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"Let's look at this logically. Brenda has not only been unfaithful, but she's agreed to shut you off, sexually. Even if she hadn't, she would still be placing your health at risk by having unprotected sex with a damn tomcat. Effectively, she's made sexual relations with her both unsafe and undesirable. She's released you from your vows and your marriage contract.

"I haven't had sex in over two years. I've had check-ups and I'm clean. You were tested after you discovered she's a cheating slut and you're clean. I went on the pill over a month ago in hopes of hooking up with you.

"Can you honestly give me one reason we shouldn't sleep together? Is it my looks? Your wife thought I was a perfect foil for all the big breasted beautiful women who were showing an interest in you, because she knew you'd never be attracted to me sexually. Am I just not desirable?"

"Minx, you're extremely desirable! Don't ever suggest you aren't. I've never cheated on Brenda and it's taking some adjustment to my thinking, but you've made a great case for us getting together. I'm ready," declared Brian with a grin https://collectionofbestporn.pro/category/real-life-cam-sites/

"There's something else you need to know first," replied Minx. "Both my parents are in hospice and aren't expected to live much longer. My brother's been sending game films of Horace to a friend of his. The friend is the baseball coach at the best prep school in the L.A. area. If Horace gets a baseball scholarship for next year, we'll probably move back.

"I like you a lot, but we're not looking at a lasting relationship. It can't last. Look at us. You're a good looking married man with a cheating wife. I'm a plain Jane with a son who has a chance to get an athletic scholarship to a good university. I have to do what's best for Horace," she concluded.

"That's great to hear about Scooter!" stated Brian proudly. "He's a good kid and a very talented ball player. I'm glad he'll have a chance to hone his skills against strong competition and gain a good education at the same time."

"You're the biggest reason he's being looked at by better schools. I know how much time and work you put in with him. It's ironic that you being such a good mentor to my son actually gave us the opportunity to move back to L.A. and away from you - https://collectionofbestporn.pro/category/porn-paysites/ ."

"I don't think I'll be very good at a one night stand sort of thing," worried Brian. "It might be better to forego sex entirely than to have one night of sex and go back to being a monk."