designed to allow quick dismounting and boarding of troops even while the vehicle is on the move. An air conditioning system can be added optionally.

Additional armour plates can be installed on the vehicle to increase protection. Its hull is capable of enduring anti-personnel mine explosions and small arms fire. If the vehicle is damaged while afloat, a drainage system is capable of removing the incoming water. The Testudo also features an automatic fire fighting system.

The resulting vehicle is fully amphibious, and can navigate water bodies with ease. Two water jets propel the vehicle in water, and it can enter and be deployed by amphibious assault ships, rail, or air transport.

The troop compartment located at the rear of the vehicle can carry up to four mercenaries. There are four firing ports facing the front of the vehicle and a single firing port in the left rear door; a combination fume extractor hose and cartridge deflector is provided to clip on to weapons at each station.


In 2008, during the opening stages of World War III, the Mediterranean Syndicate announced it had developed and manufactured its newest armoured unit. The reason was due to the invasion of Italy; the Fel Imperium needed to be reminded to not damage Syndicate property. To that end, Soviet officers and officials were invited to attend the unveiling of the new "Talos" AFV. Since Italy was occupied and they had nothing better to do, they accepted.

When the curtains revealed the Talos, the Imperials burst out laughing. Instead of a mighty tank, it was just a car with a cannon mounted on! The amused Imperials watched the trials. Sure, it could move fast. So could a children's toy. Then, the Talos came upon a fully armoured copy of a Hammer tank. The railgun of the Talos reduced it to wreckage, while the Talos drove over it without slowing down. The Imperial officers were no longer laughing.

Although the Talos has the ability to fill a wide variety of roles, it is intended to be specialized at fighting vehicles. It has a wheeled chassis on top a flexible complex ceramic frame that can outrun and outmanoeuvre any enemy armour currently fielded.

It carries around a heavy railgun on its turret that fires a high-density slug designed to penetrate enemy armour at extreme ranges. Alternately the Talos crew can choose to divert power from the main weapon and activate the Digi-Tech Aggressive Aura. The sacrifice in firepower is made up for in the ability of fellow security forces, who receive an improvement in A.I. battlefield control that allows the other Syndicate forces in the area to deal with hostiles more efficiently.

In the earliest levels of conflict, the Talos could be used to establish relative ground supremacy using its superior speed and range to harass enemy vehicles. However, there are limitations in the design. The Talos has no defence against aircraft, its armour is minimal at best, and its secondary ability is only effective when other friendly units are nearby.

But the sheer range allows the Talos to effectively combat not only enemy armour but even destroy entire lines of enemy static defences from a safe distance. As well as serving in a military capacity, the Talos is also sold worldwide as a civilian car, without the armour or weapon. One can get a combat model in any Sprawl, which are popular with go-gangs, but the Syndicate doesn't arm them with railguns, as they would be too dangerous; go-gangs have to make do with the chain gun

Lamia Launcher:

The Achilles's heel of numerous Mediterranean Syndicate Security Forces branches is the obvious and crippling lack of effective anti-air weaponry. Time and time again the Syndicate had been forced to abandon profitable investments and retreat from firefights due to the fear of massive aerial bombardment or fighter interception, which loomed greatly over private military contractors. Eventually of course, a solution to the complications in the field would come in the form of a private investment.

The Lamia is the primary land-based anti-aircraft platform for the Syndicate and has proven itself to be capable of single-handedly denying airspace to hostile aircraft. The Lamia is different from most of the other Syndicate vehicles in the way that it is actually able to down its target in a single salvo. But there is a key flaw in the design of the Intelligent Missile system. When launched, each missile chooses its own target, meaning that if the enemy were to field multiple aircraft then they will overwhelm the Lamia.

Early losses to swarms of Imperial Twinblades prompted the Syndicate into fielding the experimental Pacifista Electronic Scrambler (data of the Scrambler gun stolen from the Allies, of course) which disables all weapons, friend or foe, in the vicinity. Although this may seem a dangerous hazard to an electronics corporation, the design of the majority of the Syndicate's weaponry allow the Security Forces to fire from well beyond the dead zone.


The Cerberus Tank was intended to be the future main battle tank of the United States, meant to eventually replace the M1 Abrams in the U.S. Army. It was designed to meet the lenient requirements set by the newly created U.S. Department of Defense. Five companies volunteered for the task of developing such a platform.

They were United Armour, General Motors, General Dynamics, Wayne Industries, Gerhard-Giraud, Stark Enterprises, and Advance Armour Inc. The seven companies’ were allowed unlimited freedom in their design, but had to follow three basic guidelines. The design must be have a rotating turret, communication system, and be able to defeat Common Soviet Tanks regardless of the combat scenario.

The competition for the U.S. defense contract worth a large sum of money began in the massive fortified national laboratory known as Site R. Each team would have one war factory to develop their candidate, and were allowed unlimited use of resources, in the design, testing, and construction of their prototype.

Wayne Industry's "Crusader Tank" was relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain, but easily upgraded. Gerhard-Giraud, making a ground vehicle for the first time, presented the "Paladin Tank", which was exceptionally advanced, with jet assisted shells and an anti-missile system, and was a favourite of the competition.

Stark Enterprise's "Future Tank" was an ungainly, inefficient machine that was rejected before the competition ended. United Armour armed a Abrams with a large spectrum cannon linked by Athena Satellite to a field base's electrical output, allowing a mighty punch for normal sized tank. Advance Armour Inc. presented the Cerberus.

The Cerberus stands as one of the most heavily armed battle tanks fielded in the world. When deployed the Cerberus has the capability to engage any detected hostile regardless of classification. As a result of being vastly heavier armed, the Cerberus must first deploy into the turret mode before it can fire, due to the complex aiming systems of its multiple weapons requiring a flat and stable firing platform, which cooled the reception of the Army officials judging the competition.

Still, the Syndicate began production, figuring it could find a use for it even if the US Army rejected it. The competition was interrupted with the death of President Ackerman and the cancellation of the competition by the new interim president.

The early production of the Cerberus to meet the expected demand from the United States Army has left the Syndicate with a hearty supply of hardware, and now the Cerberus provides the closest equivalent to a main battle tank the Syndicate has. The Cerberus is armed with an Alpha railgun turret, two Beta AA missile turrets, and three Gamma Gyrojet turrets, allowing it to engage any form of target.

Colossus Artillery:

"It has been said that the best weapon is one you never have to fire. I say that the best weapon is one you only have to fireonce."

-Colossus designer, who insisted he wasn't stealing Tony Stark's catchphrase.

Shortly after the third world war began, several lesser countries all around the world sided with a superpower block and began senseless hostilities over longstanding disputes. These underdeveloped nations threw tens of thousands of militiamen and conscripts at one another for the sake of national pride.

Within days millions were killed all over the world in genocidal waves of madness. The majority of these crimes against humanity were located in savannas of Africa where children as young as the age of seven were recruited into child militias to fight for whatever cause managed to reach them first. Both the Allies and Soviet Union found these actions utterly horrific, but failed to take any effective action (on account of the twwo superpowers at each other's throats).

By the third week of open war, both the Allied African Command and Fel Imperial African front removed all of their resources from Central Africa in the hope that they (the people of Africa) could settle the disputes amongst themselves. What resulted was one of the greatest humanitarian crises in the history of humanity, as the young corrupt governments collapsed overnight, and the entire Sub-Saharan Region fell into anarchy.

The worst of these events occurred in the Republic of Congo and neighboring Sudan, which had collapsed into civil war within hours after the initial invasion of Poland. Millions of families tried to flee the violence into bordering country's, but were stopped by the Allied Security Detachments at the Angola, Zambia, and Tanzania check points. The Riot Guards and Peacekeepers were ordered to prevent the further destabilization of Africa by securing the borders and preventing the spread of violence. To this end they deployed thousands of kilometers of barbed wire that prevented the refugees from reaching safety.

By the time withdrawal of multinational forces in the conflict zones had been completed, millions of people had gathered in makeshift refugee camps in which hundreds of people lived in a house at a time. The Syndicate took notice and immediately began the world's first privatized armed intervention, using its own armies of mercenaries and makeshift militias of Auxiliaries to take back much of the region.

Within a week over a third of Congo had been "stabilized" and the Syndicate had began to solidify their gains. The first Sprawl was established at the largest refugee camp Boma, and the first true administrative headquarters was completed the second month of the war. The newly formed Puma Transportation Corporation was entitled with the development of a long range area of effect artillery to clear entire square kilometres of hostiles.

The result was the Colossus Multiple Missile Launch System. Armed with a pair of massive Gladius missiles, the Colossus is an effective artillery piece whose slow-moving missiles are uniquely deadly. Just before impact, the Gladius splits apart into hundreds of tiny monomolecular flechettes which slide through steel and flesh with no resistance. Lethal to infantry, they do much less damage to vehicles, but will slay the crew, allowing the vehicle to be taken over by infantry units. In a pinch the weapons operator can detonate the missiles early, which penetrates armor less effectively, but does it over a wide area. Infantry, who rarely have armour of any thickness, are devastated. Despite its power the vehicle has many drawbacks; slow speed, a downright massive minimum range, and an a lack of radar, requiring the support of spotters to use its long range.

The initial effects on the front lines were astounding as the Colossus would essentially wipe out entire factional armies within minutes. The so called "razor rain" would kill entire crews of Technicals, leaving them free for friendly forces to capture. The final remaining stronghold of opposition to the Syndicate was the nation of Eritrea that was controlled by the Global Liberation Army.

The battle ended in nine hours as the PMCs would simply use the range of the Colossus to bombard the entire nation. Naturally the impact on the local population was excessive, as half the entire population of Eritea suffered near total collateral damage. Only the centres of the former Italian colonial administration such as Assab were spared. Today the Colossus is the national symbol of many of the liberated nations of Central Africa, and stands ready to defend the world from the horrors of war. For the right price of course.


The Phoenix was developed as a near autonomous piece of hardware, requiring the pilot to only be capable of the most trivial of tasks. All combat functions were handled by the Automatic Combat Engagement System. So, in order to cut costs, the Syndicate uses inexperienced pilots that are paid by the hour.

The pilots themselves only have a minimum requirement of watching the mail order video instructions for "I want to fly the Phoenix", after which the pilot will work in shifts, patrolling the Sprawl's airspace when it is his turn. If there comes a time when more pilots are needed then the supervisor will simply call a few extra employees in to fill in the gaps. For the most part, flying a Phoenix can actually be a part time job. There is overtime, stupid shift leaders, poor working conditions, and terrible hours. But it is a very common career for the Sprawl's youth; many have friends or family that have flown a Phoenix, and have shared the experience of flight.

To first glance, the Phoenix looks as though it might be a high-performance private helicopter. Though the twin turbofan design is unorthodox, heaven knows there have been stranger things fielded. Like all Syndicate designs, the Phoenix forgoes traditional windows for a sealed titanium cockpit and six freely rotating sensor pods.

Like the Hawker, United Aviation's previous project before their design team was bought out, the Phoenix's beaklike nose and swept wings imply a predatory bird, through the holographic fire that plays around the wing struts and the uncomfortably blank "eyes" where the cockpit should be play up the avian nature of the design to a much greater degree.

Mounted on the wingtips are two gyrojet launchers, which come in handy both for strafing infantry formations and downing helicopters. Easy to fire thanks to AI controlled seeking technology, these weapons have significant ammunition reserves that should last them the length of any battle. However, nobody would try to pit a helicopter, even one so sophisticated as the Phoenix, against a fighter aircraft, hence the remarkable variable wing design.

When called to dogfight with enemy fighters, the wings sweep down and back, exposing the twin turbojets that send the Phoenix hurtling like a raptor diving into its prey. The gyrojets are unfortunately displaced by this action, so instead flechette cannons mounted in the nose are exposed by the streamlining of the form, firing rains of monomolecular needles that tear aircraft (or, more accurately, pilots) to tattered pieces and send them hurtling towards the ground. Unfortunately, without full-sized wings the Phoenix cannot maintain lift indefinitely, and will be forced to return to helicopter mode before its altitude falls too low.

However what many people fail to know, is that the Phoenix is one of the most advanced pieces of military aviation hardware on the planet. To keep this technology from spreading, the Syndicate employs a rather cynical method of approach involving the big red button that the pilot is never supposed to touch, unless in an emergency. Every reference to this button explains that it is actually a emergency ejection system.

