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[Bio is a work in progress and is to be edited/updated periodically (I'm serious guys).]

Name: Dana "Didi" Kitajima

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'7"

Occupation: Student; Field Scientist (Agent at Maverick Incorporated)

Identity: Semi-secret


As far as has been discerned, Dana is a human female; young and healthy, she is notably fit in compliance with Maverick standards, but not possessing any unnatural enhancements. Skilled in hand to hand combat, she is more than capable of handling herself in a fight using nothing more than her hands and feet, or close-range weaponry if needed. She is an effective marksman specializing in close-quarters with shotgun or pistol.

Despite this, she is most known for her sharp and inquisitive mind. Most often she travels with a squad meant to protect her as she works, or as a complement in an operation underway. As a field scientist Dana must be capable of working under intense pressure and even under fire if need be. In this she excels, perhaps to a fault. In blocking out external stimuli to focus on her own interests it is entirely possible for her to miss important threats in the area, even those right on top of her, trusting her allies to handle matters. This dominating curiosity regarding samples and subjects may prove detrimental to the mission at hand, holding allies in place for extended periods of time as they protect her while she works.

She regularly carries matches, bandages, sterilizing materials and more in her pack, and by virtue of her knowledge of biology she could be said to have some skill in the medical field. Although it should be noted her work here could easily and accurately be referred to as "crude," it could also be called "adequate."


Light armored suit - The outfit she wears is a light soft body armor composed primarily of carbon nanotubes, cylindrical allotropes of carbon understood to be, ounce-for-ounce, many times more durable than both steel and kevlar. This armor is considered to be of a lighter weight, thinner profile, and more reliable body armor that use only Dyneema, Kevlar, or Aramid.

Functionally, it is designed to offer a strong balance between protection and mobility, allowing it to be less thick and more flexible than other materials while constituent materials eliminate spalling and ricochet.

But stopping high-speed projectiles such as bullets is only part of a solution; when they stops they still impart tremendous force, over a small area, into the body. A backing of non-Newtonian foam complements the carbon nanotubes, protecting against penetrating shots and blows. Non-Newtonian materials, when slowly moved or impacted, remain flexible. But when struck suddenly with force they harden. This foam improves performance by decreasing back face deformation and more efficiently spreading energy throughout a larger surface area of the body armor. This results in less energy transfer through the soft armor and into the wearer, .

Aerogel technologies provide insulation and a degree of protection from heat, cold, and other external effects.

The armor is also compatible and able to be fitted with ceramic ballistic plates for a bit of additional protection. Easily enough, the plates absorb some (limited amounts of) damage, but can be simply dropped to remove the added weight.

Tactical Shotgun - Dana is fond of a customized nine-shot Mossberg 590A1 with a 20-inch barrel. This has been personally threaded to accept a full choke tube, most effective at 40 to 50 yards (~36.5 to ~48 meters) shooting. An added shoulder stock for support and stability lessens the recoil effect from shooting.

FN Five-seven - A semi-automatic pistol designed for reliability, functionality and control. Lightweight, it weighs only 1.6 lbs when fully loaded and has a 20 + 1 capacity (high for a pistol). Bullets fired reach speeds of up approximately 2,130 feet per second (650 m/s); additionally the FN Five-seven is effective out to 55 yards (maximum range 1,651 yards). Noted, the Five-seven has a loud report and produces considerable muzzle flash, but has roughly 30 percent less recoil than a 9×19mm pistol, improving controllability, and is also noted for its exceptionally flat trajectory. With variable ammo types, it has also the ability to penetrate body armor. Dana's pistol is fitted with a red laser sight.

Combat Knife - An SW3B Spec Ops M9 bayonet which Dana uses as a combat knife. May be used in conjunction with the Mossberg shotgun.

A spring-powered ballistic knife which, due to legality issues, remains concealed on her person. In lieu of metahuman threats and other issues (such as size and short range) which may make such a weapon questionable at times, this is designated mainly in emergency situations, as a last resort or in order to catch an enemy by surprise, opening for a follow-up or retreat.

Hypo Gun - Designated "Didi's pride and joy," the hypo gun is, in appearance, somewhat similar to a jet injector used to administer medicine, vaccines, insulin for diabetics, etc. Its function is a bit different. The hypo gun uses needle-and-syringe-like implements storing substances such as chemicals or toxins as ammunition, using extremely high joule electromagnetism to propel magnetized conductive projectiles at high speeds (up to 2500 ft/s), much like a high-powered coilgun. Designed for almost any range short of sniper range, the hypo gun allows Dana to administer chemicals without the need to get in range of threatening individuals. However, it has a low rate of fire (holds 1-2 shots at a time) and is often in need of off-duty maintenance.

Ammunition can be anything capable of traveling through the syringe and needle. This means personally prepared chemicals, backups stored on her person, or even substances obtained on-scene. [Expansion to come.]

Dana often deals with hazardous or unknown chemicals in uncertain or dangerous environments. Her personalized face mask keeps her from inhaling from any such chemicals and environments. It doubles as a rebreather and allows her to remain in environments short of oxygen for extended periods. Additionally, she may deploy from its base a helmet-like visor comprised of bulletproof glass, acting also as ballistic goggles, protecting her head, eyes, and the skin on her face from the same. This mask is also thought to enable her contact with those she works for/with.

Analytical lenses - Fitting on her eyes like contact lenses, these allow her to analyze the area with an eye beyond what is normally possible. Functionally they serve purposes of thermal goggles, night vision, multi-spectrum light filters, and other tactical purposes. Most namely, analyzing chemical properties of all kinds - in the atmosphere, spilled substances and samples, even clothes, hair and skin [et cetera]. These lenses feed data into and are controlled by a tactical computer located on Dana's left forearm.

She is usually seen wearing a pack on her back along with the rest of her equipment. The backpack itself is composed of the same materials as her suit in order to provide the materials within with the same kinds of protections from outside forces.

Inside the pack, Dana totes materials for carrying out her duties as a field scientist: additional syringes, smaller containment implements, existing samples, measuring materials and more lie within. Protecting these sensitive materials is of paramount importance not only for her work, but for her own safety; it is not uncommon for acids or other dangerous things to be stored within. The inside isn't short on padding, not only protected around its inner perimeter, but containing individualized padded pockets as well.