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Deadpool Reading Order (Focus: HC & TPB) - Part 1: CLASSIC

The theoretically/hopefully/wannabe definitive reading order of the Merc with a Mouth Saga.

Aiming at a more reader-friendly reading list, I opted for the most reachable versions of every Volume.

For that purpose the list (and its sequel) was created based on the Kondorr and Rev_Sulphur ones, the most valuable in terms of good feedbacks and functionality, at the date.

The list (and so its sequel) does not only follow the chronological order of the events but also aims to make the reading more flowing (check where noted for further information).

As everybody sure know in 90% of cases pubblication issue's date never match with chronological-in story time, so don't be so surprise if a Series/Volume/TPB is set prior its reported editorial/publication date.

- WIP -

TitleCollect / Issue reading orderAlternative suggested trades
Deadpool vs. X-Force Deadpool vs. X-Force #1-5 Deadpool Classic Volume 18

Last Update: 2018-01-14

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