So whenever the pilot feels that his life is in danger, he is mentally trained to push it. Of course, this results in the activation of a self-destruct mechanism meant to prevent the Phoenix from falling into enemy hands, through the use of the multiple gelled gasoline packets hidden in the cabin. The Phoenix turns into a giant ball of fire, destroying itself when it crashes onto the ground.

Chariot transport:

Pilot: Okay boys, you just lay down some fire on those targets over there, and I'll come pick you up later.

Passenger 1: What, ain't you gonna help us?

Pilot: What, me? No way man. I'm a pacifist.

Passenger 1: What? A pacifist! How can you be a god-damned pacifist?

Pilot: Yeah, it's bad for my Karma man. I don't mess with Karma. I just fly this plane.

Passenger 2: Just let it go!

Passenger 1: F*ck that! That don't fly with me ya space muffin. I'm gonna Hawk you to the god-damn magic kingdom!

Pilot: Love ya man!

Passenger 1: Ya god-damned muffin headed f*cking pacifist!

The Chariot Transport is one of the most common civilian aircraft operated within the concrete jungles of the Sprawls, and are often used by mercenary organisations as a rapid transport to and from hostile engagements. In some cases, agents have reliyed upon the Chariot to carry their limo in a cross Sprawl transit while their security personel ride in the Chariot's cargo bay.

The Chariot Transport is the fastest VTOL aerial transport in the world, and specialises in moving men and material accross the battle field. It's Primary and only weapon is a Zero-Point Energy Lifter that can pick up and carry moderate payloads and move them alongside up to fifty infantry or battlesuits. In many cases, Chariots have been seen around the loss of several military patrols along the new Tenebrasque/NATO border near the Mediterranean Sea. Dozens of Tenebrasque and NATO tanks have disappeared without a trace and tensions run high in the area.


The Stymphalian Suppression Helicopter is another one of the Syndicate's resoundingly effective attempts at an air force using some of the most common individuals available as pilots. They generally apply for the position through a local kiosk and then attend a groutrainingng seminar. Here the candidates are taught the basics of flight through simulators and easy to read guides. After a one on one interview with a recruiter over the telephone, the few candidates who show the appropriate psychological traits necessary for assignment are contracted into serving as a researcher for the Syndicate's Geological Survey. The pilots are not aware of any of the actions/crimes they are committing, and are most likely devoted employees. In the public eye they are regarded as the beginning of a cleaner world.

In reality, the Stymphalian is the Syndicate's take on a bomber by using a helicopter filled with suicidal A.I. controlled bombs that move across the surface and blow up when near the enemy. Although the concept is ridiculous on paper the final product is nothing short of a marvel. Dozens of enemy tanks have perished as a result of poor preparation. In combat, they are effective at aerial harassment of ground targets because they are able to toss a constant stream of powerful Sagittarius bombs (so long as only one is thrown at a time). They do not need to reload so they can provide support for a far longer period of time than other aircraft such as A-10s, but are also far more susceptible to anti air.

The Sagittarius bomb is actually a remotely controlled shell that serves as disposable body for the Artificial Intelligence in the Stymphalian. From the safety of an armoured black box, the A.I. can easily control the Sagittarius Explosive Automaton and guide it to its target. When the S.E.A. completes its primary function the A.I. detonates its former shell and deploys another. If the Stymphalian was to encounter a large group of hostiles the crew can cut power to its antitorque rotor and go into a dangerous spiral, ejecting its cargo over a wide area.

Fury Combat Drone:

Aerial supremacy is an expensive and industrially intensive exercise that requires the full capacity of an entire nation to effectively compete with the world’s leading powers. The Syndicate does not need to make such drastic and risky investments in order to protect the majority of their business as a result of its almost parasitic relationship with NATO military Divisions.

Most of the Syndicate's manufacturing capacity lies well protected in either strategic NATO member nations such as Italy and Colombia (a new member that was added at Syndicate "urging"), or in remote decolonized states such as Sri Lanka and Eritrea. For the most part, Sprawls are relatively immune to aerial bombardment.

The natural density of a Sprawl combined with the extensive range of a missile turret proves to be a war winning combination as the attacker must hit a small, heavily guarded target, which has the means to counter any artillery system currently fielded.

So rather than expending resources on an aerial superiority fighter, Syndicate security forces turned to alternative methods for denying an area of airspace to an aggressor. The Fury Combat Drone is the result of a successful attempt to reverse engineer Fel Imperial Terror Drone technology, and then vastly improve upon its foundations.

Alexander private jet:

"I had always expected the Germans to be the ones to invade (which they did), so I lived in California to be safe from the Nazi menace. After the invasion of California by the Japanese, I lived almost exclusively within my Stratoliner, which I had already retrofitted into a flying penthouse. During this time I had begun to realize that there was no truly safe place in this world. There are only safer places in which people like me can live in peace for a given time. So with that in mind I built the Alexander to be my safer place until I can make the necessary preparations for my next big project. Oh, and trust me it will be unlike anything you have ever dreamed on this world!"

The Alexander Private Jet is the last and greatest project by the renowned aviator, Howard Hughes. This stunning aircraft was Hughes's latest attempt at a plane capable of surviving a full blown Nazi invasion. It uses a classified electronic warfare system that prevents the automatic acquisition by computerized weapon systems. Capable of flying at a hundred the speed of sound, the Alexander is also immune to traditional anti-aircraft systems, if not every weapon known to man. The advanced turbine engines provide all the necessary thrust needed, while the reinforced landing gear allows the plane to land on any surface imaginable. The plane is also revolutionary in the fact that, if necessary, it can land on water and quickly evacuate the passengers without stopping. No expense was spared on the necessary creature comforts. Leather seats, open bar, inviting hostess, and fully stocked armory guarantee the relative safety of the passenger even during a full blown war. Howard Hughes has truly outdone himself again.

Paying for it, however, was another matter. Hughes had spent most of his money on his various eccentricities, and his new super plane was worth more than his dwindling fortune. To make his plane, he made a personal contract with Olympus Airlines, a Syndicate subsiduary. Olympus would gain the rights to produce the jet for civilian use. Though he wouldn't come down from his Stratoliner to inspect the plans himself, he gave advice based on decades of experience to the Olympus team. Soon it was designed, and Hughes landed to transfer to it. A Syndicate strike team was prepared to assassinate him while he was on the ground, getting them out of their contract, thus allowing them to develop it into an invincible bomber.

But Hughes was clever. The strike team stormed the Stratoliner, only to find Hughes wasn't on it. Instead, the doors locked, and the pilots in a cockpit unattached to the passenger cabin took off into the air. Hughes, now on his new Alexander jet, informed the team that he had discovered their safeguards to insure Hughes death, and would only let them off once they told him everything. For days the team was forced to watch the John Wayne movie "The Conqueror" end on end. Hearing Wayne attempt a Mongolian accent was enough to break them, and they told Hughes everything. Hughes undid the conspiracy, and while the Syndicate still has it's fleet of Alexanders, Hughes still has control over it's production and will stop it if they're ever used as weapons. Instead the syndicate uses them as an unstoppable infantry transport; capable of bringing three squads of infantry wherever they're needed. Hughes faked his death and lives on in a specialized battlesuit that keeps him immortal, and constantly butts heads with the amoral board of classics.

Pegasus Combat Helicopter:

The lack of heavy air support in the form of a dedicated gunship led to many Syndicate-owned mercenary companies to request the development of a combat helicopter with the capability to engage any land force with extreme lethality. The effectiveness of the Twinblade and the Cryocopter, which have proven time and time again to be some of the most efficient designs available, led to the conclusion that a flexible weapons platform could potentially surpass such designs as an even more effective helicopter. However, the armament needed to succeed in such a task would require an entirely new frame that would have to be designed to support the stress and heat produced from multiple weapons systems.

An offshoot company of a Syndicate subsidiary known as Electronic Armaments known as Westwood finished a radical design on the very day of the Fel Imperial invasion of the west coast. As soon as word reached the president of EA, he deployed all available security to Westwood's location, and proceeded to evacuate the staff and precious data. Tragically they were surrounded by hostile forces when they left the safety of compound and found themselves in between the Empire and Allied forces. Their strange equipment, professionalism, and utter indifference caused a brief moment of astonishment for both the Peacekeepers and the Imperial Warriors. Not willing to take any chances, the security Legionnaires opened fire first, and managed to gun down all of the onlookers to prevent potential future complications. The development team took notice of the effectiveness of the Helios security personnel and recorded the tactics and handling of their weapons. When the Westwood team reached the relative safety of the Silicon Valley, they immediately began to refine their design. An improved, if not outrageously heavier, design soon attracted the interest of the board of directors.

The tail rotor was removed in favour of a third propeller and the entire gunship was stabilised with a servo driven weight distribution system. This allowed the Pegasus to use a modular design improving the flexibility of the platform, while greatly increasing the modular hard points needed to attach the multiple weapon systems. At the right perspective, an incomplete Pegasus could be seen as the mythical beast it is named after. Several other teams were soon drawn into the project as it continued to implement the advances made by nearly every major manufacturer into one monstrous design. The designers combined all of these pieces of technology to create one of the most revolutionary weapons in the world. It even contended (though it failed to win) with the Stark Enterprise Mesofortress for the title of "The Greatest Aerial Threat to Imperial Conscripts!" (A yearly award given to Western weapons manufactures by the Imperial Conscript Monthly newsletter/picture book in exchange for accurate statistics).

With the majority of the necessary systems in place, Westwood met with Blizzard Microsystems in order to employ the use of their Warcraft armament line. The result was an unadulterated aerial battleship armed with remote controlled gyrojet turrets, flechette missile launchers, and the Starcraft Mononet Cruise Missile. The Starcraft was designed to destroy enemy bombardment ships using a state of the art mononet that would cut through any armour regardless of design. The net shape itself would prove to be the most reliable design available as a result of its ability to be used just as effectively against infantry, tanks, and aircraft. All of the systems are used in tandem by a surprisingly traditional crew of six made up of three gunners, a pilot, engineer, and commanding officer. The choice to use human pilots was questioned until the Westwood team explained that their choice was based on the ability of human beings to surpass the limitations of machines in the process of irrational thought.

The Pegasus Combat Helicopter is an astonishing sight of the full might of the Syndicate's industrial might. It is quite the strange spectacle of a three rotor combat helicopter that is often the last sight of many enemies of the Syndicate; its huge number of missiles, gyrojets, and mononet launchers boggle the mind about as much as they tear apart ground targets. Normally it keeps the mononet in reserve for special targets, which can be designated by a commanding executive. The near siege range of its numerous weapons systems, allow the Pegasus to perform indiscriminately against any ground targets. Even the notorious Imperial Bullfrog is unable to adequately respond, much less protect itself, from the brutality of the Pegasus's range.


The Global Liberation army Dossier.

As I use these guys as the butt monkeys and cannon fodder of many of my stories, I thought it'd be good to go into detail about that whacky bunch of nutjob islamic terrorists, the GLA.

The (Not Very) Global (Most emphatically not in favour of) Liberation Army (in name only)

Despite the Order of the Talon's power, it is under constant threat from "primitive" islamic millitants who have organized themselves into the vast "Global Liberation Army" incorporating various groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Al Queada, and more under it's umbrella to form the greatest islamic terrorist organization ever seen. This situation has only become more dire following the Talon's near extinction following a disastrous war with the Black Hand and the recent three way split.

The Global Liberation Army, or GLA as it's typically referred to, preaches a very strict interpretation of the Quo'ran, especially the more violent parts. Especially anything concerning "killing the infidels." Despite their seemingly ramshackle nature and usage of what should be laughably outdated weaponry, they have proven to be a dire threat even to mighty organizations like the Iberian Empire, the Order of the Talon, S.H.I.E.L.D, H.Y.D.R.A and anyone else who falls under the staggeringly large category of "Oppressors" and "Infidels" whenever they try to intefere in the middle east.

The Black Hand has long supported the GLA to bolster it's finances and provide it with choice examples of high technology and ensuring that they never seem to run out of supplies for their army, even though much of their weaponry hasn't been in production for years if not decades. They are especially fond of Black hand microbial weapons, such as their lethal super anthrax, and their cloaking fields; allowing them to spread mass terror and then slip away before any retaliation can be mounted.

Forming not long after Hussein's execution, the GLA grew to it's present size as it exploited the vacuum created by the Fel Imperial evacuation of the Earth and the American evacuation of Iraq. Quickly swarming into Afghanistahn, the GLA shocked the world by overwhelming and defeating the coalition forces there within a short few months, only for the private military corporations of the Mediterreanean syndicate to keep them away from their sprawls.

