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Basic Information

Name: Vitus

Race: Horthak (vampire)

Height: 6'

Weight: 225 lbs.

Eye color: red

Hair: none


Physical: Vitus possesses physical strength in the 5-ton range. He is physically tireless, immune to many forms of attack (see weaknesses, below), and is unaffected by diseases or poisons (although he can act as a carrier). He can see perfectly in even complete darkness, hear a living heartbeat in a room full of functioning industrial machinery, and detect the scent of blood.

Non-physical: Vitus possesses telekinesis with a baseline limit of 10 tons. He can attempt to overpower and dominate the will of any being with which he makes eye contact, and can communicate telepathically with any being so dominated. Vitus is also a psychic vampire, and can draw life energy from any living being with whom he makes physical contact. He can then use this energy to augment his abilities, increasing his physical strength or the strength of his telekinesis or domination. He can take the form of an unnaturally chilly mist.

Weaknesses: As Vitus was not "created" within the confines of any solar system, he does not possess a typical vampire's weakness to sunlight, although he does not find it particularly pleasant. Positive/holy energies cause him intense pain, and can damage him, at high enough potencies. His undead body is able to shrug off or heal most kinds of physical damage, but he can be incapacitated if his heart is pierced. Decapitation will "kill" him, although if his head is rejoined to his body, he will eventually revive. If his body is reduced to ash (by either fire or intense positive energy), it can only be restored by contact with living blood. Living blood is also required to maintain his undead form, and if he does not feed regularly, he will steadily weaken and eventually fall into torpor. Healing physical damage requires the usage of blood, and requires increased feeding.

Gear: Vitus' armor is composed of necrotite, a form of advanced nanotechnology. The necrotite interfaces directly with Vitus' unliving nervous system, allowing him to control it by thought. In addition to absorbing any attack of less than one ton of impact, he can morph sections of the armor to form weaponry, from simple blades and bludgeons to arm-mounted plasma cannons.

Forces: Vitus commands a specialized faction of the Abyssal Imperium known as the Deathborn. These soldiers resemble (at least at first glace) the typical rank-and-file robotic soldiers of the Imperium. However, each mechanical body has been designed to contain and draw power from a living soul. How these souls are harvested and fused with their new, mechanical bodies is one of the most closely-guarded secrets of the Imperium. The souls have retained an aspect of their former sentience, but have been thoroughly corrupted, now feeling only a deep loathing of the living and an unbreakable loyalty to the goals of the Imperium. They are some of the most effective soldiers in this dread force, possessing the precision, durability, and tirelessness of machines and the intuition and adaptability of living minds. They are also difficult to permanently destroy, as the same necrotite technology that comprises Vitus' armor gives units the ability to self-repair if they have not been completely destroyed. What makes them most fearsome, however, are their unique weapons, which envelope their foes in bolts of pure necromantic energy, steadily drawing the life energy of their targets into the containment tanks of their weapons, which causes said targets to weaken and eventually die. To what purpose this energy is later used remains unknown.

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Sluurm: An obscene product of the Abyssal Imperium's experimentation with both science and sorcery, Sluurm is an aberration that resembles some unholy combination of a humanoid creature with some manner of leech-like parasite. The hulking creature is over a dozen feet tall and weighs in excess of half a ton, and its rubbery hide is capable of absorbing a staggering amount of punishment. It is also a potent regenerator, capable of regrowing itself from as little a single remaining cell. Sluurm's baseline strength is 100 tons, but it absorbs life energy from any organic being it manages to attach its tentacles to, growing larger and stronger even as its victim weakens. The slime that the creature produces is also a potent neurotoxin, swiftly affecting the motor skills, balance, and eventually consciousness of anyone it makes contact with.

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