But this was of little value to the rest of the muslim world, which rapidly fell under GLA control, supporting the Arab spring that allowed them to sweep into the rest of the arab world and beyond. Following the large withdrawal of foreigners from the middle east, the GLA has surged back into their homelands, and now have a tight grip over the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and Southeast asia, from where they go about picking at their foes in the name of "freedom." They would be a much greater threat to the world at large if they didn't spend most of their energy fighting themselves over every possible reason under the sun, so as of yet, the world's happy to let them have the muslim world and just pay off GLA bands to stay away from their business.


"I will be remembered for this!"

-Unknown Rebel

While the world is politically speaking, dominated largely by those who side with One metahuman run nation or the other, there are some who agree with neither side. One such groups, the GLA, which is based in the Middle East and North Africa, sees its objective as the expulsion of NATO, Black Hand (Ironically, despite their protests against the Black Hand, they're still the ones lining their pockets most of the time), Talon, Syndicate, and whomever else dares set foot in their lands, whom they view as "godless invaders", and to secure their freedom. Wanting to fight for what was right and filled with religious fervor, many young men joined the GLA as a way to show their devotion to Islam.

These young men, while devoted, are a combination of poorly trained and poorly equiped, and fanaticism can only get one so far. Among such men, very few survive long after joining the GLA. Insanely brave, resolute, and pious, Rebels form the backbone of the GLA, and can be seen in any conflict with the GLA.

While there is no shortage men to volunteer for the GLA, there is a shortage of arms to supply these fresh recruits. Looking for the cheapest alternative, they armed their men with AK-47s, which in the wake of what some would argue is still ongoing; the third world war, still remains the world's most popular assault rifle, with production rising to a billion units by 2009. While the AK-47 is one of the oldest assault rifles around, it is easy to reload, extremely reliable, has respectable stopping power, requires little training to use, and more importantly (for the GLA), extremely cheap and easy to acquire.

The GLA purchased millions of these weapons through various backers and handed them to eager recruits, to be used against their enemies. There is one catch, however. The GLA are not very good at maintaining weapons, meaning the average rebel generally recieves a set of weapons that is not in very good condition, though the AK's legendary durability means that this is not too much of a problem. However, they're so cheap that in the unlikely case that one fails, Rebels can just pick up another one.

The Rebels also have a few other tricks up their sleeves to make up for their generally poor combat performance. For one, since the GLA enjoys support in larger areas, they can shift into civilian crowds, slipping away from the eyes of their enemies just as easily as they appear elsewhere again. Their mastery of stealth has allowed them to launch ambush after ambush on invading soldiers, wearing down even the most advanced attackers. With black hand bullets, the rebels can threaten things that the AK-47 usually would not, and with an added underslung grenade launcher; also provided by the black hand, their firepower increases dramatically.


"They do not understand our ways, ignore our traditions, and bad of all disgrace our faith! They are an evil amoeba upon the world and force their secular ideals on your very uncles! Were they men they would talk, they would negotiate, they would have taken some action to re-compensate our people for the damages they had caused during their battle! But they are not people, they are packs of rabbit vikings! They enslave our women, eat our children, and rape our goats! They think us monsters, backward, and tiny. But we will show them one or two things. Come my brothers! We must make Jihad on these Infidels!"

-Terrorist trying to incite his village to join the GLA cause, laughter drowned out most of his words.

Surprisingly, the GLA finds no shortage of fanatics willing to die for the cause. Therefore, terrorists can be trained and armed at low cost. A deadly tactic that GLA commanders used was to have Terrorists be transported by Technicals to the enemy base, for a quick and deadly attack.

However, the best use of terrorists was in a surprise attack. Rockets and cannon shells will detonate their explosives upon death, but fortunately being run over by vehicles or tanks will do the same. In combat, terrorists stay at the rear or in ambush positions, to await for superheavy units such as mobile shield bases, Talon crawlers, Fel Imperial Apocalypse tanks, or the rather bulky examples of Stark Enterprise's Mechs and War walkers.

Terrorists do not carry weapons in the conventional sense, rather, they strap themselves with as many high explosives and fanatical faith as possible and take as many lessons in stealth and running as they can before getting close and promptly blowing themselves up. They are even capable of wiring cars with even more explosives to make an even more catastrophic bang, leaving foreigners in GLA lands constantly paranoid.

Gun Truck/Technical:

"Only three things are infinite, the Omniverse, Human stupidity, and the number of bloody Technicals the GLA can pull out of it's arse."

-Anonymous British soldier.

A Gun Truck or Technical is a type of improvised fighting vehicle, typically a civilian or military non-combat vehicle, modified to add an offensive capability. It is usually an open-back civilian pickup truck or four-wheel drive vehicle mounting a machine gun, light anti-aircraft gun, recoilless rifle or other weapons. Among irregular armies, often centred around the perceived strength and charisma of warlords, the prestige power of gun trucks are strong. It is a small truck with large tripod mounted machine guns mounted on the back. A warlord's power is measured by how many of these vehicles he has.

In the tradition of militias in developing nations, the GLA used Cobra Gun Trucks, also referred to simply as gun trucks or Cobras, for transport and anti-infantry purposes. Resourceful GLA fighters would upgrade the Gun Truck's weaponry with parts scavenged from destroyed enemy vehicles. They are ridiculously cheap to acquire, and can transport up to five members of the rebellion in the flatbed.

Unlike other transports however, the passengers must hold on for dear life as the Cobra batters its way across mountain trails and empty cities. The only benefit from hitching a ride on a Cobra is the fact that if the truck were to be disabled by an enemy combatant, then all of the passengers would be spared from serious injury. Most of the time the blast of the gas tank exploding is enough to propel the terrorists off the Cobra, away from danger. While typically no match for a professional army's equivalent vehicles, such as the Humvee, they are a great deal cheaper and faster to produce, allowing the GLA to swarm their foes with them. With black hand upgrades, they can really "rip it up."

Scorpion Tank:

"This scorpion's got a nasty sting!"

-Anonymous Scorpion tank commander.

When International Inc brought out the Desert Filter pack based on technologies first employed in countless wars and skirmishes in North Africa, they were bombarded with orders from the Middle East. It was easy to see why; the oversized high-pressure intakes acted like superchargers for the Scorpion's engines, and the new flexible rubber connectors on the tracks gave the machine a larger footprint and much more traction over sand. When combine with new torsion-bar suspension, heat-reflecting metallic paint, and solid cast return rollers, a so-called Sand Scorpion was faster than any other variant and completely immune to the harsh effects of the desert.

Because of the focus on armoured combat in the desert, the Sand Scorpion's Stinger cannon comes with a complimentary load-out of AP rounds. Based on anti-tank rockets, each of these rounds consists of a lead shell with a half-size, directed explosive payload, enhanced by a seven and a half-inch brass spike in the nose of the round. When it strikes armour, the brass rod is driven back into the explosive, setting it off and driving the now-molten spike through enemy armour. This seriously enhances the performance of the 76mm gun against heavy armour while retaining the same size and tracking abilities that make it lethal against light vehicles, but the reduced explosive payload has made the weapon less effective in other areas, especially against infantry or structures.

Fortunately, an add-on provides a solution; the Eradicator 5000 high-impact rocket kit. This simple weapon rail bolts onto the turret of the Scorpion tank, carrying a 12-inch high-impact rocket fired by electric impulse. In addition to good armour-piercing capabilities, the large explosive within makes short work of nearly any target.

Unsurprisingly, a great many Sand Scorpions have ended up in GLA hands, purchased through proxies with oil money from the occupied fields or smuggled in by GLA-affiliated arms dealers. These tough little vehicles, with their great gas mileage and ability to cross any terrain with ease, are core to the GLA war effort, as they can easily run circles around enemy forces, striking hard with their light cannons and bolt-on rockets before fading into the desert. Of course, they are no match for practically any main battle tank employed by any of the major powers, due to their small caliber guns and light armor; or at least, in a straight up fight.

In an engagement with an American armored division in 2008 in Iraq, the M1A2 Abrams pilots found that while the Abrams was more than capable of blowing a Sand Scorpion to hell with one shot and could shrug off hits from the Sand Scorpion with ease while their superior and advanced command and control technology allowed them to coordinate easily, they were hideously outnumbered by the cheaper tanks which could virtually tap dance around them to pummel their rear armor into submission.

And they were most surprised to find that the Eradicator 5000 missile was very much capable of blowing apart the mighty Abrams with a single direct hit or crippling it on a glancing strike. One Abrams hit on the glacis plate of it's turret found it's entire turret ripped out of it's socket while the chassis splintered and deformed like plastic hit with an sledgehammer. In concert with other GLA vehicles, the seemingly primitive terrorists managed to tear apart a full American armored division and inflict the most humiliating defeat upon American forces since the battle of the Kasserine pass.

Experienced Sand Scorpion crews kit out their vehicles with a second Eradicator rail on the opposite side of their tank, while upgrading the cannon with an more deadly 85mm gun with significantly more firepower, though still inferior to most modern tanks. The scorpion can easily be refitted to function in Jungles, Savannah, Marsh, Tundra, and Steppes, allowing them to take the fight in any terrain. Black hand weapons technology can further upgrade their machine guns, cannon, and rockets.

RPG troopers:

"Be on watch for the enemy!"

-Anonymous RPG trooper.

Rebels armed with the Type 69, a Chinese copy of the infamous RPG-7, and stinger anti-air missile launchers. The RPG Trooper was trained to fire at both ground and air targets. Like their AK-47 totting rebel counterparts, RPG Troopers are experts in stealth and warfare in the nontemperate climes that the GLA primarily dwells in. Capable of popping out of seemingly nowhere and ripping apart tank convoys with a barrage of rockets, or emerging from cover and pummeling any who fly over their heads with a deadly volley of missiles, they are warriors to be feared and respected. They can be upgraded with black hand warheads to drastically increase their potency.

Rocket Buggy:

"Macross missile massacre? Macross has nothing on us!"

-Anonymous buggy driver.

Interestingly, the GLA's choice of equipment for it's two fastest ground vehicles is the opposite of what the Black Hand chooses, rockets for it's buggies and machine guns for it's motorcycles. Nevertheless, the Rocket Buggy is perhaps the ultimate hit and run vehicle barring the Black Hand's hated Stealth Tanks. Capable of ripping through the terrain at over a hundred miles per hour, the Rocket buggy can leave virtually any conventional military ground vehicles in the dust, which is good, because it's armor is pathetic enough for the vehicle to be threatened by small arms fire.

Unfortunately for the foes of the GLA, the Rocket buggy makes up for it's lack of armor for it's devastating payload, three six racks of guided missiles lie in a rotating turret on top of it, promising rockety death to anything within the Buggy's very long range. Infantry and light vehicles are blasted with frag warheads, ripping them apart with shrapnel. Heavy vehicles and structures are ripped apart with Krak rounds that pierce their armor with contemptuous ease, especially in the large volleys buggies are famous for. Bunkers and other extremely hard targets are destroyed with bunker buster weapons that penetrate deep within before blowing them apart with a thermobaric blast.

Various other kinds of warheads allow the buggy to carry out virtually any role imaginable, and it's surprisingly sophisticated targeting systems, scanners, and missile guidance allows it to engage at very long range. Worse yet for it's foes, the black hand supplies upgrades to the GLA. Their rockets can be upgraded with black hand technology to drastically increase their potency and homing abilities. And worse yet, they can fit another trio of missile racks for no loss of speed. A general purpose machine gun is added, seemingly as an after though.

A dozen fully upgraded Rocket buggies, strategically positioned on a Mesa, managed to ambush and blast apart no less than seventy two stark enterprise battlesuits without a single casualty, retreating into the sands before any retaliation can be made and returning with fully reloaded racks to proceed to destroy virtually the entire convoy they were escorting, all accomplished in fifteen minutes, most of which was spent in transit to reloading stations, reloading, and returning to the battlefield.

Combat cycle:

"Aww hell naw...."

-Anonymous American soldier upon seeing a formation of combat cyclists driving towards his unit.

"Batshit Insane" is perhaps the best way to describe the fanatics who drive combat cycles. Providing virtually no protection to it's rider but offering them unparalleled speed and maneuverability, Combat Cycle drivers can rip across the battlefield. Though by default equipped with twin machine guns to blow apart infantry and soft skinned vehicles, they can be replaced with missile launchers, super-anthrax sprayers, large caliber anti-materiel sniper rifles, or be packed with explosives for suicide attacks.

Armed with this, an fanatical devotion to radical islam and the GLA, and an obsession with going insanely fast just as strong as their devotion to Allah, Orks have taken to calling them "'Umie Speed Freakz." And indeed, cyclists have taken to painting their vehicles red just like the orks do when the greenskins wish to go faster, earning them derision and curiosity in equal measure from the brutish aliens.

Driving easily reaching two hundred miles per hour, far beyond what is even remotely safe for normal humans to be going on a motorcycle, cyclist attacks come with little warning. Bases in GLA territory frequently find that by the time they can detect the cycles, they're already mere seconds away from them and will have already caused critical damage.

Cliffs and water are no obstacle, as their tricked out vehicles are capable of going so fast that they can simply run up cliffs that others would have to climb, and they can drive over water without sinking as long as they maintain speed. Experienced cyclists further trick out their rides with added weaponry, better engines, something actually resembling armor, but they always try to be careful to avoid lowering their speed and acceleration.

Coalition forces returning from the middle east tend to rate Cyclists as the enemy they fear the most. "The F***ers are completely god damned f***ing insane what kind of f***ed up moron drives a motorcycle so fast that apaches have a hard time keeping up? I mean jesus motherf***ing christ one day I was out on patrol, minding my own business, daft punk blaring on the humvee stereo and then I heard some batsh!t motherf***ers cackling like a bunch of stoned hyenas at a frat party driving loud as all f*** get out motorbikes coming at us from three o clock. Turned round the fifty cal and blew one of them up real nice but then bam the tank right next to me got blown to kingdom come by a pair of missiles, they blew out the tires on the humvee, gunned down the footsloggers, and brought down three bradleys with missile fire. What the f*** man!?!" One combat veteran said.

SCUD Launcher:

"Who the f*** was the idiot that said that they didn't have heavy artillery!?!"

-Understandably irate Fel Imperial Grenedier.

There is little to say about the SCUD launcher, it's a fairly conventional missile truck that bears an enormous SCUD ballistic missile with vast range. What does bear note is that the GLA is fond of cloaking them and upgrading it's missiles for increased range and firepower, additionally; they possess better armor. They function as the long ranged artillery of the GLA, in concert with the faster if less overtly destructive rocket buggy. Nearly a thousand of them were deployed in the GLA's siege of Jerusalem.

Bomb Truck:

"Like terrorists...except it's a f***ing truck that can turn invisible. Bloody f***ing hell!"

-British soldier.

Operating on the same principal as the terrorists only on a much larger scale, the Bomb Truck carries multiple tons of deadly explosives that can level entire city blocks or instantly cripple all but the heaviest of enemy units. To make matters worse, using black hand technology, they can disguise themselves as other vehicles of any size or make or become outright invisible. To make matters worse, they can be upgraded with even more potent explosives and biological warfare agents, just like terrorists.

Toxin tractor:

"Is that a tractor? What's next? Are they going to strap guns to a baby carriage!? AHAHAHAHAH-BLURAJHDZMZMDNAKAZAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

Last words of an Fel Imperial Grenedier.

Take a farm tractor, slap on some armor and large canisters filled with lethal super-anthrax that can be sprayed out in a thick stream that can melt flesh off of bones in seconds, corrode metal and stone over time, burn plastic, and rot the skeletal structure in record time. Additionally, it can sprinkle this deadly strain of microbe in lethal clouds that take noticeably longer to kill, but affect a much larger area than the concentrated spray.

Toxin trooper:

"Yeah...we're dead."

-Pessimistic trinity soldier.

Take the rebel, give him armor, give him the RPG trooper's kit as an added bonus, give him training, and then put two tanks of super-anthrax and a sprayer nozzle to function as a flamethrower equivalent. These soldiers are elites, more than a match for most soldiers in professional armies, and their NBC resistant gear gives them a fearsome aspect. Their warheads can be upgraded just like the RPG trooper, with the addition of super-anthrax to the mix.

Super Anthrax warheads:

"It may look like the Hulk's piss but believe me when I say you don't want to touch it."

-Talon Footman.

If it blows up, super-anthrax can be added to it, the explosion spraying out a short lived cloud of the virulent disease to eat apart flesh and material within seconds. To make matters worse, it can be upgraded from the green coloured Super-Anthrax Alpha, to the Cyan Super-Anthrax Beta which is over twice as deadly, making death instantaneous for normal humans caught under Toxin sprays. It can be further upgraded to the legendary magenta coloured Super Anthrax Gamma, which is twice as deadly still.

A weaponized clone of the hulk was sent to deal with the GLA. He did extremely well against their normal forces as the Hulk always did against conventional armies, but Toxin Troopers and Toxin tractors with Anthrax-Gamma sprayed him in their magenta death fluid and the microbes literally ate him into nothingness within seconds, overwhelming his healing factor with ease and rendering him down into purple goop.

Skysweeper Quad Cannon:

"Consider your wings clipped!"

-Skysweeper Ace as he downs a quartet of American F-15s.

Armed with four forty milimeter autocannons, the Skysweeper is a venerable but still very much deadly anti-aircraft vehicle capable of pumping out a massive amount of lead into the sky in seconds. Yet another International Inc invention, the Skysweeper can target both ground and air targets with equal ease, pumping them full of autocannon rounds at an obscene rate with stunning accuracy. They can be further upgraded, one upgrade improving their rate of fire massively, the next improving the rate of fire slightly more still and greatly increasing their firepower by increasing their caliber size to fifty millimeters. Furthermore, they can be improved with black hand shells for more destructive power. Skysweeper commanders take pride in the expensive infidel aircraft that they blow out of the skies, and mark their vehicles with kill tallies.

Armadillo Tank:


-Apache pilot.

Those who expect all GLA vehicles to be glass cannons or fragile speedsters are in for a rude awakening when they face the Armadillo tank, gifted to them by the government of Saudi Arabia, which ferverently supports the GLA in it's struggle to create a new caliphate, with the King at it's head, or so he hopes. Fortunately his hopes are well founded, and his gifts to the GLA are well appreciated.

The Armadillo's main gun has a caliber of one hundred milimeters, seemingly small, but with the same international inc technology as the scorpion, it's quite deceptive, as the revolutionary shells allow for greater punch with a smaller caliber. It's machine guns and Eradicator rocket rails are not it's true strength either, formadible as they may be.

No the true strength is the fact that the Armadillo is ridiculously well armored and durable. An apache gunship once unloaded it's entire sixteen hellfire missile payload and twelve hundred 30mm high velocity autocannon rounds onto an approaching armadillo tank to try and stop it after no less three abrams tanks firing at one simultaneously failed to pierce it's frontal armor after a minute of continuous firing.

Shockingly, the Armadillo's wreckage was analyzed, and it was found that the machine was still operational even after all the hellfire missiles hit, the 30mm autocannon only penetrated after repeatedly shooting at a spot where three APDS shells and two missiles hit until it broke and penetrated While no faster than an Abrams, the Armadillo is much tougher and can withstand attacks from most metahumans, who fall in the street level category. With Super-anthrax shells and rockets, it can threaten them as well.

Saracen Transport:

"We're doomed!"

-British soldier.

An APC equipped with dual 40mm autocannons, six machine guns, and strong armor along with firing ports and twin eradicator missile racks, this IFV is a strong rival for the M2 Bradley used by America. Made by International Incorporated, the Saracen is a peerless IFV, the finest money can buy that still uses conventional technology. And thus, the cash ladened Saudi Arabian Government and Black Hand were able to acquire them in bulk.

Capable of carrying twelve soldiers, this vehicle is considered to be a harbinger of death that can turn the tide of battles. The GLA quite frankly loves the vehicles and is quite careful with them despite the fact that they are very well armored and possess devastating armament. The Black Hand is less cautious with their Saracens, but even their pilots are very fond of them.

Royal Guardsmen:

"Aww crap...I forgot my brown pants."

-Talon footman upon seeing a squad of Royal guardsmen.

The cream of the GLA infantry crop, equipped with International INC bought Mameluke class power armored suits, the Guardsmen are terrifying combatants, equipped with two power fists or energy claws, thunder shields, storm hammers for melee weapons, two six racks of missiles on the shoulders, Heavy Super Anthrax Sprayers, twin barelled 0.75 caliber machine guns, 0.5 caliber miniguns, or shortened twin barelled 60mm autocannons. Additionally, with teleporters, they can take the fight to the enemy with ease, especially with their hugely enhanced strength and durability that lets them go toe to toe with most metahumans and come out on top with many of them. Fortunately, they are rare, but they tend to make enemies who catch sight of them "sh!t bricks" as one Talon footman put it.

Marauder Tank destroyer:

"The final word in destroying enemy armor, this vehicle can punch holes through even superheavy tanks and take the punishment back! Endlessly modular, this is the best buy for your nation's emerging army! Satisfaction guaranteed!"

-International Inc advertisement.

The Marauder Tank Destroyer earns it's name, these vehicles eat tanks and spit them out with contemptuous ease. Their massive one hundred seventy six millimeter main gun can pierce through even superheavy tanks fielded by advanced armies at a good distance, while their heavy armor can defend them from returning attacks. Equipped with six eradicator rockets and a massive number of machine guns, the Marauder has few weaknesses, well, save for it's lack of a turret.

However, with it's vast firepower, which can be further upgraded by increasing it's caliber to 220mms, allowing it to blow through virtually any target, especially with the lengthened barrel providing even more velocity. To make matters worse, it can have up to two more barrels, twelve more eradicator rockets and twelve more machine gun added to turn it into a tri-barrelled grim reaper on the battlefield. Furhter more, it can be upgraded with super-anthra shells. And it's decently fast on top of that.

A single marauder tank ace with the maximum upgrades once fought an entire British tank company singlehandedly, admittedly using clever usage of cover and a strategic ambush position. In the course of an intense ten minute engagement, it wiped out all thirty Challenger II tanks and roughly fifty other assorted vehicles it faced without suffering any more than some chipped paint.

Truly it is the final word in the GLA's anti-armor capability.

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Black Hand Dossier Part 1 (Units of the black hand army)

This blog post is meant to showcase the standardized units in the vast armies of the black hand to give you a rough idea of what they look like and what they can do, so that I will not have to describe them in a role play; thus holding up valuable time. Note that this list is not complete, but it does show the units you're most likely to run into should you cross with the Black hand. Next part; Dominions and politics of the Black hand!

Black Hand units

No Caption Provided

Ezekiel's wheel:

  • Optic Camouflage: The Ezekiel's Wheel is a fast, deadly vehicle used by the Cult. Among its greatest assets is its stealth; it is invisible to the naked eye, and only sophisticated sensors or keen senses will detect its presence.
  • Death on a Wheel: The Ezekiel's Wheel is armed, as well; with two pairs of 30mm autocannons, it can tear into light vehicle armour easily. When combined with its invisibility, it makes for an excellent flanker. In addition, it can crush infantry and walls as it rolls along; it doesn't even need to decloak to do so. The autocannons can be upgraded to laser, particle, then supercharged particle cannons.
  • Delicate Balance: The Ezekiel's Wheel is among the most expensive vehicles in the Cult's arsenal; aside from that, the Ezekiel's Wheel is forced to decloak itself before it can fire its autocannons.
No Caption Provided


  • Aim, shoot, reload: The Black Hand's Acolytes use their large caliber assault rifles with accuracy, discipline, and skill. While slower firing than most assault rifles, they have superior range and stopping power.
  • Are you seeing things?: Acolytes are also trained to use their hallucinatory grenades when neccessary; the home brewn hallucinogens induce hallucinations in people, causing affected units to attack anything in sight, including their own forces.
  • Combat Armor: Unlike the millitants, the Acolytes wear full body battle armor that provides superior protection than that used by any mainline army in the world in addition to such fancy benefits as HUDs.
  • Fire in bursts: The Cult, a pioneer in laser technology; is starting to hand out Laser rifles to it's acolytes, reverse engineered from the Hotshot Lasguns of the Symaarians and possessing similar firepower. These can be upgraded to particle and supercharged particle beamers.
No Caption Provided

Armor hunter:

Armed with illegal RPGL launchers, the Armour Hunter is used when the Cult needs to defend itself against armour. They act as the anti tank infantry unit for the cult of the black hand and are effective against aircraft and armour alike. They serve as an economical and useful support unit for tanks lacking anti-air capabilities and are secretly considered expendable by the upper ranking members of the Cult. In an essence they are intended to be used in large groups as a support unit providing a flexible defence for enemy units.

The clothes worn by the Armour Hunters reflects their role; the leather armour pulled over the uniforms is treated to be extremely resistant to flame and heat, making them ideal for surviving the weapons of the Order. Their freakish masks have built in goggles to protect them against a backfire from their RPGLs, and their hoods seal around their heads, pressurized by their toxin filter so as to allow them to use their weapons indoors without causing themselves harm.

No Caption Provided

Avatar Warmech:

In the wake of the destruction caused by Talon walkers to Black Hand forces in the first world war, the Black hand began its own research, basing it in part on Talon designs and taking advantage of its own research in other areas to accelerate the development of the Avatar.

They invested years of research and development at a ruthlessly fast pace. The first result of this research was the Purifier warmech, and eventually the powerful Avatar, a towering bipedal mech able to engage most targets with ease was created.

The Avatar's pilot was enclosed in a "virtual sensory pod", a control interface for the vehicle. Its incredible all terrain ability fluid motion and power, make it in effect a gigantic soldier.

The introduction of this towering walker changed the cult's military doctrine - instead of always utilizing hit-and-run attacks to outgun their heavier adversaries, the Avatar gave the cult the opportunity to fight their opponents head on with superior armor and firepower if the need arises.

It comes by default with a powerful laser cannon (based on the Obelisk laser), and possesses the ability to use it's 'hand' on the left arm rip off weaponry and equipment from certain other Black hand units with its unique modular design, augmenting its own battle capability:

  • Attack bike: stealth detectors and missiles
  • Stealth Tank: mobile stealth generator and more missiles
  • Flame Tank: flamethrower
  • Beam cannon particle beam cannon.

In addition, the Avatar Warmech is capable of crushing most other vehicles under its feet. Like all laser using units, it can be upgraded to particle and supercharged particle beamers, while it's flamethrowers can be upgraded with purifying flames and it's missiles with dark glass core warheads.

No Caption Provided


Militia are primarily disillusioned (or possibly ecstatic) men and women, who have suffered from harsh lives in poorer places of the world and have been attracted to service in the black hand's relief efforts.. The use of militia plays an important part for the Hand, as the Inner Circle secretly regard them as expendable, the inevitable product of the "Control The Media, Control The Mind" social doctrine, with commanders preferring to waste their militant auxiliaries rather than endanger the thinner ranks of the "true believers"" who comprise the Cult's cherished elite troops such as shadows and the black disciples.

Militia wear drab, gray hooded jackets and pants, with bandoleers, backpacks, and goggles. The Militants use a variety of small arms, ranging from old 20th century assault rifles like the Ak-47, to modern such as the late 20th century GAU-3 eliminator 5.56mm assault rifles, to new GD-2 rifles preferred by advanced organizations such as S.H.I.E.L.D. Militia are poorly trained and equipped when compared with army regulars counterparts, but their fanatical zeal, willingness to fight for the Cult and sheer numbers make up for their weaknesses.

No Caption Provided

Confessor Cabals:

Confessor Cabals are squads of well armed and armoured Black hand priests. These Cabals continue to inspire their fellow infantry, improving their rate of fire, accuracy, and resolve to continue fighting even in the face of grievous injuries. Confessor Cabals retain their trademark hallucinogenic grenades and laser miniguns, making them more than a match for any basic infantry that their opposition can throw at them.

Cabals can "welcome" a black disciple to lead their squad, giving them the edge of their flamethrower weaponry, especially when it comes to dealing with garrisons. Finally, they can replace their standard issue laser minigun weapons with particle beamers like the T-7, giving them firepower like virtually no other earth based mainline infantry possess, and when upgraded with supercharged particle beams they are ridiculously deadly, However, their powered armor focuses more on speed and strength at the expense of armor, and thus are still vulnerable to anti-personnel weapons.

No Caption Provided


Members of the Black Hand that are most devoted to its cause are called fanatics and with good reason - they are ready to sacrifice their lives to allow the cult's mission to succeed. Just before heading off on their mission, they perform their last rituals in a barracks.

Fanatics have dark glass-based explosive charges strapped to their chests. Upon reaching their targets, they detonate them, obliterating themselves and causing heavy damage to the target as well as splash damage to everything within the area, but causing zero damage to the remaining squad members. However, if they are killed before they make contact with their target, they die harmlessly. There is one caveat though, if they are killed with flame weapons or explosives, their packs will detonate.

It should be noted that such is their irrepressible desire to sacrifice their own lives in honor of of the Icon that Fanatics show absolutely no fear in the face of enemy fire, no matter how intense it might be. Because of this, they cannot be suppressed.

No Caption Provided

Shadow squads:

They are trained much like the ninjas of ages past, providing them with great skill at stealth and infiltration. Much like their famed forebears, Shadows are capable of seemingly appearing from nowhere and moving at lightning speed, usually in groups of four. Perhaps this was because they were trained in stealth. Shadows wear body-fitting jumpsuits with lightweight body armor and a full-head plexiglass helmet with rebreathers. The armor is equipped with collapsible powered hang-gliders, giving them the ability to fly. In combat, they wield dual fully automatic pistols that make short work of infantry. They also carry a special explosive that can destroy vital structures.

After noting the effectiveness of snipers spotting for artillery units, the cult has equipped its Shadow teams with special artillery beacons, allowing for a devastating barrage from black hand specter artillery units. These beacons may also be deployed in-flight.

Although powerful, the Shadow Teams have several drawbacks. First, while gliding, they are incapable of defending themselves, and units with both stealth detection and anti-air capability can make quick work of them. Second, while capable of shredding infantry, the sub-machine guns they carry are ineffective against most types of vehicles. The guns also lacked range, and if their targets were not eliminated, it placed the Shadows at risk due to their lack of armor.

No Caption Provided


Named Saboteurs, these men are recruited from the most brilliant, elite and loyal Black Hand clerics. They are equipped with state of the art HazMat (Hazardous Materials) suits (which is proofed against most environmental hazards) as well as a supply of C4 charges for mining buildings and all necessary engineering tools, allowing them to perform all the duties regular engineers would, in addition to planting explosive booby traps on neutral structures and bridges. They are also able to reactivate fallen walkers.

No Caption Provided

Chem warriors:

These units are the result of research from Doctor Giraurd, who "defected" from the mediterranean syndicate. Wearing what appears to be powered armor similar to a black disciple, these infantry are not equipped with flame weaponry, but instead, use an advanced version of the chemical sprayer.

The mixture sprayed from their tank can melt anything and has the passive effect of slowing down anything it touches. Chem warriors have undergone significant dark glass and cybernetic enhancement, and can be further upgraded with symaarian bionic legs significantly increasing their speed. Naturally, their suits also allow them to walk into virtually any form of radiation or toxins without taking any damage.

Despite their impressive abilities, Chem Warriors have shortcomings. First, they lack durability compared to armoured units especially the ones that have anti- infantry machine guns. Additionally, their tiberium weapons, while devastating against infantry, do little damage to vehicles, though they can slow vehicles down with their tiberium spray, and are less effective against structures than the Black Disciple's flame weaponry. Finally, aircraft prove very effective when dealing with Chem Warriors.

No Caption Provided

Black Disciples:

Forces of the Black Disciples wear full powered armor with fireproof cloaks to mask their thermal signatures and helmets with three horizontal visors. This equipment allows them to use their advanced flamethrowers effectively without harming their health, and is part of the source for their outstanding durability in the field. Virtually any modern man portable firearm will bounce off of their armor, and shooting them in the optics only renders that optic nonfunctional, it takes .50 rounds to puncture the eye piece. Also, the Black Hand commanders are fond of upgrading the standard fuel of their troopers with the purifying flame, an even more damaging concoction that burns as hot as stars.

No Caption Provided

Attack Bike:

The newest model is even faster than it's predecessors, but this speed comes at a cost - the armour is practically non-existent, the driver (usually a militant) is completely exposed and it has absolutely no defenses against enemy infantry, other than speed and streamline glass. Its roughly resemble cruiser bike with pod in both of its side.

It carries two missile launchers capable of decimating air incursions or putting a serious pounding on vehicles. It can also be upgraded with dark glass core warheads. One great development is the deployment of micro missile. This technology can be packed into the bike, Increasing versatity as it now capable pf shooting down aircraft something the previous version lacked. The micro missile warhead can be replaced with dark glass core warhead. This require additional modification to the launcher to prevent dark glass to the rider.

In addition, it has a sophisticated set of detectors, allowing it to detect any stealthed units or structures.

No Caption Provided

Raider buggy:

It has four wheel drive, with each wheel on a separate mount and a centrally mounted cockpit with a rear-mounted machinegun that deals excellent damage to infantry and enemy aircraft. However, it is almost useless against tanks and heavy armour.

It's primary role is reconnaissance, but when equipped with EMP coils, it can be surprisingly effective at countering enemy armor assaults and neutralizing base defenses in one swift attack by disabling them. Another upgrade is the spitfire laser capacitor, which replaces the machine gun with a medium power laser, increasing the buggy's firepower to one enjoyed by the Symaarian Chimera's multilaser. It can be further upgraded with particle beams and supercharged particle beams.

Using EMP coils, many Nod units are able to reach well defended enemy targets. First, they send in a storm of buggies and order them all to EMP in the middle of the enemy AA defenses, just as the bombers come in.

No Caption Provided

Scorpion Tank:

The tank, codenamed the Scorpion, has three unique design features - first, the front of the tank is sloped, with the back completely exposed. Second, the gun is mounted on the front right next to the crew compartment. Third, it moves on three threads.

This configuration, while odd at first glance, provides excellent maneuverability, as the articulate rear tread allows for fast turns and reversing. The mobility and speed of the Scorpion tank also minimizes the danger of a rear-armour shot from enemy tanks. The driver is protected by the black hand's trademark insect-like cockpit, also used in the Attack bike and raider buggy.

The main weapon is a classic 105mm APDS cannon, which is moderately effective against newer armour, such as that equipped to a Leman Russ MBT. It can be upgraded to a Spitfire laser cannon which increases its firepower dramatically, but increases the fragility, as it partially uses the space on the rear track, it can later be upgraded to particle beams, then supercharged particle beams. Another upgrade is a forward mounted dozer blade, which allows the light tank to crush enemy heavy infantry (e.g. space marines), a feat impossible for the default configuration, as well as remove minefields without any harm. It also increases the armour of the Scorpion.

No Caption Provided

Flame Tank:

This new version is a return to the roots, featuring a four tread chassis with a turreted main canopy. The vehicle boasts substantial armour plating this time, as well as an advanced version of the napalm launchers. The tanks were also hardened and plated, limiting the risk of additional discharge.

The new flame tank is a frightening enemy, as it can incinerate infantry with ease and clear out garrisoned buildings effortlessly in addition to burning them down quickly. Its only weakness is the lack of an effective weapon against enemy armor, however its flames are intense enough to be a large threat to lighter armored vehicles. It can also be equipped with Purifying Flames, which increases it's firepower to such dizzying heights that it becomes a threat to even heavily armored enemies.

No Caption Provided

Specter Artillery:

Essentially a lightly armoured tracked vehicle with a large caliber cannon mounted on its top, the design of the vehicle seems to be based on the scorpion, the Black Hand's traditional symbol. In order to fire, it needs to deploy itself by spreading six "claws" that provide a stable platform for the large caliber weapon. In order to allow it to safely reach its destination and prevent premature detection by enemy scouts, the Specter, as its name suggests, is outfitted with a state of the art stealth generator. The high impact shells fired from the cannon follow a high-arc trajectory and do tremendous amounts of damage, especially against structures, with a large blast radius. Shadow teams can interface with these artillery units and deploy an artillery beacon to accurately guide their fire.

No Caption Provided

Beam cannon:

The Beam Cannon was a powerful particle beam emitter mounted on a versatile six-wheel chassis, giving the vehicle a high degree of mobility. As a long-range artillery vehicle, the Beam Cannon sacrificed heavy armor in favor of firepower and cost-effectiveness, so commanders would need to position it behind their own lines. The beam cannon can be upgraded with particle, then supercharged particle beamers.

The Beam Cannon was highly effective against vehicles and structures, especially when in groups, as well as being reasonably effective against infantry. The Beam Cannon had four unique properties. Firstly, it could be used to supercharge Obelisk of Light, increasing their rate of fire, attack range, and vision range (up to maximum of four Beam Cannons per Obelisk). Secondly, the Beam Cannon could extend their effective range by reflecting its laser beam off mirrors which were mounted on the underside of Venom patrol craft. Thirdly, the Beam Cannon's weapon could be commandeered by Black Hand avatars in order to act as a secondary laser. Fourthly, multiple Beam Cannons firing at the same target could combine their beams in order to produce a single beam with firepower greater than the sum of its parts.

No Caption Provided

Stealth tank:

Third generation stealth tanks provide valuable mobile anti-air support along with anti-tank firepower. Their stealth and speed make them excellent scouts.

The redesign resulted in the removal of the fourth tread and streamlining of the vehicle, as well as overhauling the missile launchers. The new tank moves on three articulated treads, has an aerodynamic profile and much improved stealth generator. The missile launchers are now placed over the pilot's cockpit and are capable of firing volleys of guided missiles, numbering up to 16 rockets per volley. These rockets can be upgraded to Dark Glass core missiles.

The new generator is much more advanced and is capable of reactivating the stealth bubble almost instantly after the tank has fired its volley, making the tank even more deadly and hard to locate than before.

No Caption Provided


The Redeemer was essentially a massive quadrupedal mechanized walker, based on the design of the Avatar warmech, though significantly more heavily armed and armoured. It was armed with Obelisk based nona-part which were able to cut through the heaviest of armour, and also equipped with a Rage Generator, which inflicted temporary insanity on enemy units, making them attack each other. The Redeemer also has give infantry hardpoints that could be upgraded at the commander's discretion.

The Redeemer served as a symbol for the Cult, whose power is the representation of the Tirad's own presence.

The Redeemer was armed with a long-range nona-part laser derived from the Obelisk of Light. The laser basically split into nine beams that were capable of sweeping a small area to inflict damage to squads of infantry, giving it some measure of effectiveness against infantry.

The Redeemer could also bolster its already formidable lasers, like the Avatar. However, unlike its predecessor, which destroyed Cult vehicles for added firepower, infantry sacrifice their weapons to the Redeemer, possibly traveling within the Redeemer to operate the weapons. These upgrades depend on the units 'redeemed':

  • Acolytes, Confessor Cabals, Awakened: Anti-infantry autocannon, can be upgraded with laser, particle, and supercharged particle weapons.
  • Armor hunters: Anti-armor and anti-aircraft rocket launcher. Can be upgraded with dark glass core missiles.
  • Sabatouer: An automatic repair module. An additional Saboteur will double the healing rate. This is more important for the Redeemer than the other epic units because Nod lacks any repair vehicles.
  • Black disciple: Anti-infantry and anti-structure flamethrower. They will fire at anything in range, even at targets the Redeemer isn't focusing on. They can be upgraded with purifying flames for the terrifying hot fires of the messiah.
  • Chem warrior:: Anti-infantry/anti-structure Tiberium sprayer (though it is overall inferior in power to the flamethrowers given by the Black disciples, but they had a longer range, in addition to being able to slow down vehicles).

Another weapon was the glowing device on the Redeemer's back, the Rage Generator, which was able to drive enemy units into a frenzy, causing them to ignore Cult units and attack one another, disobeying their commanders' orders. Lesser vehicles can simply be stepped upon this walking mountain of metal, which stands taller than many buildings. It's own lasers can be upgraded with particle and supercharged particle beamers.

No Caption Provided

Venom patrolcraft:

It uses VTOL technology. Its primary tasks are recon and air intercept, as it is extremely fast, but armed only with dual chaingun. The chainguns are upgradeable to dual laser cannon based on obelisk technology, then particle beams, then supercharged particle beams.

The fighter possesses an extremely aerodynamic shape and two VTOL engines on articulate mounts on its sides. The pilot's cockpit is at the extreme front of the machine, allowing a large field of view, but also limiting his protection. It's chaingun/laser is ideal for attacking infantry or harassing armour. But the real role of the Venom is scouting out targets, using it's advanced sensors, it can detect and track stealthed units, providing targeting data for beam artillery units operating in the field, allowing them to bounce their beams off of mirrors the Venom carries on its underside. Thus, allowing them to strike targets otherwise immune to their damage. The Venom also features a pressurized cockpit, which relieves pilots from wearing oxygen masks during long patrols, but does have the unfortunate side effect of causing the Venom to lose pressure and explosively decompress when it takes too much damage (much to the pilots' dismay).

Another function of the Venom is deception - it can be equipped with signature generators, that interfere with the opponent's radar, fooling him into thinking a few Venoms to be a whole army.

It is also worth noting that the Venom is capable of engaging airborne targets, making it useful as anti-air protection for ground forces or bases, particularly when upgraded with laser capacitors, particle beam emitters, and supercharged particle beamers.

No Caption Provided

Vertigo bomber:

The Vertigo is a next generation VTOL bomber in the service of the cult, using stealth technology similar to that in the Ezekiel's Wheel and Stealth Tank.. It is a powerful aircraft carrying four high explosive Groundpounder bombs, and is equipped with an effective stealth generator and VTOL engines. Its primary role is destroying large structures and vehicles located deep within enemy bases, thanks to its stealth capabilities. For defense against pursuing aircraft, the Vertigo has a chaingun turret in the rear of the plane, though the power of this weapon is lackluster, they are backed by two turrets built into the wings and one into the nose. The articulated exhaust nozzles for the jet allow the Vertigo to conduct vertical take-offs and landings along with giving excellent maneuverability for such a large aircraft. Like the venom, the chainguns can be upgraded to lasers, then particle beams, then supercharged particle beams.

No Caption Provided


Carryalls are capable of lifting all but the heaviest of vehicles over any terrain, and are also VTOL aircraft with four engines on rotatable mounts providing lift and thrust. It can directly carry infantry without the requirement of an APC. Nevertheless it is by no means designed to enter enemy-controlled terrain and is highly susceptible to anti-aircraft fire. It is surprisingly well armored though, and has eight chain guns across it, two on each side, two in the nose, and two on top, allowing it to give fighters a nasty surprise, especially if upgraded to lasers, particle beams, and supercharged particle beams.

No Caption Provided

Armageddon Bomber:

If the Vertigo is the precision bomber of the Cult, then the Armageddon is it's strategic one. Built to be the finest strategic bomber in the world, a single Armageddon can carry enough bombs to deal as much damage as all twenty B-2 spirit bombers in the air force put together. Equipped with no less than sixteen swivel mounted chaingun mounted across the structure of the plane, any fighter approaching it is garaunteed to get holes put in it, and when upgraded with laser capcitors and later particle beamers and then supercharged particle cannons; flying against it is a nice way to get slaughtered. Not only is it well armed, it is also well armored, incredibly fast, and is invisible to radar and microwaves, forcing those who wish to intercept it to rely on their eyes. The Black hand is fond of using them to carry munitions too large for any other aircraft to drop.

No Caption Provided

Shredder turrets:

Firing a volley of high-powered anti-infantry shrapnel from it's line of barrels, the order of the talon has commented that the Shredder turret acted like a large shotgun. The shrapnel is enough to penetrate virtually any body armour, making it the perfect choice to protect the base from higher tier enemy infantry, such as Symaarian Storm troopers, Russian Juggernauts, or even Space Marine scouts.

Much like the laser turrets, as long as the hub remains intact, destroyed turrets will be automatically rebuild, should they be destroyed. However, damaged turrets need to be repaired manually, by repairing the hub.

They can be upgraded to laser beams, particle beams, and supercharged particle beams, increasing their firepower, making them extremely effective against all infantry, and even light-to-medium vehicles. The second upgrade available to all factions is the addition of a fourth turret.

No Caption Provided

Laser turrets:

These turrets, armed with a pair of lasers, are hidden in underground armoured compartments and deployed when the situation calls for it. Three of these turrets are linked to a single hub and each is capable of self repair as long as the hub remains intact. They are weaker against infantry now but stronger against vehicles. They are also unable to target aircraft.

These laser turrets could be upgraded with particle beamers, then supercharged particle beamers for especially devastating effect. The hub system can also be upgraded with a fourth turret.

No Caption Provided

SAM Turret:

In contrast with the classic SAM site, three of these turrets are linked to a single hub and each is capable of self repair as long as the hub remains intact. When a hostile airborne unit enters range, the turrets unlesh a volley of three missiles each. While weak individually, the combined power of nine explosive missiles is enough to severely damage or outright destroy most aircraft. They can be upgraded with dark glass core warheads and a fourth turret on the hub.

No Caption Provided

Obelisk of light:

Born out of the need for a powerful defensive mechanism for Cult military bases, the Obelisk is quite possibly the most powerful laser weapon in recorded history, result of Project Obelisk WDTA2411 5. It's mode of operation remained basically the same throughout the wars - massive capacitors underneath the structure amass power, which is then used to create a powerful laser beam, directed against enemies via a system of advanced optical and focusing systems. Obviously, it requires massive amounts of power to function. The Isismodel is the most advanced and most powerful Obelisk incarnation ever since its first introduction during the first world war war. It can be upgraded with particle beamers and supercharged particle beamers to ensure that whatever it's firing at is very, very dead.

No Caption Provided

Disruptor tower:

This powerful device houses a stealth generator in a circular structure in the middle, while three stealth field emitters cloak all allied units and buildings in a moderate radius.

No Caption Provided


The result of a secret project conducted by Black Hand scientists in Central Asia, using human corpses as a base for heavy cybernetic enhancement.The Awakened lack any emotions, and are unquestioningly loyal to the Triad

Awakened are armed with an EMP cannon implanted in their right arm, a heavy machine gun grafted onto their left, a rebreather unit and numerous other augmentations. Their armour, while its composition remains unknown, is the toughest used by any basic infantry force. For better control, their enhanced cyber-neurological impacts are linked to a world-wide control network. These units can use their EMPs to disrupt enemy vehicles or structures for a short time. They can be upgraded with lasers, particle beams, and then supercharged particle beams as well as superior servomotors for increased firepower speed, and strength.

No Caption Provided


Although their "brothers", the Awakened still possessed a considerable sign of their human past, the Enlightened's only human characteristic were the bone exoskeleton and the bones kept beneath it. The first Enlightened were developed under the ground of the Siberian steppes, in a secret Black hand lab to serve as an unfailingly loyal army to the Triad

Each Enlightened is armed with a particle cannon mounted on their left arms, with an EMP cannon supplementing their primary weapon. These units can use their EMPs to disrupt enemy vehicles or structures for a short time. They're better at destroying vehicles with the help of their EMP cannon than their Awakened cyborg brethren, as particle beams do a lot more damage to armor than the machine guns wielded by the Awakened. Also, their armor is extremely resilient, more so than the one the Awakened are clad in. As such, the Enlightened cannot be crushed by vehicles. They can be upgraded with supercharged particle cannons and superior servomotors for increased firepower, speed, and strength.

Physically speaking, they are the near equals of Symaarian space marines in power armor. They are the most elite of the Triad's guard. Whenever the Triad has any reason to believe they in danger; they walk with an escort of enlightened bestowed with the ability of silence; making them memory proof as Vrakmul is. These enlightened are further supplemented by a guard of Reapers and Centurions.

No Caption Provided


"I am death, the destroyer of worlds." -Anonymous reaper after ambushing an Talon patrol.

The Reapers are of an even higher class of warrior than the enlightened, Not only are the baseline bodies inserted in these frames given special genetic, implant, and dark glass mutated enhancements, but they are incased in some of the most advanced cybernetics this universe has ever seen and are flayered in a tremendously thick armoured shell. Only the most elite and faithful of the Black Hever given the honor of becoming reapers, the bringers of death to the foes of the Black Hand. A single reaper is more than capa outmatching most metahumans with little more than it's fists. And unfortunately for the universe, Reapequipped with far more than their fists. Each carries a tremendously powerful supercharged particle beam blaster that can punch a hole adamantium on it's full powered beam setting or scythe down whole hordes of infantry in rapid fire pulse blast and anything in between; in addittion eaach carries as cluster missile launcher capable of unleashing a tremendous flurry of frag or krak missiles to deal with armoured osoft targets, all equipped with advanced homing systems and engines to chase any foe. Finally, each has a nanoncher to restrain their foes and rapidly crush and flense them to death with the incredind sharp mesh, or if need be, keep them unable to move so that they may be brought to the black hand. As if that were not enough, each possesses a helmet mounted flamethrower so that they may cleanse the unclean with a tongue of purifying flame capable of melting metal in seconds and incinerating men in an instant.

In meelee, reapers utilize powerfists on their open arm and energized power scythe bayonets on their gun arm, and their sharp tipped and immensely strong legs are definitely capable of dealing grievous harm in melee, even were they only to possess sheer strength of actuators they could crush most tanks, but unfortunately, every leg has a variable setting power field that can even discharge energy into the ground to create debilitating shockwaves, sheathe them in matter disrupting energy to slice through virtually any form of armour, or unleash the stored energy for a colossal explosion that can rip apart even thick bulkheads and crush even the toughest of meta-human bones. As if this was not enough, each may deploy a lightning claw tipped stinger tail, a long and articulated metallic limb tipped with five miniature power blades to cut through armour like so much butter. Each is fanatically loyal to the black hand and is a fervently, perhaps even insanely devout worshipper of the Icon. None have ever surrendered, none have ever been mind controlled, and none have been turned from their task by anything save for destruction. And even then, such a feat is tremendously difficult, as a reaper can absorb colossal amounts of punishment and rapidly self repairs and regenerates in the presence of dark glass radiation. Fortunately, the reapers are a rare breed, and are only deployed when their sheer power is needed.

No Caption Provided


If the reaper is the epitome of the Black Hand's cyborg soldier's offensive capabilities, the Centurion is it's defensive epitome. Selected from the same pool of warriors as the Reapers, they undergo largely the same process, however, Centurion are picked for their willingness to defend the Black Hand and it's gains to the death over their sheer martial prowess and butchery of it's foes. Standing at nearly twenty feet tall, the Centurion is quite a massive unit, but it is incredibly heavily armoured. Entire Tank Battalions during the Iraqi war have fired at one to negligable effect, even when they managed to hit the hull rather than the shield. To further bolster their defense, each is equipped with a mighty Conversion shield, a large energy enhanced shield made of an unknown composite that can resist virtually any attack. But to think that the Centurion lacks offensive abilities is a quick way to a shallow grave, for each is equipped with a variable setting laser cannon that at one setting can punch through tanks with ease in singular, quick lances, or scythe down whole hordes of infantry in long sweeping beams. In melee, the cannon can be used as a massive energy sword capable of cutting through virtually any form of material defense, and the energy can be modulated to simulate virtually any kind of weapon the user wishes. Each Centurion has an oath of absolute loyalty to the black hand and has been raised and programmed since their time in the womb to never falter in their faith.


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Because this is my favorite pairing in any fandom ever, I am devoting an entire blog to the pairing. And yes, I am a huge homestuck fangirl. But seriously John and Rose make me squee and go aww! Why do I love the pairing? For one thing they're adorable. Secondly it reminds me of when I was 13 and my then future husband really needed to take the hint to kiss me.

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Betrayal, the end of reality.

As the Fel Empire of Evil, and the Entropic Legions of Chaos ruthlessly attacked the Nirivanian Federation of Order, The Concordant Coalition of Neutrality, and the Serene Kingdom of Good, throughout the omniverse, causing an untold amount of death and destruction.   The Epsillon Imperium, an empire ruled by the Scrin, unfathomable beings who depend on a mutagenic crystalline substance called tiberium to survive, bided their time, amassing a vast army of them and their subjects to destroy the Light and Dark Forces.   The Scrin Overlord, who had overtime from Tiberium mutation, Psionic perfection, Magical strengthening, Technological enhancement, and Biological improvement had become as powerful as twenty two and a half of the mighty incarnates, had ordered his armies to destroy all who would not surrender.

Inside his fortress the Baernolar, the incarnate of evil itself was suddenly met with a video transmission from one of his officers in the northern front. "Lord Baernolar, we are under attack!" panicked the author.  "Who is attacking us?  The Alliance of the Light powers?" asked the twin headed dragon.  "No, it is the Epsillon imperium!"  The Baernolar, confused hadn't the slightest idea of what to do about this. 

But as he wondered what to do a vast armada of naval vessels appeared over the horizon of one of his northern worlds, and a massive battleship unleashed a salvo of plasma disks upon the coastline, which heralded the arrival of a vast landing force which rushed to the beach in a hell bent frenzy.  A division of conscripts attempting to stop the landing force were ran over by a vast wall of Scrin Devourer tanks, which quickly annhialated the inferior humans with their mighty energy conversion beams.   Inside a city, a huge amount of the native populace was mutated into horrific brutes and monsters who quickly turned upon the populace.  But as the mighty Kirov Zepellins and Martian Tripods rushed to meet this threat, a vast barrage of gatling cannon shells, plasma disks, tiberium shards, missiles, and energy beams quickly met them, many of them slamming onto the cities defenders with a horrendous effeciency. 

But the worst was yet to come, for over the capital building emerged a enormous tripod of the scrin's making, a Annhialator Tripod, far superior to the Martian design, thanks to a stronger shield, EMP burst capabillities, three conversion beams mounted on tentacles, and several smaller plasma disk and tiberium shard launchers.   The Remaining defenders attemped in vain to stop this threat, but the vast tripod looked up at one of the Zeppelins and leapt into the air directly into it, smashing the bomber from the skies.  

After this devastating attack the Baernolar and the other incarnates of the Union of Dark Destructive Forces watched the video feed again, and again, not knowing what to make of this sudden and brutal attack.  The Baernolar turned to the other incarnates and spoke with a furious tone "What is the meaning of this, how did they build such a vast force so quickly!" roared the very embodyment of evil at his comrades, but as he spoke an advisor came and whispered into the ear of the blue head.  

"What!  They have attacked Cthulniar!  We must stop them before they destroy that multiverse, it has far too much historic value for our people to fall!!!  Prepare the full might of the Dark millitary at once!"  bellowed the twin headed omnipotent.   Mere hours after the order was given, vast armadas of Apocalypse tanks, Avatar Walkers, Martian Tripods, Conscripted Humans, Atmospheric craft, and Naval vessels boarded into enormous multiverse crossing vessels, each as large as the state of virginia, and once loaded the vast wedge shaped ships lifted into the air and opened vast wormholes, screaming towards the Cthulniar Multiverse deep in the heart of the Fel Empire.   

Upon entering the vast ships quickly were met with enormous amounts of anti-space craft fire.  As they were met with the weapons fire the transport ships responded in kind, firing at will using all the enormous fire power contained within their vast frames to make a landing upon the invaded planets.   Enormous plasma disks barrages slammed into the colossal ships, with fighters and bombers zipping around, with smaller capital ships quickly being destroyed.  

Within his vast necron tombship, which was roughly 150 light years from end to end, the Dreadnought Xi'Rah'Clackz commanded the Dark fleet to attack the Epsilon armada.  As Plasma disks flew forth, electrical beams arced between ships, energy beams lanced wildly, and turbolaser blasts exploded all around space.  A lander vessel roughly the size of a city landed on the surface of a nearby planet and unloaded it's men and equipment to attack the enemy forces.  

Conscripts who rushed from the vast ships were met with Initiates, Pyrokinetics using humans, who used large pyrokinetic bursts to deal with the conscripts numbers.  Lighting many of the poorly trained men on fire.  But a large number of tanks quickly managed to break the Initiate's barricade around the ship, and rushed forward, only for Scrin disintegrators, four legged insectoids roughly the size of dogs with a large tube on their heads to fire disintegrating beams of energy quickly sliced the tanks into small pieces, and upon trying to crush some of the disintegrators the insectoids would explode fiercely enough to put the tank out of action. 

Other Tanks were destroyed by magnetron artillery, which used their magnetic beams to tear the tanks into shreds and throw them around.   A force of conscripts rushed at a power plant that seemed unprotected, but there were ogre sized seraphs which turned their pyrokinetic red eye towards the incoming conscripts and quickly set them on fire in a painful manner.    But Hind Helicopters quickly sped to the power plant and unloaded their missile payload upon the outpost, and as the seraphs were unable to aim towards the sky, quickly decimated them and the power plant.
But the canny forces of the Epsilon imperium would not be so easily defeated.  soon strange towers, a bit taller than the seraphs, with two twelve barelled 30mm Gatling cannons on each side, giving the appearance of stubby forward facing arms, turned towards the hinds, and a noise that sounded more like an energy weapon roared forth from the cannons, so many armor piercing tracer incendiary rounds were pouring out that the cannons had the appearance of breathing fire.  
 The hinds quickly took evasive action, but alas the slow helicopters could not elude the infallible targetting computers, which quickly massacred the aircraft in a hail of bullets.  Some of the helicopters were sliced cleanly in half by the storm of burning lead, while others had their rotors clipped or engines ignited.   But the worse was yet to come, for AA mode defender VX turrets quickly joined in on the slaughter, unleashing a horde of missiles on the surviving helicopters, each missile finding it's mark and obliterating the Fel Imperial aircraft. 
 In Retalliation a horde of Fel Imperial TIE fighters screamed towards the Epsilon base, but they were met by an enormous swarm of green plasma discs, each one screaming towards the fragile fighters and annihilating them, with but a single barrage of the vicious Scrin Plasma Missile batteries, an entire wing of 1000 tie fighters were destroyed before any of them could possibly react.    
The frustrated Fel Empire unleashed more of it's ground forces, but when they approached the gatling cannon turrets, they were met with the same horde of screaming, flaming lead that their airborne brethren had been slain by.   Infantry were set alight by the unrelenting stream, while tanks were utterly decimated by the rounds exploding inside them.    
Those who had survived the terrifying gatling turrets were fired upon by Seraphs and Railgun Towers, large towers equipped with a psychic rail-gun cannon, that would fire upon any enemy with horrific force and effect.  Emitting that same horrible droning noise each time it charged, lighting rotating purple cyllinders and the slug was fired through some bastardized sickle on the top of the tower.  Each blast instantly destroyed an infantry regiment or tank platoon.   But more was yet to come, for huge Omega Cannons, enormous stationary artillery with a 500mm bore, had locked onto the Fel Imperial forces, and they fired enormous shells filled with destructive psychic energy, brutally tossing and tearing apart anything in their path like a tornado would do to a house of cards. 
Other forces that went other directions were met with the Empire of the rising sun division of the Epsilon Imperium.  A highly advanced group from a series of alternate universes in a different multiverse from your own.  Undettered the Dark Legions charged forth, only to be brutally cut down by AP mode Defender VX Turrets, and Wave-Force Towers, along with several garrisoned buildings.  Wising up to the Epsilon Imperium's tactics, the Dark legions called in a vetrification of the base from orbit, a call that would be responded by a lone corvette.   Within moments enormous particle beam blasts and turbo-laser shots were destroying enormous portions of the EOTRS division base.   Then the fearsome Fel Martian Tripods moved in, bellowing their fearsome cry of "UUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaAAAaaaahhhh!" before unleashing their heat-beams, disintegration rays, masers, black smoke cannons, and particle beams on the screaming remnants of the base, using their grasping tentacles to take as many prisoners as possible.   

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The final battle of the first war, A short story.

In aeons past, long before your gods, your universe, or even your multiverse, when the omniverse was but a few million years old, the original fourty five fought a war of epic proportions, this was the first war of the alignments.  The Forces of the Fel nine had smashed into the lands of the holy nine, The Swarms of Daemons, Devils, Demons, Demodands, Undead, Chromatic Dragons, and other foul beasts showed no mercy. The forces of the Chaotic nine joined the Fel swarm in a horrific alliance, Faced with destruction the Impartial nine of neutrality joined the Holy nine, but still they were vastly outnumbered.  But together, lead by the Original Good Celestiar, the Alliance managed to sneak a massive army onto the gates of Olark'gar the Fortress of Death, but the Hordes of the Dreadnought marched out of the gates to meet them in battle in the final battle of the first war, this is their story. 

As the Joint armies of those generally aligned with Chaos and Evil poured out of the gates, the Forces of Neutrallity and Good prepared for what they thought would be their end.  Celestiar then moved to the front lines, in the form of a great Platinum scaled Dragon with Shining eyes and Feathery wings "Fellow beings, we are here before the Fiends and Slaad of the enemy, we are all that stands between them and the tipping of the precious Balance between the Evil Outer Gods and Our Benevolent Elder gods.   If we fail, the Outer gods will have the slight advantage they need to conquer the young Omniverse, and enslave the future generations!  But we will grant them freedom, We shall fight for those who will come to be!  We will Fight for those Who once were!  We must Fight for those who are now!  We will not let them Vanquish us without a fight!  We shall not disappear into the abyss without a shout!  Now let us charge!  To the ends of Time and the limits of Space!" spoke Celestiar as it reared up on it's hind legs before going back down on all fours and charging forward to the dark castle. 

"For the King!! FOR THE LAND!!! FOR THE MOUNTAINS!!! FOR THE GREEN VALLIES WHERE ANGELS FLY!!! FOR THE GLORY!!! FOR THE POWER THAT WILL DEFEAT THE BLACK LORD!!!! CHARGE!!!!!!" shouted an Gold dragon general as it charged, followed by countless numbers of men, who smashed into the infinitely larger hordes of Chaos and Evil like a great flood against an Even Greater Wall.  The Lawful Good archons cut down the Chaotic Evil Demons with a holy grace, the Chaotic Good Eladrin chopped down the Lawful Evil devils with the furies of Freedom, The Neutral Good guardinals Savaged the Neutral Evil Yugoloths.   In the Skies the Giant Owls, Giant Eagles,  Metallic Dragons, Other beasts, and Winged Celestials clashed with Dire Bats, Pterodactyls, Chromatic Dragons, Winged Fiends, and Flying Undead.   The Talons of the Great Giant Owl Olaras sank into the Backs of many of the Dire bats, and it's beak bit the heads off of several Pterodactyls, but it knew that it was no match for the Great Chromatic dragons and Winged Fiends, and many of the Flying undead would outmatch it.  

The Nightwings, great Bats of Negative energy and Darkness swooped down on the Neutral Rilmari who lacked any form of non-magical flight, and the Nightwings dispelled magic on touch, and it fed them.   They were terrible to behold, they were as large as a private jet in length but with wings one and a half times greater, they looked like a huge bat shadow that was impossibly dark.  But Olaras smashed into one of the Nightwings, and as it was trained as a Cleric, it unleashed a wave of Positive energy to Turn or better yet Destroy the undead, and as the Energy of life coursed through all the night bats within a mile long cone it destroyed dozens if not hundreds of them, and then it moved and began Dog fighting with a particularly large one, One that was the size of a Airbus A380 in length but with wings twice the length of the man made aircraft, Olaras himself was but the size of a p-51 Mustang.   A slight tinge of fear poured through the Leader of the Owls, but he shook it off as he called many of his best Soldiers to attack the Enormous Undead Flier. 

The Great Nightwing upon seeing the enemy simply flapped it's wings rapidly, creating tornado force winds that blew back the incoming owls and winged celestials,   "Is this the best that Celestiar has?  Then I shall have no problem destroying your kind!  For I am Xelarantix One of the Greatest Nightwing princes!" spoke the Abomination of Darkness.   Olaras was stunned by this remark and decided to see as to how it could be so strong, even for an advanced Nightwing, and it found the source of it's power, It was no ordinary Nightwing but a Paragon Nightwing, and it remembered, a Paragon creature is vastly more powerful than it's normal counter parts, they could see a limited distance into the future which allowed them to dodge attacks easily and land blows as well, combined with an immense luck factor which further increased the difficulty in hitting them and their abillity to land blows, and it immensely adds to their innate spell casting abillities, and grants some new ones, and only of all physical weapons only epic level magic weapons could harm it, paragons became immensely hard to harm with cold and fire, their wounds would heal in milliseconds, their speed would triple, they would become far more powerful physically and mentally and finally their skills would sharpen immensely. 

Oloras knew that it could not match such a beast and Decided to summon the aid of the Mightiest Bronze Dragon on the field, and soon Krakytaranth, the Great Wyrm Bronze Dragon emerged from the Ocean where it was finishing up some Aquatic forces of the Fel swarm to deal with the Nightwing, and from it's mouth Sprang an immense bolt of lightning which struck the Vast Darkness given form with the fury of a thousand angry gods.   The Nightwing's body was damaged severely but as it was undead, it felt no pain, and it's wounds began to heal, although the sheer amount of damage done would take some time, but before it could summon a massive horde of Undead, the Bronze dragon casted Chain lightning and another bolt of lightning flew from it's hand which struck the Great Dark bat again, dealing less damage but the lightning went up and back down into it twenty times, though each of these times it was only half as strong as the main bolt, but the damage was actually surpassing that of it's main breath weapon.   Angered the Xelarantix Dived down at Krakytaranth and casted unholy blight, a spell that unleashes pure evil energy in a 240 foot in radius explosion.    But the magic was negated by the Mighty Wyrm's spell resistance as it got within the distance to attack it with it's claws. 

And as the dragon itself had the same physical weapon immunities as the Nightwing it could penetrate the nightwing's defenses something that went both ways, but the Dragon Bit into the hide of the Nightwing and tore a truck sized chunk out of Xelarantix's abdomen and then three more bites struck it yet again, and it's four claws struck the Nightwing sixteen times in total, opening great gashes into the darkness, then it's tail lashed out four times breaking the bones of the Undead's wings, and as the nightwing began to fall the Dragon dove at it and rammed it to the ground.   However the Nightwing was not finished, and it's injuries from the Dragon's Physical attack had already healed, as had the lightning barrage's damage.   But Krakytaranth was wise to this and casted Wing Bind, which grounded the Nightwing and prevented it from flying.   However the Great undead bat rammed into the dragon, knocking it to the ground back first, the bronze dragon spun around with it's tail stuck out, tripping Xelarantix and it's body struck the ground with a thunderous rage.  

As it's claws flashed the dragon unleashed a great orb of raw light, a sunburst, the twenty foot orb of radiance flashed and the nightwing's eyes opened wide in terror, as any undead or fungus vulnerable to light would be instantly destroyed, unlike most who would simply be severely damaged, and soon the light seared it's darkness, leaving naught but a dark stain as the great bat screamed it's last cries of pain that howled through the world.   And the ever expanding burst of light incinerated more and more of the innumerable undead hordes that were being sent out to bolster the forces of Evil and Chaos.   Until it finally stopped at a thousand feet in diameter, leaving ashes of countless undead.  

However the rest of the battle was not doing as well, for the forces of chaos and evil vastly outnumbered that of good and neutrality.   They were pushed back to their fortress town of Oman-hed, a vast city consisting of nine cocentric ring walls, and in between each were seperate points of the city, the city was some 900 miles in diameter and the top ring was 90 miles high, it's white walls gleamed in the sunlight standing a mile high each, and the forces of good and neutrality ran quickly into the walls to seek shelter against the tidal wave of Chaos and Evil. 

As they all managed to enter, they sealed the gates to hold against the slower forces of Chaos and Evil, they made their final prayers to the Elder Gods, in hopes that they would show the way to victory, but their prayers seemed to go unanswered the following day, for on the horizon, meeting their eyes, was a vast force of untold proportions.   Led by a great monster that took a serpent like form, a horrific beast which has three enormous tails sprouting from it's torso, each the length of three buses end from end where it's legs should be, a reptilian but humanoid torso with six arms, each arm splitting into three forearms at the elbow, and instead of a single head sprout eighteen snakes each as long as a van, but each snake splits into three necks at the mid point, and each neck bears three heads, and each head has six jaws arranged in a floral pattern, with six eyes, sixty tentacles sprang from it's back, waist, and shoulder, and enormous skin flaps jut out from the monstrosities body to help it glide, in addition to the cobra like hoods of the snake heads and from it's back sprout forth six wings, two mosquito like wings, two membranous ones, and two bird like wings, and even it's name was horrible, for it called itself Xoriatserpentranasor, the Incarnate of Madness, and one of the Entropic nine, the incarnates of chaos.

Xoriatserpentranasor reared it's snake necks and each hissed in a deafining melachony and it's innumerable hordes charged forth, and like a great tidal wave a surge of abberations, undead, machines, humanoids, magical beasts of war, outsiders, elementals, animals, monstrous humanoids, giants, evil and chaotic fey, and animate plants surged forth in a frenzy, with Xoriatserpentranasor at the forefront of the attack.    Xoriatserpentranasor roared forth the order to attack, "Charge forth my minions, show them that the forces of Evil and Chaos shall reign supreme, slaughter them all, leave none alive!  DESTROY THEM ALL!!!"  and as he spoke  great flying creatures rode upon by liches and death knightsdescended upon the city, the horrible beasts screeching forth a terror, one rode upon by Kraggor the Black, a horrible death knight grabbed sent horrific bursts and cones of cold upon the unsuspecting forces of Good and Neutrality. 

Kraggor, as a death knight was naught but an animate skeleton infused with negative energies, unholy power, and his soul, but as he wore spiked full plate armor made of the strongest of adamantine alloys showing only his face, none could tell from a safe distance, but any could see the crimson pinpoints where his pupils would have been, searing with hateful light as his great shadow dragon wyrm mount swooped down upon the city, sending forth great blasts of negative energy with each breath attack that severely drained the souls of all that were hit by the seven hundred foot cone.    Kraggor himself sent enormous blasts of hell fire from his hand, blasts that covered a two hundred foot sphere in the very flames of evil.    

As archers fired upon his mount in vain, for only the very strongest of enchanted, piercing, adamantine, and holy weapons would harm the Dragon, who in addition to unleashing great blasts of negative energy, would rain spells upon the city, in addition to billions of other flying creatures who assaulted the city in a ruinous rage, slaughtering all in their path as siege equipment and siege creatures attacked the enormous walls of the city. 

Just as all began to seem lost, a great chime echoed throughout the land, and on the horizon stood a single  mechanical dragon, the entire thing was ultramarine except at the neck and ball pivots, which were gold, and in a few areas such as the biceps where some of the inner workings were exposed, one could see that a green glow was emitted from the inside, and it rode a similarly geometric mechanical steed painted with a simillar color, with a Formian Myrmidion, ant like creatures, who resembled an ant with the thorax and head upright, with the first two limbs used like hands, wearing wonderfully crafted full plate armor, who looked down and the Mechanical dragon turned to the formian "It seems that we have arrived right on time, wouldn't you say Formianar, incarnate of Society?" it spoke with a electronic voice.  "Yes, the forces of law have arrived Nirivanus, Incarnate of all order." said the Formian named Formianar with a slight grin with it's mandibles.  "Then let the others come forth." 

And as the Dragon spoke the forces of order, countless beings assosciated with order and order alone, such as insectoids, geometrically shaped creatures, machines, and the like emerged from behind the mountains, and coming from behind them were the world's triple suns, which broke the artificially maintained cloud cover forced by the incarnates of evil and chaos, and the suns blinded the gawking forces of Evil and chaos.  "Now let us ride forth and maintain the balance" spoke Formianar as he put his visor down and tipped his lance downward.  "TO VICTORY!!! CHARGE!!!" spoke Nirivanus as they poured forth onto the blinded enemy, who could only manage to put their pikes and spears downward. 

But it was not enough, the cavalry of order leapt over the feeble attempts of evil and chaos to stop them, and they smote them where they stood, the lances pierced their flesh, the swords lopped off their heads, the maces smashed their skulls, their infantry were trampled under the feet, wheels, and tracks of the rushing cavalry.   The Flying forces met a simillar end, as flying formians and machines smashed the blinded airborne waves of evil and chaos.    

The Baernolar, Evil itself, roared at the forces of order in rage of it's defeat, and the great Robotic Dragon and incarnate of order turned at the baernolar, who had the form of a two headed dragon, one red, one blue, with several gaping toothed maws opening at random points on it's body, with more noticeable ones on it's palms, the Baernolar stretched forth it's purple wings and flew at them, using his awesome powers that would make any so called omnipotents of today quail in terror upon them, as did Entropus, who as the incarnate of chaos, was a dragon with ever shifting features and colors, but Nirivanus turned and saw Baernolar and Entropus, and stretched out it's front light limb, and Agonis, Incarnate of neutrality who took the form of a nondescript gray dragon, and Celestiar who had the shape of a great platinum dragon joined Nirivanus, and from them leapt a great blast of Neutral, Lawful, and Holy energy that tore through the lords of Evil and Chaos, sending Baernolar crashing to the earth, and smashed Entropus into the ground. 

But Baernolar was not so easily finished, and from a great crater of which his impact formed, he rose and pounced upon Celestiar, it's twin heads bit firmly onto the smaller Celestiar, and lifted him into the air, but this was his error, for celestiar put his hands upon Baernolar, and surged the essence of Purity through him, so great was the holy energy flowing through baernolar that the very spot on which the event occured is one of the holiest places in all the omniverse, and no evil below the incarnates can enter, in pain of such magnitude that no words could describe Baernolar dropped it's sibling and took a step back.   Celestiar brought forth a spell named holy smite which sent an explosion of holy energy smashing onto Baernolar, causing him to scream in agony.   

Entropus rose from the tunnel it's own body left and leapt upon Nirvanus, but the wise lord of order saw the Chaotic mass and impaled it upon it's bladed tail of order, and surged forth the essence of law onto it, causing it supreme agony in perfectly regimented bursts.   But Entropus was not so easily defeated, it's skin radiated a prismatic spray of pure chaos, blasting away Nirvanus.   It then unleashed a constant aura of pure decay, causing reality around it to melt into complete entropy, but as the aura began to crescendo a pure ray of law punctured it's shapeless mass, causing it to squirm in agony from the beam.

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